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Man Sues Ex-Wife For Giving Birth To Ugly Children…And Wins

A court in northern China has sided with an angry ex-husband, who sued his estranged wife for marrying him without disclosing her previous plastic surgeries. Fuming hubby Feng Jian only found out about her wife’s scalpel-aided touch-ups after she gave birth to their baby daughter who was “ugly beyond description,” according to court papers cited by the Sina News. Feng initially suspected his wife of having an affair. But after DNA tests proved he was the ugly duckling’s biological dad, she fessed up to having done $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgeries before they met. A court ordered her to pay him $120,000 for his claims of marriage under false pretenses which he only found out about because of hi “ugly children”.

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  • Warren

    It’s a good thing she didn’t pick her nose.

    • TrueGrit

      Maybe if they get plastic surgery when they get older they can look normal . Place the money in an interest bearing account and when the kids turn twenty they will have some real money for their educations and the surgery .

      • Robert Shelton

        Okay, like the jews do it.

  • Kathy

    Those children are beautiful creations of God, and this man has no heart. Every race has beauty, and who is any man to determine that one race is more beautiful than the other. As the song says, “Everyone is beautiful in their own way.” The woman is better off without him. He did not love her, he only loved her appearance that had been altered.

    • Betty

      I dont understand. What was the woman supposed to do show her papers and. Raise her lip and let him count her teeth. This so stupid. Besides what I can see. The kids look like normal chinese kids

      • John Beam

        Betty-Betty-Betty…those kids are HIDEOUS! Are you saying that “normal Chinese kids” are UGLY? This post of yours does not bode well for you.

        • Betty

          What I could see of these kids no close up so I dont think they were ugly John john

          • 5live5

            I agree with you Betty!!!

          • MontanaMade

            I’m pretty sure John was being completely sarcastic. The kids look fine- the guy is a jerk!

          • bikerchick22

            I wonder if the dad has looked in the mirror!!!!!!

        • Myrtle Linder

          These beautiful children, made by the hand of GOD are much better off without a father, than to have to put up with this this slimy excuse for father. I hope that somebody will try to get him to understand that these children are a gift from none other, than our wonderful GOD ALMIGHTY. If he refuses to come to his senses, I hope that he will denied be contact with his children who must be heart broken and ashamed of him.

        • shadei

          John B, are you that beautiful that these kids are ugly to you? These kids are beautiful, read 1Samuel 16:7 ‘the Lord see not as man see , for the man look in the out ward appearance, but Lord look on the heart’

    • Robert Shelton

      Within every race, there are ugly individuals. Those kids are hideous and she’s a deceiver.

      • squeak

        Figures, there are always ” Male Chauvinist Pigs ” ! Hmmmm ?

        • 5live5

          Robert must have had that touch up on his IQ!!! The former condition is showing through tho!!!

      • Myrtle Linder

        Usually with more birdbrains, too like you, than children that do not have a lot of physical beauty. A beautiful heart and mind is what counts, and you lie, the children are lovely, the mother is beautiful, also.

        Are there many judges that “stupid” in China?.

        • Frederikahere

          Apparently yes!

      • tt

        are you serious? She fertilized her own eggs? Please…his genes are a part of those children are his genes too. SHE is a deceiver? Really…you obviously don’t know how children are created…duh.

    • 5live5

      WHAT SHE SAID!!!

    • Sam

      Heck, he is NO dapper Dan himself. If he was so upset, why didn’t he stop after the first child? Takes TWO!

    • Ben Dover

      Nothing to do with ‘Race’ they are both Chinese ! Stupidity knows no racial boundaries it woud seem !

    • honeypot1

      there is no God for most of them, and they kill baby girls, restrict how many you can have, forced abortions, not surprised.

  • dnav

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    She was wrong to be deceptive and become who she wasn’t.

    He was wrong to not accept his own daughter and progeny with the love and affection of a father.

    Now they are all stuck with the consequences of their actions and money won’t fix a thing.

    • junkmailbin

      that is two wongs do not make a right

      • 5live5

        OH OUCH!!!

      • dnav

        Oh dude, you totally got me. Missed the missing “r” — I get it now. That was clever.

    • Downtooearth

      She had cosmetic surgery-but that can be a whole lot of different things. It could be a breast enhancement, tummy tuck, liposuction, nose job, eyebrow lift, eye lid lift-it doesn’t mean it’s reconstructive surgery. She wasn’t being deceptive-she didn’t do it behind his back-she did it before she met him. She wanted to be the best she could be. Aparently she had the funds to pay for it and maybe that’s what he truly was after, money. He’s the deceiver here. He was only looking for pysical beauty, not love. He is the truly ugly one. The children aren’t ugly at all.

  • Lisa

    If he thought the first one was ugly and did not think it was his why the heck did he have more kids with her

    • Robert Shelton

      He was drunk?

      • Harold

        No! he is stupid, and ignorant , with an IQ of about 10, (if it is even that high.)

      • Sam

        Then HE MUST have his head in the bottle all the time. If he was so dis-satisfied with the first, then he should have STOPPED. But it appears that he didn’t stop at one…

      • EBarton1953

        I’d hate to see your family photo’s, Robert.

  • chrispj

    What a creep he is and the children look just like him. Pitiful and what do those poor children think about this father. Glad God looks on the heart.

  • mikegru

    must have had Socolow as a lawyer

  • James Brody

    That woman should leave that bad,bad excuse for a Father, and never let him see them again, what a scumbag he is.

  • LroF5LFjiB

    And his DNA didn’t contribute to the children’s looks?

    • Robert Shelton

      The ugly gene is dominant.

      • Mac Boy

        Yeah – You’re proof of that ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

        • 5live5

          BING, BING, BING!!!!!!!

      • Antogeny

        Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone……I feel sorry for the kids – they are totally without fault.

    • Sam

      The boys look like him and the little girl looks like her. I’d say it takes two to tangle….. He’s NO dapper Dan himself…!

  • Robert Shelton

    He’s right. She’s guilty of fraud. Now she’s passed on her inferior genes.

    • 5live5

      What’s so bad that? I mean you are impersonating a human being!!

    • Downtooearth

      The kids look like him-so who’s genes. He betterr blame himself. Why would he have had more than one child if he thought they were ugly. He’s only after money! The all mighty dollar.

    • Harold

      Are you saying she is related to you?

  • jime1

    Hey folks don’t laugh, this is surely coming to a court house near you, in fact, you might be next in this PC lollypop world created by those who actually admire and look to emulate the communists.

  • nanainmontana

    This is just DISGUSTING!!!! Those children are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! God bless them and their beautiful Mom!!! There is a special place in HELL for this father!!!

  • gwedem5995

    This is one of the worst fathers ever.

    • squeak

      Also, the worst JUDGE ever ! !

  • The_American_Way

    More proof that we have too many lawyers to go along with our “insane” world.

  • craig


  • squeak

    We all know some of these foreign countries, the men rule the roost, so no difference for a judge to rule on the man’s side ! Just like Muslims, nut jobs !

  • ginger

    It’s China…only good looking sons allowed..and who judges?

  • mpdmd

    The decision maker in this scenario should be recalled for incompetency. Bet he supports the mental midget now functioning as commander in chief of this soon to be defunct once great nation. He obviously functions at brain stem level on a good day.
    My condolences to this poor woman for getting stuck with this mental midget. The kids look like him. His wife must have been mucho desperate to marry such an ugly and ignorant not even reasonable facsimile of a real man cut from the same mold as the decision making idiot in this case

  • Ranchman

    There’s a special place waiting for that man. Its very, very warm. He should remember to always dress lightly no matter the weather here. You never know when you might go…home, where he belongs.

  • Bomber7090

    God – there is no God in China nor is there a God recognized in Obama’s mind – this is where this Godless reprobate is going.

  • Myrtle Linder

    Which means he turned the children against him and shamed them greatly to be fathered by such a huge germ and that he was not worthy to be called “Dad,” not even by a snake.

  • Doc

    Moron, even the ugliest of children have grown up to be amazingly beautiful.

  • 5live5

    I hope he remarries and has WORSE looking children!! What an IDIOT!! I think he had touch ups to his IQ. His ex should sue for THAT!!

    • Frederikahere

      I don’t believe he should be allowed to further procreate.

  • DrRGP

    The settlement sounds reasonable enough. . . , Soooo, why is this newsworthy? Is it, perhaps, to warn Chinese men to examine would-be wives for evidence of plastic surgery before the nuptials? The American way, which I learned from my sainted father, and which, admittedly, isn’t perfect, is to look very closely at not only at the intended bride’s mother (and any older sisters), but also at pictures of the mother as a girl and young woman. Today’s men, of course, might also want to have appropriate (protective) language included in a prenup–words to the effect that being “whooped” by an ugly stick, however long the end result takes to manifest itself, is grounds for divorce.

  • BlueViolets

    That guy isn’t all that great looking either so if he really thinks his kids are ugly then some of the blame can be laid at his feet too.

    • Sam

      I’m sure HE has broken a few mirrors himself. The little girl looks more like mom and the boys are a spitting image of HIM!

  • ugly kids

    No such thing as god the kids were made by dna. And they were ugly.

  • get-it-on

    Somteen wong here!

  • tncdel
  • TPS12

    Well isn’t he a class ass I mean act.

  • Endgame

    He should look at the good side; now he has enough money to get his kids some plastic surgery so that he can finally keep his meals down. Just sayin’. Besides, I was under the impression that China had a one ugly child policy?

  • billmichael

    Oh, that poor man.

  • Ben Ghazi

    How did he have that many kids? I thought china only allowed 1 child per family?

  • Sunshine Kid

    Here is where one can look at deception for what it is: A man has operations to convince others that he is a beautiful woman, gets married and of course cannot have any children. Whether the deception is of looks or function, it is STILL deception. The man was right, in my opinion, just as many women have sued for divorce because the men they married deceived them. Fair for the goose is fair for the gander.

  • jagans

    This guy is a husk. How can you hate your own kids? Black heart.

  • Brama

    Hey, buddy… just remember…. they’re half yours. So obviously there wasn’t enough ‘pretty genes’ in you to make them half-way decent looking!

    With a heart like yours, you deserve ugly children. Maybe it will teach you to look beyond the surface. But since you won in court, it tells me that most of China has a heart just like yours.

  • Richard Blakely

    Ashian peeple are ugly but not as ugly as white peeple.

    • EBarton1953

      At least we white people don’t have huge, juicy lips and large bubble butts like your peeple does. By the looks of your picture you could be related to the hideous, First Wookie, Mooch Obama.

      • Richard Blakely

        I must be purdy cause all the white womin want me to do them.

        • EBarton1953

          Only the 500 pound white women who can’t find anyone else. You “peeple” are not particular in who you breed with.

        • pana2

          Well if you call the white cracker trash with 50 lbs of fat around their waists, stringy hair, acne, unwashed, illiterate with profanity being their first language then they are on your level blackie..take ’em. That is all you are able to get anyway.

    • Pat De ESposito

      What’s really ugly is your spelling!

    • Guest

      Chimps like you are the ugliest “people” on Earth, especially their little monkey ‘chilluns’.

  • Roger Lawhorn

    Now this is fuuuuuny. 😀

  • WardMD

    Looks like HE is the one guilty of passing on the UGLY genes!

  • chetohimler

    No, no…no. I disagree. Let the women beware! I am not one to judge if those children are ugly, but I think the woman should have let the man know about all those surgeries. It’s like courting a woman and then in a shockingly manner find out she has a dong!!

  • CaptGene

    “The first thing we do,” said the character in
    Shakespeare’s Henry VI, is “kill all the lawyers”. I think Bill Shakespeare was way ahead of his time.

  • lfhpueblo

    Must be a rich China Man since 3 children are shown, and not just one child as the country typically allows.

    • gene456

      Good point! How in the world did he get away with that?

    • pana2

      Hmm very good point…didn’t realize they were still sticking to that rule. Of course they must be wealthy if she was willing to spend 100K for plastic surgery, when many in the fields are starving.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    Pretty silly, really.

  • mhawk

    I see three beautiful children. So what if the wife had plastic surgery. Yes, i agree it was wrong for her not to disclose that information with her husband before marriage, but to reject your own flesh and blood is just as inexcusable! And to want money for it!?? hat he has done is far worse than keeping information a secret. Whether he believes it or not he has publicly stated that he wants nothing to his children and that will leave an emotional scar on each of those children. He is ugly inside. And that makes him ugly on the outside too.

    • pana2

      What a fool! He will grow old if he is lucky and who knows how his health will hold out. I bet at that time he will be seeking help from those children he cast aside. What an empty-headed, self-centered fool….youth is short-lived!

  • keithj

    love is in the eye of the————-oh, never mind.

  • Zionistout

    Rich Chinese people with too much money. Now live on US JEW MEDIA!

    • Anthony Kudolo

      You See!

      NO! You Do Not See,

      We Are Forgetting,

      We are Forgetting why we are here on this Earth.

      We are Forgetting to LOVE,

      We Are Forgetting to Love each other,

      We are Forgetting to Love each other No Matter What!

      SO we are Forgetful.

      so our lives will be filled with forgotten Sons and Daughters.

      (Spoken in An Ancestral Tongue)

      -An African of The Americas

  • darylj46

    He was part of their genetics

  • janmaus

    That unattractive older boy looks a lot like his dad–the little girl is NOT ugly, and who can tell about the baby–it’s not a good photo because the child looks ready to cry

  • Susan Schneider

    Ugly in his case is skin deep, he has no heart, he never loved his wife only her outward beauty. Poor kids they look beautiful to me. I am sure to everyone else also.

  • Krazeehors

    Those children are NOT ugly!!! HE, however, is UGLY on the INSIDE!!

  • Jenny

    Only in China, would someone put their own flesh and blood thru this. I hope that those beautiful children grow up to be more beautiful than they are now. And he doesn’t even have the brains to know that he is part responsible as he is the father so some of his per-say genes have went to creating them. Just one other thing, wonder if his wife can sue him for being so darn UGLY!

  • BAM

    fuc**** harlious! Chinese are like redheads, their either drop dead gorgeous or completely hideous, there is no inbetween.

  • usmc1063

    This is what our society has become. It even made it’s way to China. To bad for the children that their father can’t except them all because the do not meet his standards. The worst part the Courts sided with him.

  • duz 2600

    I love Humanity, and judge a person by their personality! Much rather have “ugly” people nearby,
    instead of “egotistical idiots”! I’ll take Mom and her kids any day! Judges and ex-hubby are in the
    second category, unwanted in my society!

  • gene456

    The bald-headed fart says the girl “has an ugly mother who’s been hiding it”.

    Real nice comment. What’s YOUR excuse, cue ball?

  • KJM

    The children are beautiful. Masterpieces of God… shame on him and someday he will face his maker… God help you. You disgust me.

  • Billy Bob Johnson

    This sounds like what Charles Krouthammer dad should have done.

  • carolrhill814

    This is so totally insane I really don’t have the proper words.
    It takes both genes to make a child and that is a fact.

  • sengal

    So why not get plastic surgery for the children now that he’s won the suit…

  • Anthony Kudolo

    Also forgive my potential Mistake but the Article I read made reference to the mother being Korean and made no mention of the Father’s ethnic background. However, if i was wrong I apologize.

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