Jon Stewart Slams Obama Over NSA Scandal in One of Funniest & Harshest Segments Ever

(Warning: Video Contains Some Adult Content)

Jon Stewart opened Monday night’s Daily Show with a stinging takedown of President Obama’s NSA speech; a delicate tightrope act involving Obama trying to assuage privacy advocates while actually not doing anything that would upset the people with actual say and power in this debate. Obama talked so long about the history of surveillance, it almost seemed like the point was to make it so boring, people would stop listening. The clear takeaway from the speech, for Stewart, was that there are loopholes galore for the government, meaning to them “we will totally follow the rules until we determine such time when we will no longer follow the rules.” Obama did say this was a very important debate, which is why, Stewart explained, “the person who started this debate must be hunted down and thrown in prison for life.”

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