Kellyanne Conway to the women of The View ‘Let me tell you what’s nasty!’ [Video]

What a bunch of self righteous women on the View. They have zero arguments and bring up no topics worth talking about.

Today Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, braved hostile territory when she visited the set of ‘The View’ today and quarreled with Whoopi Goldberg over what’s nasty.

These women on The View never let people talk unless it is someone they agree with but Kellyanne held her on and pulled off a good punch with this statement.

‘Let me tell you what’s nasty!’ Conway interjected, when Goldberg suggested Trump’s behavior had hurt people. ‘Nasty is Hillary Clinton’s endless,’ she continued, being interrupted by Goldberg several times. ‘There are tens of millions of dollars in negative advertising as we sit here from Hillary Clinton,’ she said, finally getting her sentence out.

By the way, how often do you see Robby Mook going on any show on Fox News except with Chris Wallace?


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