Joe Scarborough Schools Fellow MSNBC Host About ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’

Talk about your bitter-clingers: “Crazy Larry” O’Donnell just can’t give up on the notion that Michael Brown might have had his hands up. On today’s Morning Joe, it led to a nasty little spat with Joe Scarborough. Joe asked Jeff Roorda of the St. Louis Police Officers Association whether, “since Eric Holder agreed with your side of the story,” he had received an apology from the St. Louis Rams for the “hands up, don’t shoot” display by several of its players. O’Donnell interrupted to claim that “Eric Holder doesn’t agree with the officers’ side of the story.” According to O’Donnell, the report merely found that “hands-up” couldn’t be proved “beyond reasonable doubt.” The spat was on, culminating with O’Donnell condescendingly telling Scarborough “understand what reasonable doubt is.” That led to Scarborough’s saracastic “thank you so much for giving me a lecture on the law.” In-fighting at MSNBC makes me smile. 🙂

via NewsBusters

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