Megyn Kelly Loses It With Anthony Weiner When He Won’t Answer Questions: ‘Here We Go Again!’

For the first time in almost three years, Anthony Weiner faced off with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, and they kicked things off with a fiery discussion about a topic that’s set them off before: Obamacare. And Kelly did a big of a fourth-wall-breaking when she moaned “here we go again!” in the middle of the discussion. After dwelling a bit on Weiner’s mistakes, Kelly asked him if the American public was “misled” on Obamacare. He flipped the script on her, saying Fox News did plenty of misleading about things like death panels, though he did acknowledge Obama should have probably been clearer about people still losing plans under his health care law. Weiner went on a fiery tirade about the health care law, defending Obama from the accusation he hasn’t held anyone accountable, and they went back and forth about who really needs to be held accountable for issues with the health care law. Kelly got a little agitated and told Weiner he wasn’t answering her questions. He shot back by crying “you’re not being polite!” and saying he’d answer if she just let him finish.

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