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Why Liberals Are The Real Child Killers of America

  • vietnamvet1971

    How do you Spell HYPOCRITE ? LIBERALS.

  • John

    So much BS it is not funny. This guy is a stereotypical right wing idiot. I’m sure republicans NEVER get abortions or divorced. They just love them their misogyny. Mothers can just die rather than get an abortion. And those children raped by their fathers can just die or waste their lives suffering from the results. Let’s hear it for food stamps for more poor children, more deaths in child birth and and even higher rate of early child death, where we are already as bad as many third world countries. Ideologues detached from reality. Your wackjob religion doesn’t help your decision making.

    • ufosrreal

      John, you are an absolute blithering idiot! Try your lies and propaganda somewhere else. It ain’t selling here!

    • Dave Miller

      John, GFYS.

      • Dave Miller

        Hey John quickly, are you here just to gauge our reaction, or are you on a recon for the left? I beleive that someone as “smart” as you wouldn’t dare venture into the land of the free.

      • Donna Smith

        I second that !

        • Dave Miller

          Thank you Donna

          Subject: [conservativevideos] Re: Liberals Are The Real Child Killers of America

        • Dave Miller

          Hi Folks,
          Below is a link to sign an on line petition to stop SB 281. The bill is an out and out gun grab, and a violation of your Constitutional rights. Please follow the link and sign the petition. Time is short. I will be in Annapolis on February 6, for the Senate Judicary hearing.

          Dave Miller

          Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 15:15:13 -0500

    • Alice

      John, everyone who gets divorced does not get an abortion,and every mother who decided to have an abortion since Roe V Wade was not in danger of dying in childbirth or was raped by her father. So you are the one dishing out the BS. Over 50 million future Americans slaughtered MOSTLY because it was inconvenient for them to be born. Their mothers and fathers wanted to have the freedom to have unprotected sex, but did not want to take responsibility for their actions. Feminists fought for abortion to be rare but legal. 50 million abortions is not rare but legal, it is genocide.

      • tlg

        Correct Alice and the women involved in the law suit now regrets it every day of her life and she is a religious women, just like the women who started planned parenthood is a racist and made it clear she wanted to ride us of the black race, yet liberals will call us conservatives the racist as the march for abortion and planned parenthood…

    • tlg

      It’s funny how you Godless liberals always have to go to name calling. Like I just said in a previous post I had an abortion at 19 because I was made to believe it was ok and it haunts me every day of my life I am now 49. And I was a liberal minded person at 19 and even then before I let GOD into my life (I am not religious just spiritual, religions are man made unlike spiritual people like me who only listen to GODS word {The Bible}) the abortion haunted me I would dream about it and when awake I would cry about it…

  • Carol Fryer

    All I want to know and keep asking… whos gonna stop the liberal agendas? The GOP that whines and then complies? Come on…..the rinos are in bed with them. Thats pretty obvious. And when will we fix the immigration enforcements????? And when will we fix the adoption in This nation so that these beautiful children will have families. When will we fix the greed that runs these programs. ???????


      Miss Carol, “WE” are the ones that are going to stop the liberal’s agendas….OK when are “WE” going to start and what are “WE” going to do? The time for talking is over “LET’S” take action!

      • Dave Miller

        Spot On Skipper. I hope you have use for a 51 year old former CH 46 crew chief. I m still good out to 500 yards. So s my 14 year old. He s gonna make a Good Marine.

        • USMC CAPTAIN

          Yes Marine, I have plenty of room for those that understand what “WE” are up against and can shoot 0302 & 1803.

          • Dave Miller

            Aye Aye sir. Standing by. From Marylandwith respect. Semper Fi.

            Subject: [conservativevideos] Re: Liberals Are The Real Child Killers of America

          • USMC CAPTAIN

            In California 8 miles north of Yuma, AZ with lots open spaces and clear fields of fire.

            Semper Fi Brother.

          • Dave Miller

            Been to Yuma; on the way to 29 stumps. Beautiful Country. Solid folks, down to earth values. I Like it, however can’t leave my fellow Patriots in Maryland. I am committed. Guam/Wake Island remembered. God bless you, I’m here.

          • USMC CAPTAIN

            I understand that you live in Maryland “Chief” (me too Dad was stationed at NAS Pawtuxete (?) River in 1963, then I was stationed at Quantico, VA twice in 1973 and in 1974.) Just start getting your friends organizes and start you own movenment and keep in contact with “OUR” people with the same vision. Good Luck.

          • Loran Carlson

            Hey you guy’s,
            I’m a little older, a Nam Vet, and used what you would probably consider antiquated machinery. But I can still use them. By the way, did you know that there are only two types of ships in the world. Submarines and targets. Good hunting.

          • USMC CAPTAIN

            Loran, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step! “WE” ALL NEED TO START THE FIRST STEP NOW OR SOON “AMERICA” WILL BE GONE FOREVER!

            Let’s quit talking, making rationalizations and let’s do something about Obama!

            “OUR” Founding Fathers had it much worse facing the British who were the most powerful people in the world at that time.

            “WE” are only facing Obama and his fellow criminals!

            BTW, my Father was an ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) pilot in the Navy for 26 years.

          • ex-Navy

            You must be a submariner, (not sub-mariner). I was in the boats also, probably older than you, diesel-electric. I probably could not hit the broad side of a barn now, but could still give it a try, or perhaps be a go-fer.

        • tedthebear

          And save a spot for a 73 year young long distance shooter. With the optics I have I can still make that steel clang at 1000 yards with an out of the box Ruger 7 mag,

      • Loran Carlson

        I find your comment quite correct Captain. However, one must consider just how far behind these progressive liberals we really are. Look at the decades that these libs have entrenched themselves in our colleges and universities and the millions of students that passed through these institutions learning their CRAP. We both know that educating the masses is the only way of setting things straight. It’s a shame that it took this long for conservatives to catch on to what the establishment morons were doing. Myself included. Still, there is good reason to have hope. I salute you.

        • Dave Miller

          In summation to all of the above, let us all prepare. No matter where you’re located, get ready for the innevitable. No one will take my guns. No one will make me register my guns. Our country, and our Constitution shall NOT be violated by a tyrannical government.
          MOLON LABE

      • tlg

        My family has been ready since 2008, my boys are former Air Force vet
        FORCED out by OBAMA, they had both planned on making careers of it, but
        with less then 5 years in…well you know the drill I am sure.
        Apparently there is no room for conservative Airmen…My husband and I
        are cops we are ready to take our country back…

    • Karen Morrison Sutton

      I’m with you Carol, but check out this…. This is what’s really going!!!

  • Joanne

    The progressives are always pretending to care about the children yet they promote and agree with abortion and even funding Planned Parenthood with federal money.

    • Drew Baye

      A woman has the right to make decisions about her own body (which includes a fetus until it is biologically viable outside the womb), but not the right to expect other people to pay for it. The problem isn’t abortion, the problem is wanting other people to pay for their abortions.

      That being said, considering who is having most of the abortions I think it’s a good investment because it probably saves us a lot of money on welfare, law enforcement, and prisons in the long run.

      • Conservative now XDem

        What about the rights of the fetus? I have no problem with abortion either as long as the fetus is OK with it.

        Your second statement I consider racist

        • Progressive Republican

          When science stops differentiating between seed and plant, embryo and chicken, fetus and human, etc., your point will then be valid.

          • JAFO

            But we’re not just talking about science. We are also talking legality and morality. Why is It that when a woman chooses to abort her unborn child it is not considered killing, but if a pregnant woman is beaten and her unborn child dies as a result, it is almost always treated as some form of wrongful death – either homicide or manslaughter? Whose action it was and whether or not the child is wanted by the mother should not change what that unborn child IS.

          • TLG

            I totally agree and have been screaming this at the top of my lungs! Its because the liberals know its a human being from conception, but they also know the majority of abortions are of minorities and they are the real racists…

        • 1972patriot

          In reality there was nothing racist in Drew Baye’s second statement… but your assumption was. The Dems are controlled and populated by white folks.

          • panors77

            white dems controlling back dems……….

      • DocJimmy

        I’m not sure all of the aborted children would have grown up to be on welfare or become criminals, regardless of their parentage.

      • Iwannalive2

        The problem IS abortion. It is a Baby from the get go. Women do NOT have the right to play ‘god’ with their child’s life. It’s murder, plain and simple.

      • PYPYPY

        The problem is my money (tax) is being used to abort innocent babies. where is my right as an individual? If anyone wants to murder babies, that is their choice, just dont taint me.These are lives we are talking about and would grow up to be beautiful adults. How come BO didnt think of this when he voted against giving medical aid to babies who survive botched abortion. Yet he pretends to care about the young lives lost in Newtown, please. It is all about pushing his liberal agenda

      • Bobby Liguori

        No,the fetus is not hers,she’s only carrying it…The fetus belongs to God…All life comes from God,belongs to God and returns to God…She has no right to take that life,that’s reserved for God only.

      • Jean

        In the Old Testament of the Bible, Jeremiah, Chapter 1, Verse 5, God told Jeremiah,
        “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; Before you were born, I sanctioned you a
        prophet to the nations.” Therefore, according to God’s word, before we attain any
        form in the womb, we are human beings. Abortion is murder!


      Hi Joanne, didn’t you know that all the children that Obama had at the signing of his “Gun Ban” executive orders were children orphaned by his “Fast and Furious” gun running scandal? That is how much Obama really cares about children and how stupid he must think his fellow Democrats are! So why are everybody afraid of Obama and not making the necessary changes to stop him?

  • ufosrreal

    Right on WIld Bill!

  • Drew Baye

    Both Social Liberalism and Religious Conservativism are threats to America. We need to rid our government and culture of both socialism and silly, primitive superstitions.

    • Dave Miller

      Oh Joy now Drew is chimming in. He need to get laid.

    • Gidget

      So what I am reading is that you think your God and our God is a primitive superstition. You must be an atheist. They all spew the same hate talk. All I can say your soul needs to be prayed for. Love to hear what you have to say about muslims/

  • davienne

    the states need to stop funding pph on the state level…

  • John Whittington

    Abortion = the right to kill at will !!!


    So much for John the misguided, misfit liberal with blinders on. The truth can’t be answered, point by point. He mearly throws words like: idiot, right wing, etc etc. JOHN! Address the subject! Give us an answer ! You are the “stereotypical” LIBERAL. You spoke about our “religion” but you couldn’t give us any points. You are an agnostic or athiest, I suspect. Truth doesn’t matter to liberals. Only winning at any cost. Things were much more peaceful before the commies began growing in size in the USA. I am 65 years old. I remember better times. These days of hate , fear, troubles, high taxes, families falling apart, prisons filling up, has been slowly growing in size these last 50 years. Growing liberalism, in contrast to a diminishing love of GOD is taking it’s toll in America and all over the world. The further we get away from GOD, the closer we get to anylism. The perfect recipe for total TYRANNY is, the weakening family unit, less, belief in GOD, more government control, etc. The REAL falacy of abortion: 90 % of all abortions are performed on 13 to 19 year old girls, WHO have been DRUGGED by the pimps who control drugs and prostitution. Drug addiction, hunger and being lost, THEY are held against their wills and made to go to the clinics while the pimps who set it up DON’T PAY for it. The tax payers do! … JOHN! Wake up. Know the truth. KNOW G O D and live!

    • tlg

      Well said Sir

  • Dave Miller

    I am standing up. Putting down my key board. Game On.

  • cbj

    Look up Partial-Birth-Abortion, and then allow yourself to vomit.


    The left have and will always use children as the vehicle to push their liberal agendas. Despicable!

  • Frank D Conover

    This guy speaks the truth. The liberals and this guy Obama are no good for America when will the true Americans wake up and see what this food stamp president and his liberal Idiots are trying to do to our America. Wake up people before it’s to late.

  • Dave Miller

    Holy cow I’ve figured out who the zombies are. It’s the liberals!!!! They want our brains. Range Master;
    “With a magazine and twenty rounds lock and load, you may commence firing once your zombie targets appear..” are you a zombie??????

  • Sinatra98

    Thank you Wild Bill

  • squeak

    Abortions after Abortions… the Liberals are Baby killers !

  • Nellie CA

    When you vote for abortions that is taking the lives of a lot more kids than are killed in the schools by automatic guns. When the government takes the guns then the crooks will be the only ones that have guns. The government gave the the Fast and Furious Guns. How much money is our government paying Mexico for the people murdered there by the guns. the death of our Police and border Patrol with the same guns. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY. Feinstein can give up her carry permit or give women in CA the same privileged to carry a gun for protection.

  • mpdmd

    The people who choose abortion are probably the ones who reason they really care for children and do not want to bring one into a world where it is not wanted and would not be cared for as it should. Adoption is not always an answer. Not everyone who adopts is prepared to love a child.. I would never want an abortion and would therefore do nothing to need one but what about when someone is raped? Not everyone can accept a child in this setting and why should that be a punishment for an act they did not encourage. The problem today is that anything goes and is excepted and when the fear factor enters folks run for a quick fix. Except for rape pregnancy can be prevented but our profligate society acts and then thinks. Since everything is now okay and sex is for fun rather than for procreation these little ones suffer. The sperm donors and incubators do it for welfare and do not have abortions The idiot women who think they are loved if they spread are just stupid but in their defense the young ladies today are products of sperm donors and incubators who did not choose abortion and really are guided by their equally uninformed parentless youngsters or have no self worth and choose to be used as kleenex for the droppings from the irresponsible males who think the twitching organ has a mind of its own and should be allowed to do as it feels. They are of the same mental level as their organ therefore the name dick heads.

    • tlg

      Basically a Godless life has caused all of the above and it is exactly has liberals have planned…

  • REID

    Having seen the results of abortion on the lives of the mothers involved I know for a fact that it haunts women for years afterward in many profound and negative ways not to mention the end of the babies life before they ever had a chance .. Obama you are an ingenious liar.

    • tlg

      Yes sir it does, this once liberal minded person was lead to believe abortion was fine and at 19 was pressured by her liberal democratic father (basically an abortion or familyless) which never made sense to this day because he believed in GOD. Anyway I pray every day for Gods forgiveness and cry every night for the child I allowed another to kill…Once I left the catholic church and joined my Christian church I was able to let God into my life and see why my former liberal beliefs were so wrong, I’m just very sad it took me so long. And for the record I am not a minority and I had a good enough job at 19 I could have taken care of a child. I am thankful for Gods forgiveness and the two handsome conservative minded sons he allowed me to have and raise.

  • Debra JM Smith

    The next true conservative that runs for the office of the presidency should surround himself with newborn babies, as often as possible.

  • FloridaJim

    There is absolutely no question that democrats are the killers of childhood and womanhood. Their policies of destroying the black family goes unreported but look at ADC and understand what happened in the community and whom was responsible. Planned Parenthood has stolen the lives of millions of women who used abortion as birth control, imagine what they must say as they walk down the street, “is that what my aborted child would look like today”. Democrats spent $16,000,000,000,000 on The War On Poverty and all we have is a lost 3 generations of hopeless and dependent people. They don’t realize their freedom is gone with their morals. 54,000,000 aborted since Roe v Wade 20,000,000 black and you don’t even care!

  • Emmit Ridener

    Its about time someone showed the truth and how ridiculous the politicians we have in washington are about gun control. Yet they extol the abortion of so many children everyday in our country.

  • Ronald Hatt


  • Ronald Hatt

    For anyone that believes in abortion, they must not have a soul! They will be required to stand in front of God, & explain their rationale!

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