Megyn Kelly Responds To Trump: ‘I Will Not Apologize For Doing Good Journalism’

“I’ll continue doing my job without fear or favor” is how Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly said she would move ahead with “doing good journalism” in the wake of the much-publicized firestorm of controversy involving Donald Trump that blew up in the wake of last Thursday’s primetime GOP debate. As for Kelly doing what the Republican front-runner said she should do — apologize — the host of The Kelly File told her Monday audience that would not happen. Kelly said she had decided not to respond to what she called Trump’s personal attacks on her over the weekend. He’s “an interesting man who has captured the attention of the electorate,” said the popular Fox News personality — clearly a soft jab at the candidate who complained about Kelly’s opening debate question that dealt with Trump’s past comments about women.

via WesternJournalism

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