Liberal Guest On ‘Kelly File’ Compares Christians To KKK Over Religious Freedom Law

Liberal Bernard Whitman, a recurring Fox News guest, joined Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File amidst the left’s contempt for Indiana’s and Arkansas’ Religious Freedom Laws–and attempted to correlate members of the KKK with the Christian faith. “I have no problem with people exercising their religious freedom,” Whitman said. “Having said that, it’s time that we stop using religion as a weapon for discrimination.” Kelly interrupted and argued that Christians don’t have a problem serving gays in restaurants, but the law exists to protect Christians from catering a “wedding that they don’t agree with.” “It wasn’t long ago that organizations like the KKK used religion as an excuse to discriminate against black people,” Whitman responded. “That’s wrong.” “People who believe religiously that gay marriage is wrong, may not assert that objection if they are in the business of providing services to the public?” Kelly asked. Whitman refuted Kelly by arguing that a federal law is needed so that people are not discriminated against “based on who they are, or who they happen to love.” He called the religious freedom laws “unAmerican” and “unChristian.”

via WesternJournalism

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