Man Posts Video Online Saying He Will Be in Standoff With Cops Over Eviction, ‘Fully Expects’ to Die

A Michigan man who claims his home is illegally being foreclosed on vowed in an online video over the weekend to use force to protect the property and said he fully expects to die in a standoff with authorities. On Friday, the Isabella County District Court ruled that Bank of America could ask for an eviction order next Monday if Ted Visner doesn’t immediately vacate his home, or has not appealed the decision, The Morning Sun reported. Visner, who says he was also at odds with Isabella County officials five years ago over an improper eviction, has maintained online that he is being wrongfully foreclosed on. In a YouTube video posted by Visner Saturday, the Michigan man promised that the “first shots of the revolution [are] about to be fired” and predicted he will die “fulfilling my oath to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic as an American Patriot.” “I will not be evicted from my property, and, when I say that, what I mean is I will use all appropriate force to defend my property,” he said in the video.

via TheBlaze


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