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Joan Rivers Declares ‘We All Know Barack Obama is Gay & Michelle is Transgender’

Comedian and Fashion Police host Joan Rivers has been in the news a lot this week. When a CNN host asked the animal rights activist why she wears fur on her book cover, the interview steadily kept going downhill until Rivers stormed off the set. Also, when asked her thoughts on having a gay president, Rivers said we already have one, calling Barack Obama “gay” and Michelle Obama a “tranny.” She even repeated herself when asked to clarify.

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  • jd1958

    Least someone has the moxy to tell the truth!!!!

  • Lloydl333

    ioI think Joan is on the inside and knows the truth. She stated it is OK. That makes me tend to believe what she said. It sure fill a few gaps in the facade on the Obama story, overup and lies.

    • chingchew

      she is definitely on the inside,have you seen her mug.Joan is A (UGLY) transgender

      • DaveM

        Joan is a true female….her daughter is genetically hers…You on the other hand are a liberal no doubt by insulting a person who has done no harm to you. I use your own words to identify who you are!

        • chingchew

          Joan real name is John. I didn’t know transgenders can birth you know that’s her daughter, was you their.

          • KellyKAFIR

            was you their? HAHAHAHAHA You mean, “were you there?” Sheesh… public education no doubt!

        • chingchew


          • Donald York

            Did your folks have any kids that lived?

          • steelers01

            Another liberal fool showcasing his education.

      • MaryJayne

        On the inside??!!!! She supported him from the beginning. This has been a known fact even before he was elected. If all would have researched the Rev Wright church and the program called the “down low” where gay men where assisted in their gay life to look respectable. And O and wife went to Wright’s church to do just that. In the research you would have found that a male choir member was murdered that had been a partner of O. His mother has tried so often to come out with the story and has been blocked. Why do you think they shut Wright up so quickly in the beginning stages of the election and per souces they are still keeping him quiet. Why do you think Hollywood supports him and it????? Quit patting her on the back, they know at this stage of his term their is nothing you can do now.

      • Donna S

        Chingchew And what does that make you. I notice that you have not got your picture up. You must be ugly .what an ugly person you must be.
        Lloyd 333 I agree with you sure does fill some of the gaps

    • Melia Sese

      You do realize – that Rivers is a big friend of the LGBT community … and yet when she says something like this you all just come when called like so many hungry dogs. Did any of you happen to catch the Celebrity Wife Swap when Bristol Palin came to live in the Rivers household? Look for it – you will find it most illuminating …

      • Lloydl333

        My point. She is not hostile to the gays. Her statement was that is was OK to be LGBT. So was she outing he Obamas? I am still skeptical about what she said.

  • Tiredofsocializm

    I’m originally from Chicago there is Whole bunch of questions about Barracks sexuality going way back!

    • l penn

      His Obamabot Idiots swallow all of the LIES and SWILL from their LIAR in chief!!

      • HOFFHACK

        Come on! He has even admitted being a Male Gigalo all over Chi town. Get your head out of that dark moist place you’ve been keeping it! People who voted for him!

  • Traci

    Way to go Joanie.. thanks for brave enough say what millions think.. Don’t let them beat you down now!

    • Rick

      They will try Traci.

    • Citizentobe

      Ooooh, please, another Hollywood hero?

  • Lady Val

    I knew he was homosexual and that their “marriage” was arranged to give him cover. However, I have seen fairly clear evidence that “Michelle” is more Michael. The girls are probably adopted, no problem there. We know that at least two of Obama’s boy lovers were given Chicago-style justice and murdered to prevent the matter from becoming public, but frankly, the photos of him from Occidental College seem to be fairly obvious! He hardly hid it which makes his strong Muslim stance even more odd. However, it is said that Muslim men prefer boys to women, so maybe their so-called hatred of gays is a bit Shakespearean; that is, they protest too much.

    • johnhorse

      Your Right ovomits two girls ARE Adopted and ovomit’s nick name in Chicago was Bath House Berry.I have no proof ovomit is queer but I will bet S/HE is.

    • DaveM
    • Anna

      You are half right. Michelle is Michelle, formerly Robinson. She is an opportunistic beard who allowed Ref. Wright to arrange a marriage of convenience between her and Barak, or Barry, what ever his real name is. Rev. Wright’s church was a down low hub in Chicago where traditional marriages were arranged to give cove to down low homosexual African Americans who’s aspirations would not allow them to be openly homosexual.

      • chingchew

        what are your feelings about white men who the the crap out of their wives and molest their toddler,and your women just send them to counseling,meaning you go alone with whatever he do.pull the plank out of your own eye,because you have no room to talk.make sure your dad or husband not molesting your kids.Big dummie

        • phil62

          Dude, you need to learn how to spell and write properly or shut up. You make absolutely NO SENSE when you speak.

  • usmc1063

    LOL I have to admit Joan sure is creative in her thinking. Somehow I have this feeling a full and thorough tax audit is now in the works.

  • surj

    In the end TRUTH does come out. watch obama walk and you will notice it he is gay. just for interest see

    • chingchew

      have you watch his bals,freaking gay boy

  • Slick401

    Joan better watch out, she is going to have the IRS the FEDS and the NAACP knocking on her door
    You don’t talk about President Ovomit and his lovely wife like that..hahahaha

  • moedom

    When one is THAT old….with a career in the toilet, Joan Rivers will do anything to get noticed. Personally, I don’t care for either of the Obamas but wouldn;t stoop as low as she did! It’s very obvious she needs to be keeping company with Edgar.

    • conserv

      yes,she told the truth,you libs,can’t stand that

    • Lynelle Hullsiek

      Her career is doing faierly well, actually. (I’m not a big fan of hers, but the truth is the truth.)

    • luci

      moedom, your post is awful. why would you bring up edgar. you are sick.

      • moedom

        Thank you—you have shown that I have accomplIshed my goals.

        • eman

          Right, if your goal is to be an A$$HOLE.

          • moedom


          • eman

            Yeah, I am jealous you stupid liberal moron freak.

          • moedom

            Have a nice day………………

      • moedom

        thank you

    • DaveM
      • chingchew

        The only person( DAVEM )can satisfy is A toddler.go pee-wee herman go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.lol

    • Donna S

      and you should wish you had a career. She is still going strong and working every day. DO YOU? There is nothing about her career. 2 books published Tv show. and a lot more. Your a Idiot

      • moedom

        “a” idiot? Where did you learn English/grammar? Or did you?

  • guest

    O’traitor is the NEW Burgler KING “GAY WHOPPER” because of all his HUGE LIE’S.
    this while most people know the WOOKIE as simply a monstrous HE/SHE….

    • shtwv_lstnr

      The “WOOKIE”? What does the former Moderator (Weymolith) of Mike Portnoy’s forum have to do with this? (JK) :)

    • budman

      Michelle was reported to be born Michael Lavaugn Robinson. Look up the name on the internet for the connection.

  • SammysDad

    Never liked her, but now having second thoughts

  • Leon Pollock

    No more political correctness Joan the correct terminology” Q U E E R “,,got it !!!!

  • Fourth ID

    Perhaps the next question Joan should have been asked is whether Barack meets the requirements to be President!

  • chingchew

    I thought Joan was A transgender.What A UGLY wo-MAN.(SURGERY DIDN’T HELP HER)

    • luci

      and i bet you are just beautiful, people that make fun on someone like you just did have a problem. you probably need surgery. shes famous, you are not. get a life

      • chingchew

        what famous got to do with it.with all that money she is still (UGLY JOHN RIVERS) surgery didn’t help her……………. .JOHN needs to look in the mirror, because it is obvious it don’t have one John dont have any,any room to call someone( ugly) how old is John 200yrs olddddddd

    • Traveller62

      Joan is NOT a transgender. I watched her TV shows back in the early, middle, and late 50’s and 60’s. She is a woman with an extremely prickly personality. Everyone loved her for it.

      • jenna

        She says what she thinks will get a laugh pure and simple…..She is now 81 and ks great for an 81 year old woman face lift or no face lift.

    • DaveM

      You must be very young…..check out:

  • chingchew

    Joan where are your mirrors?,because you cant afford to call anyone( UGLY)

    • DaveM

      You have no picture posted….Does that mean you are uglier?

      • chingchew

        you have no picture posted………………………are you UGLIER? I just answer your dumb as question.gumer pile sht

  • Rick

    I think that Joan has been reading my e-mails.

  • chingchew

    If Obama is gay. I will love to love him he is beautiful.

    • DaveM

      Now the truth is out… are ugly! Your chromosomes are still XX which for your small mind means “BOY”. You will never be girl.

      • chingchew

        wheeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..small balls have some words for me.little pee-wee DAVEM.LOL

        • DaveM

          Stop looking at yours!

  • chingchew

    can A face like Joan call someone( UGLY) that’s it I’m calling the (UGLY) POLICE ON

    • DaveM

      Dumb statement attention seeker!

      • chingchew

        dumb enough for you to take the time to read.sorry you cant insult me little

  • Citizentobe

    I suggested time ago that the Obamas were going to declare they are bi-sexuals, but this goes beyond Sodoma and Gomorrah. The Lord is closer than you thought. God have mercy!

  • B22

    Well, if Joan Rivers said it, it has to be true…/sarcasm/

    • DaveM

      And your point is….?

      • chingchew

        DAVEM…………… sounds like a fat, old, bald head ,flat as, pervert.just

  • DaveM

    Doubt it….check out….

  • ECwashr

    Joan better look out, here come the IRS and the NSA Obama Brown Shirts. I thought Moooochelle was part Sasquatch?

    • chingchew

      you don’t want to know what I think about

      • TiredVET1

        Get over it real trolls are in Harry Potter shows not on conservative blogs.

  • TalofofoTom1

    she’s sais a mouthful

  • Anna

    Barak Obama is most definitely a down low homosexual. But those who believe that Michele Obama is anything more or less than a beard selected by the down low church of Chicago, Rev, Wright’s United Trinity Church defeat the credibility of those who know and accept that Obama is a homosexual. Michele Obama has a history, and a family that we can trace, but more importantly she has an agenda, which is to become as powerful as possible not unlike Oprah Winfrey who like Obama is down low and has a boy beard who bears a striking resemblance to A.G. Eric Holder. The United Trinity Church of , (I cannot associate HIS name with this church,) was a place where down low homosexual African Americans could find a opposite gender partner to help them hide their secret from an unaccepting public.
    Joan Rivers knows Obama is homosexual and proclaimed it but then threw in the added tongue in check statement about Michele as cover so she could later claim that she was just joking about the entire statement.

    • chingchew

      anna… many PIES have you click starting at the age 8 all white woman are (GAY)YOU START VERY,VERY EARLY

  • 32eagle

    Oh My !!! Front Page News Worldwide !!! how fitting for this to be revealed- this is nothing like TopSecret information being given to our enemy because we are KenyaChicken’s enemy and he is our enemy-but this is our country-kenya is his

  • lee payne

    You ”go girl”…excellent observation…BRAVO….

  • chingchew

    I’m declaring war on John Rivers face.dam he’s UGLOOOOOGY.that thing is not real.paper bag on that face

  • cae973

    we do all know obama is gay and michele is his down under wife but truthfully I m not sure about her. She does have a mans shoulders, an adams apple and in general is totally unfemine

  • Melia Sese

    See the hillbillies eat this right on up … go girl!

  • Jamie

    Doesn’t anyone wonder why he spent millions of dollars to seal all his records before he ran for office?? Doesn’t anyone wonder what was he covering up? Doesn’t anyone care about the two young men that attended church with him was gunned down within a month of each other?

  • wizard

    Don’t actually know but would not be surprised.


    I don’t know! The video segment that followed the original story about “Michael” is pretty convincing! The hands, the shoulders, the feet (Looks like men’s size 11 or 12 to me) and then there were a few “Trouser Trout” shots!!! This gives WOW (Whip it out Wednesday) a whole new meaning!

  • Joan

    Ah! Joan Rivers you are priceless! keep going we love ya!!!!

  • Rham

    Hum..if true, I wonder how they ended up with two nice kids? Magic? Chemistry? Obama will again be the recipient of the Nobel Prize, this time for chemistry, for he has found the formula to turn everything to $hit. Did not know he could do other tricks.

  • Billy Bob Johnson

    This article is pretty funny. Joan Rivers says something stupid about the first family and this site runs with it. That says a lot about this site!

  • pointdan

    And all Africans know they guy is a Kenyan . . .
    lot of good this info is doing us . . . .
    vote TEA Party in November to save the nation . . . cause McConnell, Rove & Boehner cannot or will not do it. Go TEA !!!

  • citruscnb

    What’s stupid about a Freudian slip? Especially when it’s so true. And as far as the kids go you should know that gays can have children by using a surrogate. What’s so complicated about that?

  • Ovomit1

    …well if the homo media can prove her wrong….have at it…or shut up

  • Stan Parrish

    Watch out for drones Joan.

  • JohnWolf

    What else do we not know about Obama?

    It appears, that we must question everything about him.

  • Lamb Chop

    This is really ground-breaking news for the ages. Joan Riviera–America`s first Holocaust humorist–just said that such and such is gay, lesbian, transgender, bi-sexual, and attracted to goats. Stop the presses. Call your neighbors. Hide the kids.

  • s1974x

    Poor Dot Matrix! It looks like Obama has scraped off all her gold!

  • ClicknConnect Clubs

    Well that explains the silencing of Joan Rivers vocal cords recently.

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