Medical A-Team Has Some SERIOUS Questions About Hillary’s Health, Here’s Why

What could possibly be wrong with the democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton? Two medical experts weigh in. They both bring up a very important questions.

Why was John McCain was forced to undergo an extensive medical research over melanoma he had over ten years prior. Why is is not the same for Hillary? Why does no one seem to care about what is going on with her health?

Dr. Marc Seigel said “the public has a right to know” and speculated on what the issue could be but was more interested in previous spills and a concussion she had in 2012.

Someone is carrying a [diazepam] pen that you’d use in case of a seizure, a Valium pen, that makes me wonder about that,” Dr. Seigel said.

Watch the full discussion below.

As seen first on Fox News


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