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Joe Biden: Laughing at the Issues

  • David Peacock

    he and his boss are why America is in this mess;; I guess homeopaths are insane so you laugh

  • refurb001

    And to think; he is one heartbeat away from being president should something happen to obamy. GOD forbid that he makes it. Think about that if you are going to vote for obamy. 0+0=0

  • CQ

    Biden’s scoffing attitude was typical of the Democrats I have heard from; they don’t respond to issues logically, they either laugh it off without comment, or go into a fury and rant and rave about how stupid Republicans are and change the subject to something unrelated.

  • Susitna

    I am sure that Biden was in panic mode before the debate and got a laughing attack that went out of control. He just couldn’t handle to talk to a smart guy after four years of talking to Obama, Pelosi and Hillary.

  • Ort

    If I could have thrown a brick at Biden, just to stop him from laughing like a buffoon for 5 minutes, I would have. What an azz hat.
    It would have been nice if SOMETHING, ANYTHING he said wasn’t either an outright lie, or a rehashed sound bite. Fool.

  • David Peacock

    quick; call the nearest assisted living center;; we have a new patient.

    • Teriqua Jones

      I think he requires more security than they traditionally offer. Crazy Joe!

  • ARMYOF69

    Biden showed the WHOLE WORLD what the Democrat party people are like. He was a great representative of that party, showing his teeth, arrogance, and bullying and demeaning tactics.
    If THAT does not hurt the Obama run, NOTHING will.

  • moparfan54

    I guess I didnt hear the punch line, because I failed to see the humor in the serious topics being discussed. The only funny thing said, was when Ryan reminded Biden what an idiot he is.

  • duc2012

    I never wanted Joe Biden for VP or any position in government; he has been a disgrace to our country and the position of Vice President through his lies and arrogance. Time to go Joe!

  • RandR2012

    Jack Kennedy was mentioned in the debate. I heard Jkennedy’s speech on Limbaughs radio show today and those words that came out of Kennedys’ speech are the exact words that Romney and Ryan have been proposing for America. . Biden tried to make an issue of the mention of Jkennedys’ name. Wish Ryan had shot back and said something on this but he didnt and thats ok. Who can argue with an old man that insists on making himself look bad. Typical of what a liberal progressive does. Democrats one time in history, were for the people but not anymore. These dems call themselves progressives and thats exactly what they are. I have no blinders on and I NEVER drank the koolaid. I sought wisdom and researched who obama is (nothing at all) and what his agenda is(destruction of American Values). I remain confident that justice will prevail and we will win America back. I dont need a speech to make me change my mind on the issues. Truth is in the pudding. Evidence is in the facts of economy, employment, we dont need to hear anymore from Romney. Even if Obama is just a mirror image of Biden in the next debate, and doesnt let Romney talk—Romney and Ryan are the ones for 2012.

  • Joe R.

    Joe biden is still to this day the biggest idiot in Washington!

  • Teriqua Jones

    Biden is more frightening than Obama. He has a crazy grin and a bad temper. I thought he was going to start a fist-fight with Ryan.

  • duc2012

    Joe Biden, the cheesey, grinning, dishonest lifetime politician…not a shock he came off like he did.

  • Terrie

    He won’t be laughing when Judgement is come.

  • William Sasman

    Joe made his part of the debate into commady central. Only thing is that the joke was on him. The people wanted to hear the facts on what goes in this country and what will be done. They did not ask for the joker.

  • Hommie Marcy

    ALSO…….laughing all the way into the lake of fire,

  • Gloria Wedemeyer

    I think that was a nervous laugh, knowing they were going down the tube. They laugh when they don’t want to be serious and he and O haven’t taken anything in this country serious since they took their oaths of office.


    If this is the way he treats other politicians I can image what he thinks of “we the people” . He was rude, disrespectful, lied his *ss off and thought we were all too stupid to see through this. He is exactly why we hate career politicians and Washington DC. We must make sure that they are not re-elected. God help America

  • David Peacock

    we witnessed a crazy out of touch over the hill phony;; sitting on stage with the next V>P>;;an astute well mannered intelligently informed concerned man trying to save this nation.

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