Megyn Kelly Clashes With Pro-Trump Guest As She Grills Him Over Muslim Question

Megyn Kelly confronted the former head of Trump Productions over why The Donald didn’t just dismiss the man who claimed that President Obama is a Muslim in a pretty rambling question. Andy Dean told Kelly that of course Obama went to Reverend Wright’s church––”what religion that is I’m not sure”––and he didn’t quite understand what the problem is. Kelly said it’s a problem because 1) this man condemned all Muslims as opposed to radical ones, and 2) this man claimed that the president is a Muslim and Trump didn’t do the responsible thing and correct him. And just to really hammer home the point, Kelly noted that Trump could have easily said something like, “Seeing as how I was the one demanding to see his birth certificate, I can tell you he’s a citizen and not a Muslim.” Dean asked why Obama shouldn’t then similarly condemn Reverend Wright, but Kelly jumped in to say, “That’s a deflection… You seem to be dodging. Are you uncomfortable on this issue? Why can’t you answer?” Dean insisted that Trump simply chose to not give a “perfect politically correct answer.”

via Mediaite

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