Lawrence O’Donnell On Edward Snowden: ‘Absurdly, Wildly Overblown’

On the same day that journalist Glenn Greenwald suggested that his defense of NSA source Edward Snowden is no different than MSNBC’s defense of President Barack Obama, that network’s Lawrence O’Donnell took Snowden to task for making “provably untrue” statements during his alternative Christmas message. “Every time he speaks, every time, he will say things that are absurdly, wildly overblown,” O’Donnell said. “He says that the government is, quote, ‘watching everything we do.’ That is of course impossible. No one is watching everything we do. That capacity doesn’t exist.” After listing off more of Snowden’s ominous warnings about the surveillance state, O’Donnell said, “I find it odd that every time he speaks he says provably untrue things like this.”

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