Kevin Jackson Endures a RIDICULOUS Debate Over the Riots in Milwaukee with Eric Guster

The Black Sphere’s Kevin Jackson discussed the most recent remarks by Milwaukee victim Sylville Smith’s sister on Fox News. Eric Guster joined the conversation to offer his view of the situation as well. Obviously Kevin Jackson had thought out his remarks prior to this conversation. “It is a social economic problem not a race problem” said Jackson. Guster however wanted to blame the Governor for everything under the sun. There is no debating the types of people like Guster. His head is stuck in the sand and had the typical democrat talking points.

The bottom line here is this, no matter what transpired between the officer and the victim, torching the places your frequent and reside around is the dumbest thing on the planet. You can’t blame anyone when you crap in your own mess kit.

Why are they looting and destroying their city? Here is the entire conversation below.


Video Courtesy of  BB4SP

Also, here are 5 fast facts to know about Sylville Smith Incident


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