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Man Goes on Wild Rampage, Demolishes Cop Car in Broad Daylight

A man was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon after brazenly smashing the windows of an LAPD car at one of the busiest intersections in Hollywood — and the incident was caught on video by a KTLA photographer. The man yelled “I love Jesus Christ” and began smashing the windows of a Los Angeles Police Department patrol car just before 1 p.m. at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, according to KTLA’s Victor Vargas. Vargas was shooting video in the area for an unrelated story when he heard the man yell out and then bash out the rear window of the black-and-white. The clearly marked police car was parked along Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Hollywood & Highland shopping center and across from El Capitan Theatre.

via KTLA

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  • Joseph111

    Picture quiz – how many LAPD officers and stun guns does it take to subdue a wiry man, who appears unarmed (he dropped whatever he used to smash the windows) , and acts irrationally??

    • TheSunDidIt

      I was “afraid for my life” and emptied the clip. What stun gun?

  • Jack Laurie

    A born criminal, didn’t even run away with his stolen merchandize…I hope he does hard time, VERY hard time!

    • Call me, Carlos

      Since, LA County jails are so overcrowded, he’ll likely get no time. There are approx. 28,000 inmates in LA jail. Approx. 40% are illegal aliens. LA is under a court order to reduce it’s jail population, so only the most violent, serve anytime, at all. Usually about 20% of their sentence. It’s actually pretty difficult to get into jail, in LA County. Yet, LA doesn’t even rank in the top 20 large American cities, for crime….. Local knowledge.

  • TruthDetector

    That’s one way, albeit short-lived, to hack into LAPD.

  • John Hand

    Since he exceeded X hundred dollars in damage, his charge went to a felony. And then he removed a laptop from the cruiser, and that is grand theft. And then, though it doesn’t show, he probably resisted arrest. So he is definitely guilty of vandalizing black. (similar to the crime of driving black)

  • Matthew

    Well I’ve never accused the progressive minds that live in the Los Angeles Basin of being the most intelligent bunch out there and it seems my belief has been reconfirmed.


    Notice how they refer to this “thing” as a man ?

  • DebbyX

    Is no one curious about the people walking around dressed up as Darth Vader and a super hero? I mean I know it’s Hollywood, but they’re all crazy out there!

    And they make crap movies!!!

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