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Watch Liberals Respond When Asked If Not Liking Mexican Food is Racist

  • Pat Alexander

    Stupid question, perhaps you should have stayed in bed!

    • djc_1946

      Stupider answers!

    • frog-out-of-kettle

      That’s the idea. If you knew who Mark Dice was and followed some of his other videos, you would understand what he was getting at. He leads the sheeple to the rediculous.

      • s1974x

        I love how confident and arrogant that woman at the beginning of the video comes across.

  • cae973

    First of all Calif seems to be overflowing with stupid people. Secondly I do not like mexican food and even though I live in Az I never go to mexican resturants as I prefer outback, applebees ect. Lastly those of you who do eat that garbage need to take a good look at the females in this country of mexican descent who are either chubby, fat or obese!

    • rosech

      Lived for years in Mexico and there was REAL Mexican food and it was delicious. What you get in the states has no relativity to the real thing. If I want good Mexican food, I fix it. Same goes for Chinese food, French food, and any other culture’s food. Not liking or eating a food is not racist but a choice or maybe even a sensitivity to that culture’s food. I personally do not like Indian food. No big deal, but this points out where brains are lacking as usual among liberals, low info people, or just the braindead!

      • Deepizzaguy

        I agree with you. When I lived in Panama drinking Coca Cola was just awesome. In America it is watered down.

        • TexasOlTimer

          In the US it’s made with corn syrup. In other countries, it’s made the old way – with sugar! Try the Coca Cola from Mexico that you can get in the states or in France or the UK. Tastes like what we had before they tried the New Coke fiasco.

          • s1974x

            I’ve had those throwback Pepsi and Dr. Pepper products that are made from real sugar and I honestly can’t tell a difference. Though that being said, anytime I had a choice between the new Dr. Pepper and the throwback Dr. Pepper I instinctively picked the old one.

            I don’t know if corn syrup is legitimately crap or just has a bad reputation, but it is yet another example of the Left micromanaging every detail of life from DC because the widespread use of that stuff is the result of sugar price controls imposed by the government for the “benefit of society”. It reminds me of how environmentalists were instrumental in the popularization of the SUVs they hated because large cars like station wagons had gas consumption rules based for cars while SUVs had the more flexible truck standards. (Of course SUVs are just all around more fun too)

          • TexasOlTimer

            Corn – the problem we have with corn is that it is in absolutely everything we eat that has more than one ingredient in it – check the labels in your kitchen – chances are even your salt will have corn starch. Unless the corn is organic, the chances are that it is GMO from Monsanto. Is that a problem? We don’t know. But when a particular ingredient is in basically everything (as corn syrup, cornstarch, dextrose, maltodextrin, etc.) from ice cream, candy and sodas to bread, yogurt, and medicine, it can’t be good for us. I’ve an allergy to corn – I have to read labels. Eating in restaurants or at friends’ homes is difficult. But I must say that SUVs are fun getting there!!!

          • s1974x

            I don’t have any issues with GMOs at all, and overall I think it’s a great thing, but I could see it if someone has a a certain food allergen and might fear if, say, I was allergic to peanuts and components of peanut DNA got spliced into corn. As for the rest of the organic food movement when it comes to crops, I don’t support it at all. I’m not aggressive about it, but if I have a choice between the organic and non-organic version of something I always pick the non-organic version. I’ve even gotten to the point where I rarely eat at Chipotle because I’m just so tired of the shame marketing they employ to guilt you into buying their food.

            That being said, corn syrup is a different substance from true sugar so it makes me wonder what that difference is.

    • Winston Smith

      It seems to be cultural – implying “Look at the woman I can support”. That attitude was even joked about in the movie “Romancing the Stone”!

    • don76550

      Are you talking about the ones with butts requiring 2 zip codes and have “goodyear” stenciled on their sides?

    • Deepizzaguy

      And attractive too.

    • 2Shadow2

      The fat side of most folks is fast food. Most Mexicans do not like Taco Bell. It is a pride thing.

  • David in Dallas

    If they think not liking Mexican food makes me a Racist, I’m OK with that. I don’t like most French food, either–am I a Francophobe?

    • MrBillyD

      Yesterday at home I had a lunch of Mexican taquitos, French fried potatoes, and American baked beans. An international cuisine. I wonder if the cuisine could also be called politically correct? Since I’m politically conservative, Leftists might be confounded by the menu.

      • s1974x

        In other words, you literally couldn’t swallow a little Mexican food without the help of cuisine designed by dead white European men and a food most commonly associated with white, southern, male-but-not-brokeback cowpersons? Stop kidding yourself because you sound like a complete racist to me, and you probably hate women too.

        • MrBillyD

          I hope you’re joking, as I was. If not, you sound like a Leftist bigot, who mindlessly repeats everything that Whoever’s in Charge of the Left, tell you to say.

          • s1974x

            LOL, yes I was absolutely joking. Your response confirms how much the Left has fallen because they are now so extreme and so stupid that they are virtually identical to a parody.

          • MrBillyD

            Yes the Left has fallen and will continue to fall. They are bringing themselves down. After Election Day, an unexpectedly large number of them will be gone from Congress, State and Local Government. Then all the anti-American restrictions will be repealed; and the Country will come roaring back.

          • s1974x

            The only problem I see with your logic is that the quality of the American public has also dropped and far too much of it is incapable of recognizing stupidity when smacking them in the face. This video proves it. I know this is California and finding a moron in California is as hard as finding a fat person at a buffet, but this level of idiocy and ignorance is widespread.

            At work yesterday a girl didn’t know where Utah was so someone told her. He said it was in Mountain Time and she asked how many hours different that was from us (we are Eastern) I chimed in and said 2. She as impressed and asked where I came from because she thought I must have lived out there to know that. I also remember a time when someone didn’t know the location of Michigan on a map (again,I was not in California when that happened). I also got a coworker to believe that chickens can lay squared eggs but you don’t see them for sale because they are toxic. For these kinds of people there is no level of stupidity a politician can pander to for the purpose of getting votes, and the problem with conservatism is that it requires some a degree of intelligence to connect dots in order to see the wisdom of a policy.

            It is astonishing how information has never been so easy to access in America and yet its current people are the most ignorant in its history.

          • MrBillyD

            But how many people like that actually vote? The people you’ve described sound like the couldn’t find any poling places, let a lone know how to cast a ballot.

          • s1974x

            I think a lot of them have been doing this in Obama’s Presidental elections because the media crafted this celebrity where it was “cool” to go vote for him. They were unable to do this in the off-year election of 2010 because it was too difficult since it lacks a single national celebrity to go out and support.

            Overall I think you are right because even in an Obama-election year most low-infos probably stayed at home. Isn’t that a sad state of affairs when we have to hope for the inherent laziness of these people to allow the adults of the country to put decent leaders into position? I think this is why the Left seems to push more and more for more absentee and online voting because the easier voting becomes the more likely the low-infos will find a way to vote. I mean look at the number of people who vote for American Idol contests.

  • iwojimafan

    I guess the Liberal/Fascists are still Totally Dumb, Stupid, and ignorant as the Mexicans belong to the Caucasian Race, and the definition of a Racist is someone who hates Blacks and Asians.

    • AG Dot Com!

      Spaniards, yes. A lot of Mexicans are now mixed with the aboriginal groups – but don’t tell them that – they think “Mexican” is a race unto itself…

      • Winston Smith

        Whatever “Mexican race” there ever was DIED in the 16th century! Their language, culture, religion, architecture and all are SPANISH! You know, the folks who looted, raped, and murdered the aboriginal peoples.

        • AG Dot Com!

          Gosh. That makes all the people who speak Mayan dialects, the Oaxacans, and a lot of the other aboriginals a bit problematic, doesn’t it? Yes, there was a lot of that – considerably more in S. America than Mexico – but there are still a lot of the aboriginal people left, and many of the Spaniards ended up mixing with the locals, giving you some of the distinctive physical characteristics that set Mexicans apart from true Spaniards, who look much more like Europeans than what we consider the “Latino” stereotype today.

          In short, I feel your statement may be a little overbroad, sir.

          • Winston Smith

            Perhaps a BIT “overbroad” – but, aside from some SMALL pockets of aboriginals and a few genetic traits, the PRACTICED traits: language, culture, religion, architecture, etc ARE Spanish.
            National Geographic and other such sources report that the Conquistadors and the Spanish treasure seekers that followed wiped out upwards of 95% of those aboriginals with the sword, gun and disease.

          • AG Dot Com!

            I don’t doubt that the first couple hundred years saw that sort of massacre on a wholesale level at all. The resurgence has only been in the last 150 years or so, not counting small pockets of aboriginals who survived mostly unscathed. I just have a tendency to cringe when I see a generalized remark that seems to imply the old meme of “White European bad, Noble Savage good”. No offense meant, to be sure. Apologies for any perceived hostility.

          • Winston Smith

            No offense taken. And as for that meme you noted: it’s been a hideously violent WORLD from Aztec blood sacrifice to Vlad Dracul to Roman mass crucifixion and on and on!
            A culture is as good or bad as it is TODAY!
            And the culture of many folks in America of Latin origins DEMANDING that WE modify or deny generations of American beliefs and ideals to suit THEIR sensibilities is … not “good”.

          • AG Dot Com!


          • Ben Name

            even those “aboriginals” you are talking about walked from Europe where all human’s began. So, they are really Europeans with a really good tan.

          • Winston Smith

            If you will note, “Mexican race” was in quotes: THEIR words. My comments were regarding “cultures”, present and past.
            My bone of contention is if ANYONE DECIDES to live in America then DEMANDS that we modify or disregard ideals and practices we Americans have held for generations – such as flying or presenting OUR Flag wherever we choose – to suit THEIR SENSIBILITIES that I get irate.

        • AG Dot Com!

          Here. A brief article on dialects & languages spoken in Mexico.

        • Ben Name

          Mexican is a nationality not a race…unless you think American is a race.

        • johughsie

          Mexican is a NATIONALITY – NOT A RACE!!
          On the other hand hispanic is a race.
          Black is a race.
          White is a race.
          Irish is NOT a race.
          Italian is not a race.
          You get the drift??
          So effing what if some people DON’T like Mexican food!!
          I love Mexican food.
          That doesn’t mean I love Mexico or Mexicans.
          So that analogy is so wrong.

        • johughsie

          Spanish is also NOT a race.
          Spanish DID, in fact, loot, rape, invade & take over & murder.
          If people KNEW their history………………………..!!

      • Ben Name

        Mexican is a nationality not a race.

        • AG Dot Com!

          My direct quote, from above: “they think ‘Mexican’ is a race unto itself…” – Thank you, Captain Obvious…….

          • Ben Name

            wow! I’m just confirming what was said and you respond with such hostility. Is this hostility the real face of conservatism? I sure hope not. It won’t win any of those libtards to our cause.

          • AG Dot Com!

            If calling you “Captain Obvious” is considered hostility, you clearly have forgotten the myriad other kind words I have had for you in the past.

          • Ben Name

            I thought we were buds now that we know we were hitting the same clubs in the 80s-90s? Wow, you are fickle.

          • AG Dot Com!

            Stop with the sand-in-the-vagina remarks already. It’s the innernets, not Lord Throckmorton’s annual diplomatic gala.

          • Ben Name

            Are you making an assumption again, this time about my gender?

          • AG Dot Com!

            And of course, to make the point, Conservative Videos is holding my post “for approval”, demonstrating an innnerwebs version of SITV…

    • Patriot

      They support the Kenyan Marxist queen in the oval office don’t they? :)

    • MontieR

      Sorry you are wrong todays definition of racist is anyone conservative, anyone white that is not a liberal or anyone that expects EVERYONE to obey our laws.

  • katjan68

    Well then I guess I am racist, I don’t like any spicy food.


    SO Many Americans REALLY have NO idea what is going on in America & the world. Poor sheeple arent going to know what hit them when the SHTF!! :(

  • iseedumbpeople

    Hell I don’t like Mexicans, does that make me a racist??

  • Radman414

    Therefore, I can say, without equivocation, that I AM NOT A RACIST! I LOVE good Mexican food, hot salsa, chips and margaritas! However, we DO need to secure our southern border, fine companies that hire illegal aliens, and severely restrict any consideration of amnesty for foreigners who enter America illegally or overstay their visa authorization.

    • Patriot

      I’ll go you one further. Initiate a open hunting season on our southern border with no bag limit! :)

      • Radman414

        Several years ago, I proposed that all landowners on this side of the border be deputized, and also authorized to hire private, armed security. Loudspeakers and signs in English, Spanish and Arabic would audibly and verbaly warn of the specific consequences of entering the property without permission: “Trespassers will be shot; survivors will be shot again!” Then do it! If implemented…voila…America has a secure border.

  • Brad Gilbert

    What torques me is that, by that metric, I qualify as a liberal. THAT bites!

  • ATexasGirl10

    This is the most stupid thing I’ve heard today. I’m not liberal, I love Mexican food. It is good, usually economical, and other things that are good for you.

  • paulrph1

    Is that all Mexican food or just some of it. Whew, I guess I am OK (laughing) BECAUSE I ate Mexican last week.

  • pysco

    I guess, I’m racist, I don’t like chittlings… And I don’t know any white democrats that eat them either, I guess they’re all racists.

    • Patriot

      Now, you know they are. :)

  • AG Dot Com!

    1) Now I’m not going to eat any Mexican food just because, so up yours I’m a racist.
    2) You could probably shoot 2/3 of the population of LA & the surrounding towns & neighborhoods and raise the IQ average of the United States of America by 50-75 points.

    • rosech

      Since I live in CA, you can remove more and definitely have a much higher IQ result! I don’t know how they can even find their way out of bed (or basement) or even eat with knives and forks sometimes. Makes me feel like I am a Mensa candidate in comparison.

      • Paula

        The libs also elect those same folks… dumb as a box of rocks … and proudly open their mouths to prove it each time.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    The intelligence level reached by those people asked the
    question are the reason America is in it’s death throes!~

  • RoBoTech

    1st it’s racist to eat tacos.
    NOW it’s racist NOT to eat tacos.
    This is insanity.

  • Brad Barker

    Thank God for the last guy He talked to in this video. Liberals, You Suck.

  • j0e cave

    I don’t like it if that’s all they have to eat no wonder they are breaking into our country

  • Patriot

    What a fricken hoot! Libs never seem to disappoint! :)
    They have no shame, no smarts, no idea they are making themselves out to be the laughing stock idiots they are! :)

    The first women is a good reason to execute the mentally incompetent.

  • mirlyn57

    more pathetic crap from the left I even dont eat pepper why should some morons tell im racist

  • colsooonscoorner

    Don’t load the question, when you know the answer it will bias the answer. I hate loaded questions.

  • pittymax

    Do these dumbass people even listen to the question?

  • Sum Suk Dong

    We’ll, I DO like Mexican food so I guess I get a pass. I just don’t like Mexicans is all.

  • Winston Smith

    Ah, but you can despise pizza, sushi, sauerkraut, gyros, curried dishes to your hearts content? Libocrite – MUCH!

  • tuvals

    And there lies the answer as to why I don’t like the liberal mindset one iota!! Brain snag or is it no brain…..

  • Hannibal Lecter

    I like Mexican okay if you skin them first.

    • Paula

      LOL With sauteed onions.

  • bdcorvette

    Not worth commenting on. How about Chinee? How about Thai? How about Indian? Liberals are assholes.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    This has to be a joke. A big waste of time.

  • MontieR

    I don’t like mexican food simply because 3 out of 5 restaurants in my area ARE mexican and 1 in 5 are fast garbage.

  • how

    Whats frightning here is only one person in maybe every 10 shows any intelligence, the rest can be influenced by suggestion so easily ( they would have made the perfect nazi).

    • Paula

      They have been groomed to think like this for 50+ years and it’s paying off now!

  • Anthony Alexander

    Pathetic………………..Remember when made in Japan meant junk…With people like these American means being big, fat and stupid….don’t forget your SMARTPHONE…………

  • pete0097

    Hey, I don’t lilke Haggus, but that doesn’t make me prejudiced against Scotts

  • UpLateAgain

    I guess that means if you don’t like to eat BS you’re prejudiced against
    Democrats… ’cause that’s what they’re constantly trying to feed us.

    • Librrlintlickers

      RIGHT ON!!

  • catman

    Where are all these moronic liberals coming from anyway????

    • Paula

      Good question…. there is a never ending supply!

  • Mathematical certainty

    In the 1950’s, the average IQ within the male and female population (sample population of 500 young adults), aged 20 to 30, with HS educations, and similar family and economic backgrounds was 110. Great strides have been made since the 50’s. Today, the average IQ for a similar population, age group, education, and family and economic backgrounds is 90. As a society, the “Classic Gaussian Curve” or as most refer to the curve, as the, “Normal Distribution”, data has been traveling to the left for the past 65 years. At the current rate, by the year 2274, the average IQ within a similar group will be 10. That is, the liberal-left-wing-lying-moronic-sheeple will have achieved their goals in devolving society with IQ’s lower than Gerbils. Fortunately, for the present, we will be long-gone.

  • jaminjayman

    Glad someone finally responded sanely at the end. There may be hope after all.

  • HCUA

    My next-door neighbor is Mexican, and invited me in for lunch yesterday. He moved in 2 weeks ago, a really nice old guy, 83, and we get along just fine, and always will. The lunch was not all that great, but, I cleaned my plate, as I was taught. I grew up in Tucson, eating Mexican food, and it is my favorite. Wait!!Maybe good burgers.
    In Germany, they have good burghers, in America, we have good burgers.

  • Chardonna

    I dislike Mexican food because there are so many calories in it and it really doesn’t taste that great. I am not a racist and you can eat all the Mexican food you want. Just don’t complain that you’re getting fat because of it.

  • Stanley

    You see who and what is calling the whites racists! As long as the borders are wide open,they will out number you! It is politically correct to be a moron!

  • WerewolfVm

    People are so freaking stupid! I like all sorts of food but it is not racist to not like a certain food! It may not do well in his system! I am a racist then I hate everyone of all persuasions then for being blindly naive and stupid! These people are something else on this video! Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Easy Street

    I currently live in TX and detest this Tex-Mex slop. However I was raised in NM and love Santa Fe style Mex. cusine. World of difference! Does that make me a semi-racist?

  • Macjamm

    Instead of absurdity being the exception in America it is now pretty much the rule and this is the trend for the future of America and the World,…

  • Deepizzaguy

    Whenever some liberal calls me a racist I tell them I not a fan of NASCAR.

  • Librrlintlickers

    Undisputable Fact #1: Mexicans are short people (in general).
    Undisputable Fact #2: If they continue to eat the unhealthy, traditional Mexican foods filled with FAT, GREASE and LARD, they will eventually fill our hospital beds with MORBID OBESITY, HEART DISEASE, DIABETES and other serious health problems.
    Undisputable Fact #3: Taxpayers will be paying for their poor nutritional choices from their illegal border crossings all the way to their graves!!
    Undisputable Fact #4: No. I am not a racist, I am a REALIST!! I’t’s about being informed and making good, responsible personal choices… I feel the same way about tobacco smokers!


    Why would I be rasist for not liking something that Gives Me hatr burn and makes Me crap like a goose

  • Steven

    who cares then I am a racist I don’t like or cant stand Mexican food I refuse to eat it period

  • John Walt

    I’m a proud racist. So?

  • Chuck Walter Jr

    Can’t stand chorizo,the other food is quite good, guess i’m only a little bit racist.

  • yaki534

    It is amazing how totally stupid and uninformed people are. Thats just liberals for ya.

  • Jon Weiss

    If this is true then not liking Bratwurst, Blutwurst and Sauerkraut is Xenophobic.

    • URKiddinMee

      And since I’m not fond of lox & bagels I guess I’m really in trouble.

      • Jon Weiss

        As are we both.

  • hausman69

    I have to give credit to Mark Dice in being able to stand there and listen to these full-blown idiots speak without laughing out loud at them. I do not understand how he can do it.

  • Jon Weiss

    Events leading to the Battle
    of Puebla

    Cinco de mayo has its roots in the French occupation of Mexico, which took place in the aftermath of the Mexican-American War of 1846-48, the Mexican Civil War of 1858, and the 1860 Reform Wars. These wars left the Mexican Treasury nearly bankrupt. On July 17, 1861, Mexican President Benito Juárez issued a moratorium in which all foreign debt payments would be suspended for two years. In response, France, Britain, and Spain sent naval forces to Veracruz to demand reimbursement. Britain and Spain negotiated with Mexico and withdrew, but France, at the time ruled by Napoleon III, decided to use the opportunity to establish a Latin empire in Mexico that would favor French interests, the Second Mexican Empire.

    So, in reality, Cinco De Mayo is a celebration of Mexico defaulting on its National Debt

  • Mark Smith USArmy

    Shows you how stupid liberals are; Mexican describes a NATIONALITY, not a race.


    The food served in most Mexican restaurants isnt Mexican. I have grown up eating at my friends homes whose parents were from mexico and that food is nothing like it.


    No wonder obama won a second term. Finally Mark Dice found a sane person at the very end that said it was absurd.

  • wizard

    That is so stupid!! I like some Hispanic foods but not all. I also do not like some English, French, German, Italian Greek, or American foods as well as others. A person’s taste in foods has nothing to do with racism. The whole idea is absurd.

  • danhspoonhourdc

    This is a mad, mad, mad, mad, world! Common sense is about extinct!

  • James in Texas

    It is just almost impossible for me to believe that there are so many folks who are so gullible and have such a lack of understanding that government can put forth such dribble. If you believe that another person can be racist just because he/she does not like or eat Mexican food, well, you are not far from having no freedom or liberty. Why, because, “You are Next”!

  • phil62

    Liberals are just plain stupid!! No matter the topic they can be led into anything like lambs to the slaughter. It NEVER fails. How these people are even able to dress themselves and make a living is beyond me. They truly know absolutely nothing about government and how a republican form of free governing works. They only know that they hate to call our form of government a Republican because they actually believe that means you are voting for the Republican candidates or party. They know and understand nothing about American History except the parts that GIVE them the freebies.

  • Jerry G

    I agree Boehner should go,but not because of his dislike of Mexican food but for being a Democrat posing as a Republican.

  • s1974x

    What a bunch of morons. Not only are they stupid enough to believe disliking Mexican food is akin to racism, but they aren’t even smart enough to realize they are being trolled. No wonder that Duck Dynasty guy was considered a homophobe for stating his dislike of rear-entry coitus (I hope that satisfies the censors) because people are certifiably stupid in this country (and even more so in specific areas like California). Anyone else instinctively believe that guy at the end was not a resident but was taking a vacation in California?

  • s1974x

    It just occurred to me that the Left has made other food judgmental too. I *love* vanilla pastries with vanilla icing and prefer vanilla to chocolate in ice cream. If a Leftist takes notice this preference I get the guilt treatment of not being adventurous, and being safe and white. I’ve forgotten this but I have been made to feel like a racist for having this preference, it’s always tongue-in-cheek but you can tell there’s some actual disgust on their part for this eating preference.

    Of course you then have corporations like Starbucks and Chipotle that pander to the far Left by using guilt to shame you into choosing their foods over foods produced by a corporation… or a bad corporation because they’re “good”… it says so on their packaging.

  • jim

    Wow – Einstein was correct – The only thing worse than arrogance is ignorance – and arrogance is fed by ignorance – are we living in a belly button mentality (makes as much sense as not liking a food makes you a racist) ? what a buch of clods !

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