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Michelle Malkin To Juan Williams: Prove The Tea Party Is Racist

Michelle Malkin disagreed, “These Occupiers and the Democrats behind them can no more disown the violent agitators than they can disown the stench that comes from these filthy encampments. From day one, from its very inception, the movement has intended to create chaos and they have openly advocated smashing the state, wreaking havoc on our economy, and undermining our rule of law.”

Williams responded by targeting the Tea Party, saying, “I just think, Michelle, that if you look at something like the Tea Party movement … If I was on the show with Sean and I said, ‘Oh, but what about the racism in some parts of the Tea Party?’”

Hannity and Malkin quickly chimed in asking, “What racism?”

Williams asserted, “Some people have been expelled from the Tea Party because of racism!”

Malkin shouted over him, “Name it or retract it, Juan!”

Williams said, “That’s not the heart of the Tea Party and I would never make that charge.”

  • inquisitive

    way to go Michelle you rock…………….

  • Frank Nance

    I strongly admire the spunk and grit of this woman Michelle. “Put Up Or Shut Up” is the way she puts it.

  • Joseph Hunt

    After the “left” has treated Juan, you would think he would wake up…….If the Tea Party was racist, then why are Black people part of the Tea Party movement??????????


    Juan Williams is ANOTHER anti-racist RACIST !

  • Martin Lawrey

    Malkin, a true conservative, has more cajones and brain power than any of the northern establishment Repubs today !

  • Vanster1

    Whenever Juan Williams is on any panel, or any TV program, I mute the TV. I cannot listen to that igoramus! 

  • Mfee2079

    Funny how the left always calls the tea party racist yet can never seem to find these so called racists

  • Joan C

    Of course the Black and Hispanic caucuses are not racist.  Of course not!  However if there suddenly was a White caucus there would be an uproar. There is an old saying about looking into yourself, before blaming others for your own bias. The racism in America doesn’t come from anybody, but from the people who feel the need to use it incessantly. After a while it becomes expected, from those who use it as a club over others.

  • boccagalupe

    Poor Juan,… He has hung around with so many racist liberals at NPR and elsewhere, that try as he might he cannot their (and his own) bias.  It is only natural for him spout such garbage.  They think that because they are biased, then everyone else must be also.  He gets tiresome.

  • Candyman238

     I can do with or without Hannity so let’s talk about Michelle Malkin. Bottom line, I like Ms.Malkin. She is one of the most intelligent in the media. When it comes to “saying it like it is”, she does it with both fact and conviction. Her spirit for the Constitution is second only to Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh.
     You have to appreciate her physical beauty which demands (and gets) the respect it’s due. There are plenty of attractive females, and a number of intelligent females in the media. Michelle Malkin is one of the very few attractive and intelligent females in the media today. I don’t know that it means a lot to her, but it does to me. She is truly a blessed young lady.  I would love to see her get her own program, but I don’t think there’s a news media outlet that would allow her to speak her opinion. Maybe with another administration in power, but not the present clown administration. GOD BLESS AMERICA  

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