John Boehner’s Spokesman Calls Press Questions “Horsesh**” Then Realizes His Mic Is Still Hot

(Content Warning: Language)

When a group of reporters surrounded him for a scrum, a spokesperson House Speaker John Boehner grew testy as he was bombarded with questions about riders the GOP had attached to an upcoming omnibus. “The way those questions were worded was horsesh**,” Michael Steel began, and looked ready to go on until a very nice Dana Bash pointed out that Steel’s mic was live. “I’m trying to protect you from yourself,” she joked, thus ending what could have been an amazingly brutal discussion about attaching riders to Congressional omnibus bills. “I think that Sen. Reid’s responsibility for the breakdown in the Appropriations process is an important point, but I probably should have had a bit less coffee and DayQuil this morning,” he quipped in a statement to Talk Radio News Service.

via Mediaite


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