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Los Angeles Overreacts to ‘Cold’ Temperatures

  • RedMeatState

    Al Gore needs to give some speeches and blow some hot air.

  • TheSunDidIt

    Californians are seriously deranged. Which explains that NO Californian should probably carry a weapon including the police. Seriously though, I believe EVERYONE in this nation should be REQUIRED to train with and carry a LOADED WEAPON unless they’re felons or mentally unstable or underage. Arm the nation folks.

    • hiskid1964

      where in the constitution dose it say a felon who has done his or her time can not have a gun

      • Pizzed Off

        You give up your rights when you have been convicted of a crime. The Constitution says “the right of a CITIZEN to keep….” Does THAT answer your question?

  • vet

    Global warming get use to it.

  • TheTexasCooke

    Just a note weather girl….if you nipples aren’t hard, it ain’t cold yet!

    • Pizzed Off

      I thought those WERE her nipples! Silicone enhanced, of course.

  • pyrope


  • gwedem5995

    Global warming my fanny. However, I will say that I go to Florida for 3 months each year during the winter and I live in Ohio. And it is funny, I get colder down there when it is chilly that I do in Ohio when it is below freezing. So I do know what they are saying.

  • Pizzed Off

    What happened to their Global Warming bit? I would think that with all the hot air generated by Californians they’b be praying FOR a bit of cold to ease their discomfort.

  • BB63

    I remember smudge pots and fans at the orange groves when I was a kid. My state was invaded by idiots, I no longer live there.

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