Joe the Plumber: Blue-Collar Union Workers Will Impact the Election

Joe the Plumber joined Stuart Varney to discuss the blue collar union worker and the impact those voters will have on the November election.

When asked how many private sector union members he felt would come out in support of Donald Trump on election day, Wurzelbacher replied, “I’d say at least 70% and the reason why, now I worked for Chrysler (FCAU) a couple years ago cause I wanted to understand really the union and the union process and what’s going on.  I hate when people talk about things they know nothing about.  And I met a lot of great Americans at the union, a lot of hard workers, but I also met a lot of lazy guys who use the system to get what they want.”

Wurzelbacher then pointed out the difference between union leadership and the union members.

“Union leadership’s been bought for a long time and I think we all know that here in this station.  But union membership, they understand what happens with the trade agreements and what Trump wants to do as far as renegotiating them and making them better for the American worker and you’re talking about the blue-collar union worker.” [Most on Fox News]

He also mentioned which is giving away a free truck that is wrapped for Trump for President 2016.  Watch the full discussion below.


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