Jon Stewart Delightfully Slams Obama Admin For Their Inane Ambassador Appointments

After he failed to find anything funny to say about the “utterly depressing” Eric Garner case at the top of last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart turned to a lighter topic: the confirmation of two new U.S. ambassadors to Argentina and Hungary. But as he — and the rest of the press quickly learned — their qualifications leave a little something to be desired. While soap opera producer Colleen Bradley Bell and political consultant Noah Bryson Mamet don’t have any particular interest in Hungary or Argentina, respectively, they did each raise large sums of money for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. But when ABC News’ Jonathan Karl asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest if that fact may have played into their nominations, all he would say was, “Frankly, I was not part of this decision-making process.” “What?! You can’t do that!” Stewart exclaimed. “That is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen the president’s press secretary do. His entire job — his only job — is built around trying not to go, ‘Hey, look, I just fucking work here.’ But that’s what he did.”

via Mediaite

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