Krauthammer: Obama Has Been Played; Fruits of An Epically Incompetent Foreign Policy

Well these are the fruits of a completely incompetent, epically incompetent foreign policy, diplomacy by Obama. Here is the president of the greatest democracy on earth being lectured, insulting really, in an American newspaper about human rights, about international law, about the protection of the elderly and children in wartime. I mean the hutzpah of writing that by a KGB thug whose last adventure in the world was to invade Georgia, detach two of its provinces and declare them independent, and who for the last decade has been supplying Assad, who we are essentially calling a war criminal, with huge amounts of weaponry including the elements of poison gas. What we’re seeing here is Putin so confident of himself after Obama had to acquiesce to this face-saving negotiation that he could actually engage in this. It’s an index of how Obama has been played and continues to be right now in Geneva.

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