Jindal: Obama Wants People To Depend On Government

“Absolutely not,” Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) said when asked if the state of Louisiana will create health care exchanges that will assist those without coverage to find an affordable plan, a key step to implementing ObamaCare. “We declared over a year ago we were not going to do the exchanges. We said immediately after the Courts’ ruling we’re not going to be expanding our Medicaid program. I think this is a huge mistake for the country, certainly for the state of Louisiana. We need to do everything we can to repeal ObamaCare.

“Greta, let’s step back and realize what they’re doing. In the middle of the greatest recession since the Great Depression, the president has created yet another entitlement program. We can’t afford the ones we’ve got. $1.76 trillion in new spending, over $500 billion in tax increases, over $500 billion in Medicare cuts. This is simply not affordable, it’s not sustainable.”

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