Krauthammer: “The Real Story Is The Collapse of Trump In This Debate”

Conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer said Thursday following the first Republican presidential debate that he thought the “real story” of the night was the “collapse” of candidate Donald Trump. “The real story is the collapse of Trump in this debate. I thought this before I saw the [Frank] Luntz group, but I think it’s reinforced,” he said, referencing a Luntz focus-group that showed Trump lost support after his debate performance. “The fact is, he was out of place,” Krauthammer continued. ”When you think about it, when he is free form, when he is uninterrupted, when he can do the flight of ideas, when he can go on and his own and ramble, he is entertaining, he’s sharp, and he’s amusing.” “But here, when he was controlled and in a tight setting, he was lost for most of the debate. And I think it showed that it showed he was in a group of professional politicians, and yet they as a group and individually were able to handle it, most of the time, they left him out in the cold,” the syndicated columnist added.

via TheBlaze

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