Limbaugh: Obama’s “War On Women” Has Backfired Big Time

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Well, guess what? Our Rush Babes for America Facebook page has over 62,000 female friends, almost two-and-a-half times the total membership at the NOW gang Facebook page. But in this New York Times/CBS poll, let me read this again. Romney is ahead of Obama by three points. He’s leading Obama among women. It’s now 46-44. Obama had a 49-43% lead among women, and now it’s flipped, 46-44, women prefer Romney. That’s an 8% decrease in support for Obama. So Obama’s War on Women has backfired big time. I can’t think of a war that’s backfired more since the Arabs said to each other back in 1967, “Let’s wipe Israel off the map.” That didn’t go too well, and neither is Obama’s War on Women. And our Rush Babes for America page at Facebook, I mean I knew it was gonna be powerful, but I had no idea it would be this powerful this soon. Over 61,000 friends. We mentioned this once a day where people can go and sign up.

But for some reason neither the New York Times nor CBS News seems to have noticed, the breakdown of the women’s vote in their poll. They’re not reporting it. They’re burying it. I haven’t seen it mentioned. Not even over at PMSNBC are they talking about this. They’re not interested in how Obama’s faring with women, just isn’t newsworthy anymore because he’s losing. Romney is ahead, up three overall, up two 46-44 with women, but just in the last month Obama was up 49-43 with women. And these people live and die by these polls. They are their reality. They use these polls to make news. They use these polls to influence public opinion, not reflect it, and that means that all this is a double whammy.

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