Man Falls Overboard And Is Saved By Sleepless Baby On A Passing Cruise Ship

They say that timing is everything. A man’s vacation on a luxury cruise ship almost killed him. Almost is the key word, because luckily, a Louisville couple’s 13 month old baby kept them out of bed and unknowingly poised to save a life. Most new parents will attest that a newborn’s sleep schedule does not adapt well to change, especially changing time zones. Heather and Daniel Felton were up in the middle of the night with their baby, Katherine, on a Disney cruise earlier in January near Mexico. All three of them were on the cruise ship deck trying to make the most of an early wake up call when they heard something from the water. “We were taking pictures of her, and then we both kind of heard something. We were the only people out on the deck, it was early enough that we didn’t see anybody else, and so we heard it a second time. I ran out towards the edge of the boat and I looked down and someone’s going right by, yelling for help,” Heather said. Then she ran back inside looking for help.

via WLEX

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