Jimmy Kimmel Tries to Stump Cruz on ObamaCare. He Loses…

He doesn’t get enough credit for it, but Ted Cruz is actually VERY good when it comes to mainstream, non-political interviews. Last night it was Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he was funny and personable, while still staying zoning in on the issues when required. The Republican candidate called the Affordable Care Act a ‘disaster’ and stated US law enforcement must do all it can to protect the country from radicalization. But the ABC late-night show host was quick to make his counter opinions heard and stated he had never heard anyone refer to Obamacare as disastrous.
KIMMEL: “Is it really a disaster? Because it just doesn’t feel like it is…”
Ted Cruz went on to laser in on the cold, hard ramifications of the “Affordable Care Act.”
TED CRUZ: “Over and over again I have people coming up to me saying that ‘my premiums have gone up, they’ve doubled, they’ve tripled, I’d have to cancel my health insurance because I can’t afford it’…I have never done one of those round tables where at least half the small-business owners didn’t list Obamacare as the single biggest challenge they’re facing.”

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