Megyn Kelly Absolutely Explodes on Evasive Obamacare ‘Architect’


Round 2 of this smackdown debate over the Obamacare Rollout Disaster picks up from the previous meeting between FNC’s Megyn Kelly takes on Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel as he continues to defend the horrific enrollment numbers being released earlier today for those attempting to sign up for Obamacare.

  • hausman69

    His book is one book that I will not miss reading. All I need to do is read a book written by a Communist about him and his Communist brother.

  • Macjamm

    Every time i watch a Liberal in an interview, all they do is “Lie, Blame and Obfuscate”

  • ste1021

    Did anyone else find him extremely hard to watch? Very grating mannerisms and personality.

    • Lloyd W Vollmuth

      Have you met his brother, two peas in a pod

      • ste1021


  • rodstew

    I personally do not know one liberal who does not think he is smarter than I. Even after I show him the facts that disprove his opinion, he continues on his way. I MUTE liberals when they come on tv. They all have the same talking points, the same stupidity. You cannot get one of them to answer direct questions that require direct answers. They always meander with philosophical BS.

  • Eva St. Clair, NJ

    1. Why would anyone, besides his relatives, give a crap about him and his brothers?
    2. First time I’ve ever despised somebody after a 5 min. interview.
    3. This confirmed that the libs think they are smarter than the rest of us and “know what is best” and will force it on us whether we want it or not.
    4. They can KMA.

  • Rue E. Mccain

    What a lying s.ob. this Emanuel is. Bloody fool!

  • Richard Haley

    What a great example of a truly condescending ASS!!!!

  • Call me, Carlos

    Am’I the only one concerned that this loser is the brother of the mayor of Chicago? The murder capital of America. Further proof that Obama surrounds himself, with small group liberal losers.

  • ttomm46

    I’d love to knock his glasses off his mug

  • Aristophanes

    I love how a liberal gets so upset when someone is cornering him! Then, I does not answer the questions, he circles around it. He is such a retarded liberal!

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