Megyn Kelly Tears Into Liberal Media Over Coverage of Planned Parenthood Shooting

Megyn Kelly started her show tonight by going off on the liberal media for incredibly biased coverage of the Planned Parenthood shooting in trying to raise all sorts of questions about dangerous rhetoric. She pointed out that liberals are pretty inconsistent on that issue, highlighting how the left dismissed any sort of link between “pigs in a blanket” #BlackLivesMatter chants and violence against the police. After Kelly ran a montage of media questions about anti-Planned Parenthood rhetoric, Chris Stirewalt called it “some of the most colossally stupid questioning” he’s ever seen. Kelly asked, “Is this not evidence of the bias in some of these reporters who see––who are on the pro-choice side and think any expression of the anti-abortion, the pro-life stance, is angry rhetoric.”

via Mediaite

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