Megyn Kelly Gets in Shoutfest with Dem Who Made ‘Hands Up’ Gesture on House Floor

Several Democrats took to the House floor last night to make the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture popularized by Ferguson protesters. One of those Democrats was Congressman Al Green, and Green faced off with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly tonight for an intense discussion about Ferguson and race. Kelly confronted Green, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, about that group reacting to the grand jury decision by saying it shows “black lives hold no value.” Green said there is an issue of young black men being killed with impunity, and took issue with the prosecutor handing the case to a grand jury instead of a judge in the first place. Kelly then confronted Green about witnesses completely refuting the genesis of “hands up, don’t shoot,” as Brown reportedly did not have his hands up at the time. Green told Kelly that isn’t true, and they fought over what he called contradicting evidence. At one point, Kelly asked him how the case is about race if those witnesses were black. Green said “African-Americans can make mistakes too,” and from there they went at it again.

via Mediaite

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