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Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on Petraeus Resignation: It Smells

  • James

    This is the most corrupt administration in history. Trouble is the communists that elected it like it. RIP liberty.

    • David Veselenak

      Why are the sheeple so resolved to defeat? It is time for the country to unite, states should consider suceeding from this communist gang, they should start manning militias, and there should be a national work stoppage, a “Freedom From Tyranny” day! Ican not believe the defeatist attitude of most of the nation, rather than being infuriated as I am , all I hear is a bunch of whining! Our forefathers faced tyranny head on and so should we! I am ashamed, unlike the gargatuan orang utan Michelle who said she is finally proud to be an American – why shouldn’t the “Queen of Welfare” who has thirty-some servants waiting on her hand and foot and takes vacations as often as people change socks! Is it something in the water or what? How is it that the people would rather except their fate rather than react with righteous anger? UNBELIEVABLE!

      • John Brashear

        David, my suggestion is for a MASSIVE tea party and conservative inspired boycott of left wing TV, and it’s talking heads, force advertisers, and sponsors to make a Choice, no longer able to sit on the fence they have to decide what system they are going to support…..ours, or theirs, if they chose theirs, then we can help them have that “Going out of business Sale”,…..

        • Sean Smith

          The Tea Party is done – time for a new approach. REAL grassroots involvement, not a Koch Brothers funded smokescreen.

        • teddie77

          I’m with ya, but I started 2 yrs ago. Not 1 red cent to any known supporter of communist Obama…not even 1 movie, as the money u give goes then to fund BO. Nada, zip, not my moola

      • James Paul

        David, I could not agree more!!!

      • teddie77

        Human nature — Fear of offending is stronger than of survival

  • luangtom

    Another one under the bus………….what did he get offered to fall on the sword? What did Hilary get offered to “retire” in 2013, after she fell on the sword?

    • TLady62

      This is even worse than Watergate.

      • a

        They are dropping like flies. Who’s next; Biden (no he’s insurance that no one would kill obamy)?

        • John Hunter

          He may do it himself. Didn’t he say there was never a day that he was
          proud to be 0 buma’s vice pres.? And didn’t I see where he might run
          for pres in 2016? Biden would not be worse than 0 buma. He has not
          got enough sense to be worse. It would take a very intelligent person to
          be worse than 0 buma.

      • Michael Rose

        Even worse than ClimateGate?

        • TLady62

          You got a good one there, along with Solyndra and the other Green companies that failed, which we’re sill on the hook for.

    • Ronald Christopher

      Obama is sending Hillary out of country. Be careful Hillary you might not return.

  • Ilene Rose Burwick


    • Noni77

      Half the country belongs in jail!! They are traitor commies AND crooks! We’re going to see some Old Testament “whoopin'” pretty soon. Hurricane Sandy was an appetizer. Don’t be surpised if an earthquake razes Chicago (Sodom) and tears the country in two, then plagues and starvation…. Maybe even conquest with Russia and China licking their lips at our fool of a leader. When people can’t be reasoned with, God culls the herd until they can.

      • mallen11

        Right on…

        It is not who is in power that matters; it has to do with Christians who are growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and applying Biblical principles to their lives each day. Then our Nation will be cleansed from most of the evil that is upon us. God is the only one who can help this nation.

        2 Peter 2:6 and if He condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah
        to destruction by reducing them to ashes, having made them an example to those who would live ungodly lives thereafter;

        Jude 1:7 just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, since they in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh, are exhibited as an example in undergoing the punishment of eternal fire.

        Ps 76:10a For the wrath of man shall praise You; God uses the wrath of man to praise Him: Those with malcontent to do His will.

        Psalm 33:10-11 The LORD nullifies the counsel of the nations; He frustrates the plans of nations. The counsel of the LORD stands forever, the plans of His heart from generation to generation.

    • kaeuqs

      We have not seen anything yet , folks ! More to come !

    • John Hunter

      Ilene Rose Burwick,,
      That is true, but better hurry up, they might close the jails.

      • Michael Rose

        Never… they’re too profitable: the business potential is in the million$

    • RLEE

      not in jail at the end of a hemp rope.

  • Patricia Leath

    Until and at which time the working people rise up against these crooks, we will slowly but surely decend into a communist state.

    • TLady62

      It’s not slow, they’ve ramped up the throttle.

    • bull57

      The only way they will rise up or revolt is when their government checks bounce and that won’t be to long now!


    If it is indeed a conspiracy, I doubt very much we will ever find out. the media and the likes will make sure that BO is protected from Benghazi.
    In any event, Congress better what they are elected to do! Gen Petraues needs to be subpeonaed! No if, or buts! Tax payers have the right to know why he said what happened in Benghazi is a result of the video. I want to hear straight from the horse’s mouth!! His extra-marital affair is a side issue for me

  • Gamme

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck & smells like a duck then it’s safe to assume that it IS a duck. I think Lt Col Peters might have his finger on the right button. The problem is that Congress may subpoena him to testify anyway. The other thing that may be the reason for the resignation is that someone wanted him to lie & he wouldn’t. NOW what do they have to ‘hold over his head’. It will be interesting at best.

    • James

      I feel if called, he might just have a heart attack and die. That’s going around with this regime.

    • Noni77

      Probably threats against his family. I doubt he has anything he could actually be blackmailed for. It is the unblackmailable people they take the most severe actions against to ruin and discredit them. I’m surprised a false accusation of mental illness wasn’t thrown in, it’s all the rage now in government to illegally fire whistle blowers and non-corruptible people. We ARE the Soviet Union… With its mental illness attacks reserved for honest patriots.

  • dbur

    Easy way to know if it smells… Have him testify anyway.

  • bisley45lc

    Interesting that a 4 Star wouldn’t know about Hotmail and uses his CIA email for an affair. Sounds like a setup.

  • SallyE

    I have felt for several weeks that Obama was going to throw someone in the military or the state dept. under the bus to take the blame for Benghazi. My nephew commented to me two days before the election that we were about to see how stupid the American public really was. And we did.

  • Anthony Alexander

    Chicago style politics at work……..

  • Susitna

    No Mr.Obama, we don’t want any sex scandal as distraction this time. Not anymore. We don’t want to know who was playing the role of Mrs. Slutlove, we don’t care about her reproductive organs nor how often and when she met Gen. Petraeus. And we don’t want to see her with Allred on TV shows.
    We want to know everything about Benghazi: What you and Hillary knew, what you and Hillary did and why you and Hillary let them die. You always use a woman to get you out of trouble. Be a man!

    • peter Pirzadeh

      You are rightly telling him to be a man. There are some women who are a 100 times stronger than he. Real men are typically strong, decisive, no nonsense and fearless. Remember, this guy consults Jarred in every decision he makes (that’s a known fact), if not running them by Michelle first or second! Reason? he has no experience, no real talent in advancing an economy that’s in the toilet, no foreign policy skills, no ability to work with people to get consensus (thus it’s always his way) and plain and simple a very bad president. The one’s who voted for him, in my opinion are ones who are looking and will find hand outs from the government. whether they are needy young students getting started or the African Americans who rather be assisted than work, or the immigrants who are barely making it, or not, it really doesn’t matter. But that’s how Obama got re-elected. There is no other way a guy with soooooo many failure during the last four years could have legitimately be re-elected.

      • LikedTheOldUSABetter

        Jarrett, Valerie Jarrett not Jarred

  • gwedem5995

    I agree James

  • Ralph A. Hunt

    Impeachment is far, far too soft and easy. Follow the evidence, wherever it may lead, and, if it can clearly and beyond doubt be established that a definite attempt is being or has been made to overthrow the Constitution of the United States and our government; then, by all means, pursue a charge of treason; and, include all who have aided and abeted in the effort, to include but not be limited to the entire media who have supported the effort from the get go.

    • PYPYPY

      I would settle for impeachment but doubt it will ever happen. Pity!

      • Grecko

        OMG If obamy gets impeached will Biden jump in the Thrown? Holy ku-ka!!!
        I am still waiting for the march to the WH. Can hardly wait to join the parade!

        • rosie46

          With the Democrats controlling the Senate and Harry Reid in charge a conviction for impeachment will never occur.

    • LikedTheOldUSABetter

      I agree. I’ve been saying Federal indictment all along, knowing in the past that simple impeachment made Slick Willy rich. With indictment, O. Can be held in prison until trial. He won’t be able to wiggle out of it. He should be tried for treason and conspiracy to overthrow the US government. Punishment for treason is death.

      I have written to my congressmen about this very thing.

      Have you all?

      It ain’t just gonna happen, you know!

      Get after it! We have no time to lose on getting him out!


    Obama will give his 50 cent grin and spew out another lie and all his guppies wil lact just like nothing happend.I am ashamed of our goverment.

    • Ronald Christopher

      There is a good chapter in the Bible regarding false prophets, about how they lie and make the people believe it. The the real prophet tells the false prophet that he will die within the year because he was not God sent. And low and behold, the false prophet died a few weeks later. Maybe something will happen to obama when he goes to Burma.

      • mallen11

        Yes, and when a nation’s leader’s lie and the people believe those lies we become a nation of liars. Rules of integrity do not apply to them. Lying is destructive to a nation. We don’t need leaders who are liars. Arrogance and narcissist leaders think others are beneath them.

        Proverbs 17:4 An evildoer listens to wicked lips; A liar pays attention to a
        destructive tongue.

  • garyo

    Petraeus just proved he’s not a Democrat. Affairs are commonplace with that group, and no thought of shame seems to ever get in their way of forging ahead with the “public trust”. He may be being thrown under the bus, but that activity has a history with the demo’s with very seldom offering up a resignation because of it. Stinky politics.

    • Noni77

      Funny General Hayden’s sexual exploits as the Director of NSA never were an issue… But then, the SES managers there think that is a job perk owed them and that The Security Group (“Q”) is there to threaten, intimidate, slander and harass anyone who complains, asks for an investigation, or files a grievance. Really, CIA is different? I doubt it.

      • Grecko

        Youall forgot cigar willie! Talk about a liar! Fast mouth and slippery cigar!

        • XX

          Swisher Sweet is what I heard! I think this was hatched as the only way he could get away from this admin alive, he knows too much. In the last few weeks since Benghazi, you could see the fear on people’s faces, Hillary looks ghastly. Like her policies or not, she always looked nice, you know make up and nice clothes. Now she looks like she has not slept in a month and there is real fear in her eyes. These are people who were close enough to see for themselves how cold blooded O really is.

  • Marcelyn Sinclair

    This has all the earmarks of an OBAMAVILLE trick…..Guess he wasn’t anxious to have HONEST
    testamony from Petraeus……IT figures and will just become everyday for us for the next FOUR…unless he REALLY bogs down……This was all a PUT UP job……

    • PYPYPY

      Subpeona Gen Petreus!

  • Sue

    If he had any integrity, he would have stopped working for him long ago. Unless we see something remotely like honesty from this guy, it must be assumed he wanted out because he’s involved too.

  • mallen11

    I find it interesting that this took place but more so because I heard today that he is not going to go before the congress regarding Benghazi. -0 is actually digging a hole that he is not going to be able to crawl out of before our country has gone under.

    He has been trained very well and the miscontents who do his bidding will suffer with the rest of us.

    Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.

  • kaeuqs

    This is nothing but a cover up… Petraeus rather have been accused of an affair then testify against Obama… on the news , he is not testifying…conveniently Hillary will be out of the country & can’t make it…I say subpoena the both of them !

  • ARMYOF69

    I am still waiting to hear directly from this general. I suspect strongly that obama’s signature is on this event.
    But I am fairly sure that all this has nothing to do with SEX.
    What I DO notice , is how HOLDERS’ problem with FAST and FURIOUS has gone away. FUNNY THAT.

  • The Constitution Lives

    The RINO ideology must GO!!

    can’t be the only one who is already nauseous of hearing the GOP
    whining with excuses while licking their wounds when it’s ALL

    IT wasn’t 3 million, actually 15 million
    fewer people voted, and Romney earned fewer votes than John McCain did
    four years ago. BO won by only 1% of the vote, and Gary
    Johnson picked up 1%. What does this all mean? If the GOP had not
    alienated the Tea Movement and treated it like a group of second
    class citizens at the National convention and in the run-up debates –
    Ron Paul and most conservatives would have been elected by a land slide.
    Dr. Paul would have picked up every vote that went for Romney in
    addition to his established base /tea movement + others looking at 3rd
    party ideals -and sucked away a big chunk of BO supporters from 08 that
    were just looking for “anyone but…”

    Let’s go 3rd Party, time to move!
    GOP – RIP – and get a CLUE – See the following link!!

  • ves

    Aren’t there any sneaky underhanded computer hackers and black ops that can get us the information that we need to get rid of this creep???

  • jvb1980808

    This is EXACTLY what it smells like….AN OBAMA COVER UP.

  • ves

    Somebody better give him some protection….before he has health issue or a 45! Seems strange that someone with his background and the other military person involved would have been so careless and the other woman contacted the FBI instead of telling him what was going on???
    Let me know when this makes sense to y’all….I think the General really knows something and refuses to play ball!
    I really don’t care who he was playing with if anyone…that’s his wifes business!!

    • XX

      I don’t think O wanted to get rid of him, I think it is the other way around and he found an excuse that cannot be refused. Remember he threw O under the bus just a month or so ago.

  • Take 2

    IF, This is the most corrupt administration in history… A smaller group whom a large faction stayed home or refused to vote for GOP choice stuff….can still do some damage to kick his butt out. IF, it is true at some point Media will not want to face a black out or higher level of shame.

  • lokiswife

    If adultery made a person ineligible for a military or government position, it would quickly clear the halls and offices in DC! Strange that it took them a year to put together a case against Petraeus but only one day to “discover” that a video was the cause of the Benghazi uprising..

  • Michael J

    Diversion from the real truth.

    And the bought out Media will continue to print what the WH propaganda machine dictates to the public.

  • Babs

    No the problem is, is that the people who voted for this person don’t care about anything but there free stuff. So again he will get a free pass unless we true Americans stand up and hold this white house and minions accountable.

  • John Brashear

    Petraeus smelled the crap, didnt like it, decided to bail, had to make a deal to try and keep the wolves off him…but, thanks to Trey Gowdy, and others like him, it wont make any difference , he’ll be forced to testify, I just hope he tells the truth, and rolls on obama

  • George Vieto

    And the media say Nixon was a crook? What is Obama? A saint? I don’t think so.

    • mallen11

      When I was in Junior High School in the ’50s, the worse thing we could get caught doing was chewing gum in the hall way; my, how times have changed.

  • popham

    The Petraeus resignation not only “smells”……it reeks, and it reeks of allegations and cover-ups.
    How convenient and coincidental indeed that the General should resign on the eve of Congressional
    hearings next week as regards Benghazi-gate. One cover-up to cover yet another.
    The administration is insulting our intelligence again!
    General Petraeus and Hillary Clinton should both be subpoened by Congress to testify as to
    what happened that fateful day…..9/11/12 in Benghazi.
    We must never, ever forget Benghazi or allow this government to sweep it under the rug.

  • popham

    A friend said to me today that he expects Obama to be out of office one way or another
    in two years. Besides Hawaai is a lovely place to live.

    • ARMYOF69

      I do not just want him out, I want him taken out.

  • Ronald Christopher

    I think you hit the nail on the head Colonel. Petraeus betrayed all of us unless he comes forward. If not he needs to take that Ranger Tab from his shoulder. We Rangers do not lie. Ron

  • Rose Adams

    I believe that because the General was going to testify, they got rid of him! I think he was not co-operating with Obama, he was smeared and made to withdraw…I hope Peter King or Issa force him to testify.

  • bull57

    The ignorant sheeple that elected Obama could care less. As long as they get their check they are all happy, happy, happy! What fools they all are!

  • Debra H

    You bet it smells.. it has the Obama stink all over it. so what is going to be done about it.. are we going to let them get away with it! This guy is right onn the money!

  • Daniel Spickard

    I’m waiting for all hell to break out! Obama’s thrown too many people under the bus! I’m waiting for all of Obama’s past to catch up to him and bite him in the ass! This has all been fore told in the bible. So how can the Bible be a fictional book?

  • Daniel Spickard

    I look for some if not most of the Democrats in the senate to defect over to the other side after they see what Obama has in mind for the next 4 years! You all do know that we’re moving towards another down grade in our credit report! It’s only a matter of time before we default on our loans!

  • countyguard

    Smells? Oh, that stink that has been around for about a ???? years… oh, THAT smell… ah it’s “normal.” What’s wrong… I’m used to it… so, how about those cowboys… what a game…

  • peter Pirzadeh

    The gullible among us will believe anything the liars will tell them. There are many of those in this country. All one has to do is to look at how this election turned out. It is too naive to think the the General’s affair was just a coincidence!! Most probably it smells like it was a Chicago style strategy to having him resign (and graciously accepted by the boss) and eliminating him from testifying in the Benghazi hearings. How clever is that? but then again you don’t have to be clever if you pull Chicago type tactics in order to win your cause. Look at this way, if the General were to testify under oath and the truth came out, I would think that would be the slimiest egg on the administration face headed by Mr. Obama. But does anyone think he cares? He is already re-elected by the gullible who couldn’t reade between the lines.

  • Non-Conspiracy Theorist

    Sounds like the truth you hear is different from the facts. Chinese, Republican, and North Korean propaganda machine working overtime fro the GOP and its radical compatriots. Luckily, those who are not blinded by lies, know the truth.

  • messikinborder

    Makes perfect sense to me. .. Petraeus’ resignation has nothing to do with
    his AFFAIR!

    It’s commonly known that almost immediately after Obama took office,
    he met with his assigned FBI agents and informed them of the way he wanted things
    ran, which was a J. Edger Hoover style regime. (google it) You can bet that the FBI
    gives Obama dirt on every single high ranking Senator; Congressman; committee
    head; cabinet member; white house employee; celebrity figure; and for course,
    David Petraeus.

    On the night of the Benghazi killings, CIA Director Petraeus knew exactly
    what happened to our Embassy! He watched it happen in real time and those
    at the State Dept did as well. It was obvious to him that the Embassy was being
    attacked and taken over by a known terrorist group called Al Shirah. However,
    Petraeus was told by Obama that if asked, he must tell the media that the attack
    was done by a mob of protestors who were angry about a dirty explicit video
    depicting Muslims in sex acts. Well, Petraeus knew that wasn’t the truth or the
    cause of the attack, but of course, he was forced to follow the order of the
    commander in chief. When Petraeus delivered that message, I recall him
    appearing very solemn and abrupt on camera.

    With Obama being a Muslim, as well as a shield for Islamic extremist groups,
    it’s no surprise that he’s paranoid and didn’t trust the’ mostly decorated military
    figure in U.S.history’, Gen David Petraeus. So ya see, now that Petraeus was due
    to testify before the intelligence committee next week, Obama was having second
    thoughts about Petraeus maybe telling the true story and not his factious lie. SO,
    Obama reached under his BLACKMAIL thinking-cap and pulled out a report on a
    Petreaus AFFAIR.! Obama tells Petraeus that if he doesn’t testify the way he
    wants him to, the exposure of the affair will be his last straw. Petraeus says, ‘Like
    hell you will, I’ll expose my own affair and I RESIGN, immediately!.” On friday,
    in front of the cameras and the world, Petreaus announced his affair and his

    As a civilian/citizen Petraeus can still voluntarily testify or be subpoenaed.
    Geezz, we sure hope and pray that Petraeus makes it safely to the committee
    to testify. Yes, I say safely because a few short weeks ago, Obama’s right-hand
    secret service agent was due to testify before the intelligence committee on the
    Columbian scandal, and they found him murdered in his locked-up car. Of course
    they didn’t call it murder, but stated’ it was suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning,
    and that he was likely depressed about having to admit his affair with a girlfriend
    from Mexico.’ I could be wrong, but suicide doesn’t seem like a feasible option
    when you have a great resume, plenty of money and two young children to live
    for.. Yep, that’s what happens in Washington, DC.. when you know too much
    or you see too much, then possibly, you could find youself dead.

    Facts have it that J. Edger Hoover and Barack Obama would have had a lot in common:
    communism, blackmail and homosexuality.

  • Kookie

    Definitely conspiracy. Clintons many, many affairs when he was president seemed to be ok. What’s the difference?

  • Kookie

    Too many lies, too many traitorous acts, too many murders, too many terroists acts, too many ideals being changed, too much spending, too much hate and racism, etc… Things are going to catch up with Obama.

  • M. Andrews

    This is defeinetly a cover up.. Just how dumb does Obama think we are.. Sudenly Petreous has to resign.. Hillary won’t testify.. Barry going out of town… What a triumverate of weasels. Should all be arrested for treason!

  • william l

    Ipray that congress can call hjm and Hillery up to talk. I believe the gereral will tell it like it is. About clinton I believe she will cover up like she did years ago with the Rose deal. The gun running and now this should wake up american to what we hve in washington.

  • the Co

    Now accepting applications for the new CSA to stand as ready men and women all ages, races, gender accepted. No Left wing loonys need reply

  • G W

    The darkness of the democratic-socialist party is beyond the pale. What State will be first to sceede from this un-holy union of socialist states? Let those 47% welfare fools who voted for the devil get their due. The majority should just walk away and leave them to pay their own 20 trillion dollars debt. It is quite obvious that trouble is comming when you see all the rats abandoning the sinking ship only days after the election or should I say stolen election?

  • G W

    Bengazi is a national tragedy. In Watergate Nixon was unaware of the burglary of Democratic offices but attempted to protect his people, nobody died. In Bengazi, Americans were butchered by muslim terrorist and the ‘commander in chief” watched it on T.V. denied them help and then went to sleep. He then flew off to Las Vegas for his political fund-raiser event. Obama and Hillary LIED to the American people for weeks, Brave Americans DIED. I wonder if Michele is proud of America now?

  • Rebecca


  • aberdeem

    Conspiracy all the way…..It worked. The American sheeple followed the betrayal of and husband and a

    wife instead or the downnfall of American…….never let a crisis go to waste.

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