Megyn Kelly Attacks ‘Smears’ from Liberal Blogs Over McKinney

Fox’s Megyn Kelly fired back tonight against the “far-left” blogs that hyped certain comments she made about McKinney earlier this week. During her lengthy coverage of the police confrontation Monday, Kelly repeatedly said the video was brutal, but at one point said the 14-year-old girl the cop attacked “was no saint either.” That comment was highlighted by a number of liberal websites. Kelly insisted she took “no position” on McKinney and said it was “almost pointless to respond to these kinds of smears,” but she’s just getting tired of sites trying to “distort innocuous comments to promote their own agenda.” Kelly brought on Howard Kurtz to keep complaining about being taken out of context and how it happens a lot. Kurtz said these websites just have an agenda and were really blaming her for what her guests said. Kelly declared that Fox News is the only channel offering dissent and disagreement, and whenever anyone disagrees from the liberal media narrative, “you must be a bigot.”

via Mediaite

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