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Michelle Malkin Rips Into Celebrities: Obama Is Not Your Dad, Boyfriend, Or God

On Thursday, conservative columnist Michelle Malkin joined the hosts of Fox & Friends to weigh in on the appeal made by celebrities at a press conference on Wednesday for stricter gun laws. Among the celebrities who spoke was comedian Chris Rock. He said that President Barack Obama and the first lady are “the mom and the dad of the country” and they should be listened to as parental figures. Malkin thought that this kind of sentiment, among others by prominent liberals who have confused the president for a family member, is a sign Rock needs “group therapy.”

via Mediaite

  • Shane

    These liberal Hollywood types are freaking nuts.

    • Jesse Peterson

      That’s why we call them celebutards.

  • Fed Up

    Rock is a moron. Besides not being the sharpest pencil in the box he’s consumed too much of the Kool Aid.

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      And, he’s one of the biggest racists I’ve ever seen or heard.

      • Fed Up

        What kills me is the left, Dem’s, have always been the oppressors of the Minorities. It was a Republican, Lincoln, who signed the Emancipation proclamation, more republicans, by percentage, than dems signed the Civil Rights act of 1964 and the Repubiicans voted 100% for the 13th amendment. Frederick Douglas, (R), Martin Luther King (R) yet clowns like Rock, Sharpton and Jackson support the left. Dumber than dirt.

        • Jesse Peterson

          The EP freed no slave. It was an act of war.

          • panors77

            ……..that lead UP to the freeing of the slaves. Still….it was southern DEMS who supported slavery, who started the KKK after the civil war, and who’s southern DEM governors helped institute “Jim Crow” all the way up into the 60’s. The Republican party WAS and still is the aboltionist party, and the party of opportunity for all no matter what your color. Now modern dems want to snuggle up to Lincoln who would despise every communist ideal they stand for.

          • keepersleeper

            …But the problem that remains is that the Republican Party has NEVER advanced an all-out -assault on the left, leaving the liars on that side to demonize conservatives. As a person of “color” I WISH more black conservatives would join forces for an offensive undertaking to de-program those who have been LIED to and DECEIVED by liberals for decades! It’s time…it’s been time for a LONG time! If we fail to do this, I’m afraid our cause for EVERYONE’S individual sovereignty will come to a very sad end. Black Conservatives: UNITE!!

        • Mario

          “Amen” to that!!! I couldn’t have said it any better!!! How “TRUE!!”

        • jollypirate

          most of the idiots think the D.N.C. can walk on water and heal the sick with a wave of their hand and make money grow on trees because of their spending habits of spending everyone else’s hard earned money . but you don’t hear or see them spending their own ! it’s never happened and never will soone or later their bill will come due and the will have a price to pay what will they do then ? cry to the R.N.C.anymore their as bad as the socialist / D.N.C.!! jus my thoughts

          • Fed Up

            Ditto. I’m tired of this “getting along” attitute. No to spending on perople who are here illiegally, no to those who pop babies to get more “Obama Money”, no to the F-16’s tothose who want to wipe us out, no to giving guns to the Mexican Cartel. In other words, we need more Sarah Palin’s and less Mitch McConnell’s. More Eric Cantor’s and Paul Ryan’s and no John Boehners. Stop allowing idiots like Harry Reid lie without calling them out. However, I’m from California and I have to watch as idiots in this state keep sending Feinstein, Boxer and Pelosi back to Washington time and time again. The wife of a criminal and 2 idiots.

          • Combat Veteran seabee

            Just how much of her 70 million dollar fortune did pelousy give to charity this year? Just asking?
            She must never become speaker again, just look at what she spent on booze and an Air Force Jet for travel, and she’s been called on it. If she becomes speaker again, it’s payback time by the tuna queen, or in other words, the fish head!!!!

      • Jesse Peterson

        Remember when “Moon” Rock wanted Ken Starr assaulted?

      • Mario

        “AMEN” to that!!! I couldn’t have said it any better!!! How True!!!!

      • keepersleeper

        I agree…and I’m NOT white!!

    • boone1

      The way to stop these liberals in hollywood is to stop giong to the movings and to get off of cable and i don’t see that happening anytime soon.You see when you start to hurt someone wallet and they don’t make money on that star or any star and they keep making flops after flops that my friends gets their grit and when hollywood does not make money thet take the tresh out change there ways.sorry about the spelling

    • romill

      Have you ever seen his audience. I have. It’s 100% what you would imagine.

      • TLady62

        Once upon a time, Rock was actually funny…back in the early 1990s when HBO aired his “Bring The Pain” concert. Afterwards, it’s been hit or miss and downhill. Especially since he decided to wade into the shark-infested tank of politics.

      • Frank629

        BLACK? LOL.

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        Black and illiterate, and entertained by the word., “Motherfu$k*r!”

        • keepersleeper

          Again, I agree…and I’m NOT white!

      • keepersleeper

        …And as a person of “color” I can’t STAND Chris Rock! His kind of humor is degenerative…and he’s NOT FUNNY!

    • TLady62


    • 1951ChE

      Remember, he’s a COMEDIAN!….he WAS making a JOKE when he said this…. WASN’T HE?

      • keepersleeper

        Oh Please! Can’t you spot a toady when he opens his mouth? He’s just another suckup for liberal approval.

  • asianlady

    Chris Rock and so are the many dumb actors and actresses who when they open their mouths only show how dumb and stupid they are. OBAMA IS NOT OUR BOSS. HE WAS ELECTED BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO “SERVE ” THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. HE IS ONE OF THE MANY EMPLOYEES OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE PAY FOR HIS PAYCHECK,

    • HowardRoark

      He was not elected by the American people, but by dead people.

      • PatriotTEA

        And conservative voters who had their choices changed.

      • Mick

        Obama got 34% of the vote, The rest was acquired by fraud. 15% of the Romney vote was destroyed.

        • keepersleeper

          I agree. My vote and many others were nullified by the widespread fraud that put Obama back in office. If nothing else is done, we NEED to protect our individual vote from scum like Obama.

      • Jesse Peterson

        And spoonies who are now admitting they voted multiple times.

        • refurb001

          There should be jail time for ANYONE that votes more than once. No ONE is better than another!

      • panors77

        ……and voters named “Fido”……….LOL.

        • Frank629


          • Aristophanes

            They can’t say anything. The stupid Republicans agreed not to contest any elections that were obviously fraud. I do not remember all the circumstances; but, I have seen this several times. Do not ask me why they did this; but, they did. This is how our country is getting sold out.

    • panors77

      They’re not dumb…….they’re just communist minded due to their being brainwashed by their teachers and groups like the black panthers.

    • busyboots

      Why would anyone put credence into what actors & actresses have to say? They spend much of their lives playing someone that they are not.

    • RubyBlu

      Actually obama is our employee – now is the time to fire him.

  • mexxet

    If I had a porch monkey he’d look just like Chris Rock.

    • The 1

      Amazing, I have a lantern boy that looks like him….

    • Lucius Snow

      He IS…a ‘porch monkey’!! great comparison…

    • Jesse Peterson

      He looks like a minstrel spook.

  • Ed Scott

    So many of these young black men like chris rock don’t know who their daddy is, so it is somewhat understandable that they are looking for


  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Michelle Obama is nothing more than Chewbacca the Wookie’s sister.

    • Tim Chew

      No reason to insult Chewbacca.

    • alberto

      the First Angus…if she’s not eating, she’s stealing with both hands…

    • Mys77

      I guess you are one those Star War freaks… haven’t you grown out of that stage??? LOL Liberal nut case!

      • Ginger Shows

        Star Wars is very much a part of pop culture, if you don’t get it you are the one out of touch

        • Mys77

          Pop culture…30 years ago!!!! Can’t come up with something from this decade lady?

          • Jesse Peterson

            Moochelle, the First Sasquatch.

          • panors77

            What’s as good as “Star Wars” in this decade? Even my 26 year old son is into Star Wars because there’s nothing decent to look up to or be cool with in this decade.

    • Jesse Peterson

      Chewbaracka, the First Wookie.

  • nevergivein

    Chris’s new Obamascare Policy should cover extended stays in the LOONEY BIN.
    I’ll sign the commitment papers.

  • abbe

    They aren’t even acceptable human beings much less anybody’s daddy or mommy

  • Stealth

    Michelle….YOU are the woman I SHOULD have married!! My Liberal ( soon to be EX ) wife already gave me a heart attack…..

    • PatrioTEA

      You DO mean Michele M, not O, right?

      • Jesse Peterson

        That’s Moochelle. Blackie O.

  • abbe

    Hokeywood should fall into the San Andreas fault and get rid of the ‘so called’ celebrities that haunt the place. Buffoons, addicts, prostitutes of both sexes and simpletons.

  • Al C

    Malkin is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    It’s time for a taxpayer strike in this country. Everyone could declare 320 Million exemptions on their W-2s, W-4s, 1040s, 1099s, etc., as conscientious objectors. The objections are to force taxpayers to fund Obamacare, abortions and contraceptives , which is the government interfering with religious beliefs (isn’t it amazing that the gov’t can interfere with religious beliefs, but religions cannot put up a Nativity scene or Menorah on gov’t property????). Or, how about conscientiously objecting to paying taxes to throw away money on foreign aid to our enemies who hate us; or conscientiously objecting to paying taxes for unpopular wars that the President isn’t even around to command?
    There is precedent for taking all of these tax exemptions. In the case of U.S. v. Snider, 502 F.2d 645 (4th Cir. 1974), the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (Richmond, VA) ruled that taking 3 BILLION exemptions was proper because the taxpayers were conscientious objectors to not paying for unpopular wars and supporting our enemies with foreign aid.

    • alberto

      3 billion??? c’mon man..with a national population of 300 million, that (3 billion) is 10 per citizen…where’s the logic?

      • Vickie Davis

        Shutting down the gov’t if you are opposed to it sounds right to me, only if everyone does it!

        • Jesse Peterson

          Go on a taxpayers’ strike. Go Galt!

      • AZWarrior

        We’re supporting half of the world.

  • Dave Erhardt

    All Obama is to me is the President. He’s is not my Savior, he is not my daddy, he is just President of the United States. I don’t agree with him on hardly any issue, but I respect him only because he’s the President. The left in Hollywood needs to get a life.

    • The 1

      Don’t you mean he’s just the Resident? There is NO Presidential quality about him.

      • Vickie Davis

        You mean he’s just squatting at the WH? He’s not my president, either, just an usurper!

      • romill

        Sorry, he’s not my president & I have no respect for him. I didn’t vote for him & I don’t want him. He & chris rock are behaving exactly the way I predicted they would act. If anyone is surprised by their behavior they are complete morons.

  • Centurian2010

    Wait. Aren’t we Obama’s boss?! We pay his salary not the other way around. That was truly a desperate attempt by Chris Rock to save the first (part) black President as he is the worst President in our history by far.

    • panors77

      Beat me to it. :)

    • Rustytruck

      You know what really gets me about that? Obama isn’t black anyway! He’s only 4-6 % black. 60% white, and 36% Arab. Why do they still push him being black ? That only shows how ignorant they are, and while we’re on that issue, even Bill cosby says to stop calling them “African-American” , they don’t have anymore connection to Africa than you or I do. I love Bill Cosby, that’s a Black man I would’ve voted for, smart, common sense, brave, and Patriotic. Now there’s what we all should be looking for, not some low-life thief who can’t take an election without cheating .

      • Paul Christensen

        Black is his obvious color at least by looking at him. It is surprising how such a small percentage can have such a huge appearance. But color is only important when it is important to them. Look at the candy “Black Crow” it is not that they can be called black anymore, the product has been relabeled as simply Crow. The term black is not politically correct. How can politically correct eliminate a color. Just exactly what color is a crow?

    • Paul Christensen

      Gee, both of my parents were moral, country loving people who were upstanding citizens. Now look at Obama an illegal impostor, son of a trollop, his real father a communist, a Manchurian candidate whose goal it is to destroy this great country. Obama is not my dad. But there are so many that have never been raised with any kind of morals they will latch onto anything that is charismatic.

  • Sgt. York

    I went to Munich in 1954 and there some there that felt we killed there semi God in Hitler. This is political love and some just slobber over these guys . Remember have no other Gods before you.

    • romill

      Tell it to the MSM. They are the biggest slobbers of all!

  • truthabounds

    It just goes to show you the type of people that are the freak in the white house followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debra JM Smith



    WHO was the “Pastor” standing behind this Idiot…smiling and nodding in agreement with him?

    And people wonder WHY folks are turning away from so many churches!!!

    • caskinner

      I am sure he was an actor hired to pretend…..that’s what they do isn’t it?

    • romill

      That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking! I wanted to slap his stupid smiling face. People like him are part of the problem.

  • alberto

    Our ‘boss’? our ‘dad’? sorry (not) buckwheat, that manure is all yours, keep moving, can’t unload it here…although doocy is fast on the suckup to anyone even slightly famous..

  • Nellie CA

    About time someone puts Chris in his place. I guess he likes Obama because he is black @ Obama thinks he is GOD. Chris should talk to Bill Crosby.

  • alberto

    “more importantly”???? c’mon Michelle….I know you have better language skills than that,,,maybe the kool aid IS in the Colorado water supply…..

    • Vickie Davis

      Give the lady some slack…..can’t she be tired of all this bs!

  • Patriot01

    Michelle Malkin = bright, smart, hot, funny, Conservative, beautiful….I love this woman.

  • she said it

    Chris Rock is a fool. What a fool. I am not sure how I am going to get back those few seconds I just lost listening to the stupid little boy that he is, go ahead chris, listen to your daddy. What a waste.

  • jmark72

    Chris Rock says ObaMao is our boss? Hey A**hole, WE are His Boss! Government officials work for the peolple (or are supposed to). Most have lost this fact in their liberalism minds.

  • Lucius Snow

    Great job Michelle…keep up the good work!

  • alberto

    Stymie looks out of place…like they interrupted his chores….maybe feeding of Mooochelle, the First Angus… rock and foxx have seen the last nickel of my money

    • Vickie Davis

      He looked like he was on drugs, buggey eyes, looking all around, maybe he’s a tweaker!

    • romill

      You mean you PAID to see them before???

  • David Peacock

    CONSERVATIVES ARE THE “ADULTS” IN THE ROOM;; obama voters are the idiots in the room.

  • Andy

    if your black why not think his way.What else do they have? I personly think he is looney

  • Andy

    What do you expect.Go to any black neighbor hood and see how they live and act.I lived in Africa and the blacks are so different then they are here.Here they walk around with a BIG CHIP on their sholder and want US to knock it off
    Forget the past and live for the future

  • Jane Franklin

    The Obama’s are OUR public servants.

  • Most Rev. Gregori

    I don’t need a dad, a friend or a tin-horn god in the White House, especially one who knows far less then I do. I need a man or woman of integrity, someone with true moral values, one who knows the difference between lies and the truth, someone who knows how to lead. And for those who lack the brain matter to understand, a “COMMUNITY ORGANIZER” is LIBERAL SPEAK for “COMMUNIST AGITATOR”.

  • caskinner

    Yes this proves that the crazy are getting crazier and looney are getting loonier. Need to bring back the insane asylums pretty quick. They will be overflowing with the Hollyweird left.

    • Retired MSGT USAF

      Too bad they closed Camarillo State Hospital, that is where Chris belongs.

  • Annymous Patriot

    So why didn’t they listen to Bush and Mrs. Bush when they were “the parents” of the country? Why wasn’t Keane West hauled over their knees and spanked when he dared to not only talk back but so rudely disrespect him?

    There is definitely something wrong with these morons. They can’t stop looking for idiots to revere as gods and parent figures. And it filters all the way down, as drooling idiot Americans look up to these celebrities the same way. As if they are somehow better and smarter than any of us because they are on TV or movies. If anything that proves they are DUMBER since most actors have only gone through the barest of schooling and most of that is custom tailored for their profession. I doubt most of them could pass a high school level exam.

    Liberals are just so in need of someone to look up to, no matter who they are, they are just incapable of taking care of or thinking for themselves.

  • Retired MSGT USAF

    What Chris Rock does NOT understand is we don’t have a BOSS in Washington DC. We are Obama’s BOSSES!!! The President works for us the US Citizen, NOT the other way around!!! Chris needs to go back to school and PAY ATTENTION during Civics classes, as well as US History.

  • D. Guardian

    mao-mama is mah dadde ‘an’ eye vant mah sopport chek, naw!!

  • TrueAmerican

    I don’t believe Obama is actually married to Michelle. I think Obama is a gay man. I think he has a Hollywood family. Those are not his kids either.

  • David Fetter

    Chris Rock and Jamie Foxx have got to be one of the some of most STUPIDEST individuals on the Planet if they think Obama is our Mom and Dad and Savior….

  • outofsteam

    Amazing these celebs got as far as they did. The media keeps them in the spotlight spouting their crap and we’re suppose to be impressed? Disgusting!

  • Sinatra98

    If the day ever comes that i have to call the liar my daddy i would have to be totally insane like the idiot Chris Rock for me he is not even a good comedian and i gotta call Moochella Mama no way.

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Rock and Roll Michelle Maulkin! She would be a GREAT senior advisor to the President instead of that Traitorous Islamic Jihad enemy Valerie Jarrett. May God keep you safe. The Republic needs you and your fire.

    • Vickie Davis

      She would have to be insane to work under obutthead…..I wouldn’t do it!

  • Mys77

    I am not surprised Chris Rock would think Obama is his daddy…so many black kids have no idea who their daddy is…. including the president.

  • Jose Renato

    The only thing that will straighten out this country is to get rid of this fraud we have in the whitehouse.Secondly,any one who was not born in this country or does not have a visa or green card to be here, should immediately be thrown out of the country,no ifs,ands or buts.Thirdly,any one who has been on subsistance for over ten years should be made to work for their pay in any way needed.Lastly,Make the congress replace the monies they stole from the seniors such as SS and Medicare however its possible.

    • Vickie Davis

      If you cut the money to illegals for their entitlements and place that money back in the SS coffers, then that should do it! Make them take their children back with them unless they have real American citizens who are family, then they can stay!

  • Fred_K

    Chris Rock is a joke. As far as being a comedian, not so much.

  • ves

    This is what happens when you have ALL these Illegitmate Children born to Welfare Ho’s. And Absentee Fathers!

  • dave

    rock may be right when he says that obama is his daddy! as most blacks are born out of wedlock anyway!

  • bayman61

    Chris Rock is nothing more than a foul mouth, worthless, street corner punk. Who cares what he thinks?

  • jack S.

    Shame on who ever is responsible for deleting this video . Are yup afraid of the truth!

  • jack S.

    Shame on you for deleting videp

  • Rule

    Michelle always amazes me. She’s absolutely right, it did look like a hostage video.

  • Terry Corcoran

    Chris Rock looks like a Black stereotype queer on drugs. He also is NOT funny. Why he gets these gigs is beyond me. He always looks like he’s holding something between the cheeks of his arse.

  • twiceshy

    Rock is just a jungle animal. Not bright and not funny……..just curses.

  • Paul Brown

    I love this girl, she hits the nail on the head all the time.

  • Jan Howell

    If you want to spew out that message then you start at the source: the Fearless One himself. He’s the one who’s constantly goin on latenite TV and other places to be seen. Get a grip on life and see it for what it is and not what you think it is.

  • AZWarrior

    “Obama is like…. ‘our Boss….”- Chris Rock
    Some tell this ignorant negro that WE are HIS boss. You know, ‘We the People’. What a dufus.

    • David Peacock

      America is experiencing what happens when the lowest, least educated portion of the populous gains unfettered power;; they become publicly ignorant.

  • joepotato

    These Hollywood gas-bag-lib-turds can tell a joke or play a part, but most of them can’t think worth a $#%^.

    • David Peacock

      acting is a legally excused form of schizophrenia ;; the hollyweirds are for the most part, are one brick short of a load.

  • freedomringsforall

    Talk about common sense
    Yeah Miichelle you know how!

    Thank you Michelle for always standing up for our rights no matter what crazy crap is thrown at you.
    You are a bad arss defender our our rights and freedoms.

    Thank you
    and may God continue to bless you

  • TheBitterClinger1

    The operative word here being “comedian”- Chris Rock is one more bobble head doll of the Leftstream and as with Mork from Ork and SpongBobSquarePants should not be taken seriously.My father was an adult who worked hard his whole life and sponged off no one; sorry about what ever problem comedian Chris Rock had with fathers, babydaddys, whatever.

  • David Veselenak

    It’s past time that we confront this new Hitler head on! Quit the BS and start calling him what he is! F him, the psychotic pimp!

  • DrZarkov99

    Think about the imagery: sugar daddy boyfriend, dad, god. All of these figures are caretaker/provider for those who enjoy being dependent. Sad to say, but these people long for slavery, but without the whips and chains (well, only if they aren’t into BDSM). They want someone who will feed them, clothe them, put a roof over their head, protect them, and entertain them, all without any significant effort on their part. They’ve experienced what it’s like to be personally responsible for their own well being, and THEY DON’T LIKE IT! Welcome to the new plantation.

  • Howard Walker

    Chris Rock is living proof that birds of a feather ie: Obama and him, really do flock together

  • Jose Nunez

    Obama may be the first gay, black but not hispanic prez certainly not a father figure

  • llardog

    Chris Rock couldn’t be farther from the truth. Obama is not our boss. He is our employee. This is the problem with the left today. They think that Obama is suppose to be obeyed. The American people are his boss and it’s time that all in Washington found this out. Clean house in 2014 and then do it again in 2016. Make them reduce their tenure to a max of two terms, they retire with the same healthcare they deem so great that they want us to have and they can retire with the same retirement plan we have, Soc. Sec.. I bet we would have a better health and retirement plan if they were on the same one we had to be on. Just think of Soc. Sec. and how they have raped it over the years. I bet it would be over flowing with money if they had to depend on it for their retirement. The same goes for their healthcare. That would simplify a lot of things in Washington if they were held to the same standards as their employers are.

  • Sol_of_Texas

    The main point I took away is that it is not correct to lump all actors and actresses into a single group. There are quite a few good people in “Hollywood”. Not all should be broad-brushed as “liberals”. Just a few examples are Bruce Willis, Craig Fergusen, Tom Selleck, Clint Eastwood, Charlton Heston, and Janine Turner. There are many more. I caution people not to judge solely by the group.

  • Joanna Johnson-Smith

    Obama ain’t MY dadddy! You can have him Chris Rock, MY Father lives in HEaven!

  • skip gainer

    Hey Chris Obama is suppose to work for us the people, he is not our dad, aunt, uncle, the only thing Obama is suppose to do is keep America strong and defend Americans against attacks. He has failed miserably at both and how the MSM can say Obama has a strong foreign policy must be living in a different world, this community organizer has done everything in his power to weaken America through out the world. Just look at what Obama has done to our allies, ask yourself would you, depend on Obama if you were under attack that he would do everything in his power to save you? The answer is no just look at Benghazi and Israel!

  • kdub

    I wonder if Chris Rock thought that George Bush was his boss, or the father he needed to listen too?
    Would he be saying the same thing if Mitt Romney had been elected. My guess is no. Should it be these Hollywood celebrities or just Democrats, hipocrisy is the name of the game.

  • bobbie murphy


  • keepersleeper

    Michelle Malkin is as sharp as they come. Chris Rock, on the other hand, is about as SHARP AS A ROCK!

  • brabbie2002

    If they are our parents, I would rather be an orphan! What an awful thing to say! My parents had brains, work ethic and morals. These two wastes of human skin do NOT!

  • bobmolly

    barack hussein obama & michelle are not like my mom & dad, my parents were for freedom of the USA citizens & the Constitution of the USA not a dictator for potus. chris rock is an idiot like the rest of the hollywood liberals.

  • richeyrich

    these morons need to wake up and see how Obummer is dragging this country down.

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