Lt. General Michael Flynn Weighs in on the Newest Trump Attack by the NY Times

Writer Eric Golub said it best on Facebook yesterday when this story broke.

“Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump declared a loss of nearly $916 million on his 1995 income tax returns, The New York Times reported Saturday, citing leaked copies of his tax records.”

Before Hillary Clinton or any other liberal asks a single question about Trump’s taxes, I have a question.

Who leaked his tax records?

This is a felony. Somebody needs to go to jail for this.

Whether or not you think Trump is hiding something in his taxes, the ends do not justify the means. Somebody leaked his tax returns.

If the NY Times is not willing to reveal their source, then it is time to arrest NY Times head Arthur Sulzberger Jr. until he squeals like the leftist pig he has always been.

Spare me the nonsense about a free press. This is not a 1st Amendment issue. Somebody committed a crime against Donald Trump.

I know liberals really badly want to get Hillary Clinton elected, but if they need to break the law to do it, then her very legitimacy will be questioned.

Donald Trump should not answer a single question about any financial information that was obtained illegally.

Hillary Clinton may be gleefully cackling over this, but if and when hackers release her financial corruption, she will not be laughing for long.

Lt. General Michael Flynn weighed in on the subject with Maria on Sunday Morning Futures. The election is about the future, Flynn said. He slammed Clinton, the Democratic nominee, who he said was backed by The New York Times, for focusing on the past and the status quo.


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