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Kimmel Exposes Sequester Ignorance: ‘Only Voted for Obama Because He’s Black’

Comedian talk show host Jimmy Kimmel introduces a new segment where his crew visits the streets of LA and asks a ‘confusing question.’ In this particular video pedestrians are asked what their opinion is on ‘Obama Pardoning the Sequester, and sending it to Portugal,’ the responses are scary.

  • pikemaster1

    Bah he give me ah faree fahone !!

  • Pegs Palmer

    and there you have it = Morons voted for obamination and one major reason? He’s black

    • Joe

      Yup, idiots that are ruining our country.

      • tellitlikeitis

        alot of late night comedians do this type of questioning and no matter who’s show it is,they all clap and cheer whenever a black person says ,i don’t know ,ivoted for him cause he is black,i am talking about the audiences of these shows,why is that something to be applauded and celebrated,if i said i voted for someone cause they were white,oh my god ,they would not be clapping and cheering,they would want me arrested, what a shame,the way they have been programmed to think in this country.

        • xyaaaa

          Most of these ignorant people are hypocrites.

    • Baf

      It just proves that we have a lot of people drinking kool-aid and public education has failed. Look at the schools on NY…. 80% can’t read well enough to get into a community college. Community colleges let anyone enroll. What does this tell you?

    • albert

      at least she was honest :)

    • marylamb72

      That’s true but there were some who thought it was NOT a good idea and I have to wonder if those were the uninformed “conservatives”.

  • Wizyrd

    Congress DID reach a compromise. Obama wanted higher taxes first, and cuts later. The sequester WAS the compromise! If Obama couldn’t come up with cuts, then automatic cuts kick in. Now Obama wants to compromise on the compromise. More spending and taxing, and yeah… the cut’ll come later.

    • ginger

      no cuts involved…just no INCREASES.

      • RacerJim

        Truth be told…reductions in (cuts to) the increases.

    • Rose Kediddlehopper

      Like they did under Reagan. That was their deal then…nothing has changed other than the speed at which we are going.

    • areunuts?

      He wants higher taxes so we the people can pay for his trips to Vegas and whatever Michelle wants. Don’t you love what America has become, Let’s get the loser out of the white house.

  • Charlie

    No wonder the Obama won the election………..Freaking DOLTS !!!!

    • Ron533

      The main reason he won,was Voter Fraud

      • rosech

        True but also because of the dumber than dirt voters as well.

      • Faustino

        That’s as stupid a statement as the one’s these people made.

      • xyaaaa

        I agree. Voter fraud in the nine swing states,

  • Jeff

    And this is surprise? We deserve the goobermint we da peeples voted into office! Stupid peeples get stoopid goobermint….

    • John Brashear

      that would be true if there wasnt so much VOTE Fraud….

      • Chuck

        Lots of voter fraud, but the real culprits are the more than three million Republicans who did not vote for Romney after having voted for McCain in 2008. You got what you would not vote against, pathetic.

    • ves

      Well I don’t deserve what we have now!!!
      I actually have an IQ and have paid attention and tried to be knowledgable … even with Lying Parties and Media!

  • Grave Digger

    You really should have to pass an intelligence test to be able to vote. My 5 year old grandson knows more about the world than therse morons.

    • Carol R Hill

      For the most part a lot of the peopl who voted for him were concerned over losing their phones not what he will be doing to our Country.

    • Chuck

      How about the 3,000,000 plus Republicans who voted for McCain in 2008, but did not vote for Romney in November. They railed for 4 years about Oabama and all his socialist programs, but when it came time to vote against him, they stayed home! How dumb is that?

      • MaDdD_dOGgG

        As dumb as Romney and McCain getting the nomination in the first place.

        • boccagalupe

          You are sooo very correct, and is a good reason to replace the RNC/GOP. They need to be replaced with conservatives.

        • Jan Dinkins

          Obama winning takes the cake on dumbness!

        • tellitlikeitis


        • areunuts?

          Are you one of the rocks in the bucket

      • boccagalupe

        They will refuse to believe that not voting, was a vote for the guy from Kenya! Dumb as a bucket of rocks. Or the good religious folk who “just could never vote for a Mormon”, so instead they stayed home and voted for a MUSLIM!!!!! Dumber than a bucket of rocks!!!

      • Greg Scott

        your VOTE means NOTHING, the elerctoral college picks the president PERIOD, need to get rid of this and every body vote count

        • B Alan Eisen

          Without the Electoral college; CA, NY, and IL will over rule the rest of the country. Understand politics before forming an opinion. That is like wanting the Minimum Wage raised so people will be able to raise families on it.

      • WATCHMAN

        Many did not like it because Romney is Mormon, to me I believe he cares about America oblamo does not! But the ones who did not vote would rather have a marxist in the white house!

    • rosech

      Having been an election officers for some years, I agree with you completely. Non-English-speaking and people who never read the information sent to them gave us this president and this economy and no future.

    • marylamb72

      Sounds good on paper but what do you think the so called “intelligence” test would be like under the Obama administration? Think ANY Christian conservative would pass?

  • AZ BOB

    And not only because his skin is black but the party line vote.

  • Carol R Hill

    I this is flat out scarey and NOT funny at all not in the least.
    I knew that he got in just because he was black nothing more nothing less until everyone wakes up and really starts smelling the roses and by that time they will be all dead.

    • Cliffystones

      While i agree completely, I also believed that “W” was nominated simply because he was the son of “HW”. He then got elected due to the “Goracle” being such a dolt.

    • areunuts?

      He should not be running the country, he should be running from the mess he has made, his lies, his birth certificate and all the pain he has caused just by occupying the White house?, and his majestey should jump from that plane without a parachute so he could land in
      Egypt with Morsi and all our planes and 250 million dollars wind up like our people in Bengazi, it was only a small video..

  • ves

    This would be really funny if it wasn’t so sad and truly scary!!
    Thank the US Education System and Media and HipHop/Rapper Followers!

    • Chuck

      Don’t forget the Tea Party, they encouraged the taxpayers not to vote for Romney, now they won’t take responsibilty for their own actions. They also worked hard to elect a Candian-American as a Texas Senator. Rafael Edward Cruz, born in Calagary, Alberta, Canada on the 20th of December, 1970. He went on to attend Harvard Law School and worked for the Peoples Republic of China in DC, though he has tried to deny that many times. His signature on court documents prove otherwise. All of these are things the Tea Party professes to oppopse.

      • ChucksAlibPedo

        You may be the biggest idiot ever…

      • rosech

        Sorry, I am a Tea Party member and we did vote for Romney as a man of values, but since values are no longer important and cheating and lying is the in thing, we got Obama. You need to get better informed!

      • WATCHMAN

        Wrong, you do not know anything about the Teaparty they do not support any individual for office they only give information and work together against bills, agenda 21, they have both sides speak at meetings. So you do not know jack! Chuck!

  • SallyE

    Wow! It’s worse than I thought. And just to think, their votes counted the same as yours.

    • dandeman

      What’s sad is the fact that Jimmy will not go much further than hollyweird to get the video clips and then assume this is the average American mentality. Get real, these folks they interview are a small minority of idiots that’s being protrayed as average people. How about going to someplace other than hollywood. Oh — yeah — then it’s not funny anymore when people answer the questions with soliid answers… All hype, no reality.

      • rosech

        Actually, these people are everywhere and not just in Hollywood. Start talking to people on your block, at the stores, etc. and you will amazed at the brain dead out there.

      • Toni

        Actually dandeman is that THIS VIDEO IS REALITY or we would NOT have an obama in the oval office!!!!

      • areunuts?

        He belongs in Hollyweird as do all the actors and actressess who are living in a bubble and know nothing about real life or the truth, just money drugs, sex and violence. Why do you think they live in California, life is a play and a violent movie, doing a good job to destroy what Obummer doesn’t

  • jb80538

    How stupid an uninformed are our citizens? Thesse folks sre STUPID!

  • texan texan

    Well geeee. I voted for Obama because he had a better vision for America than Romney. I mean, my taxes might have been cut if Mitt had been victorious but I care about other people who would have been screwed by a Republican victory. Sure many people voted against Obama because he is black. Regardless, Obama won by a wide margin. No one, not even rep governors, have proved any voter fraud. But that’s a good excuse for you guys. If it is true then that means Dems will win in 2016.. An old white lady.

    • ginger

      Atlas not only shrugged..he fell down. And you certainly are not a old white lady.

    • Ca_Cappy

      I can assure you that more people voted for Obama because he is black than voted against him. As for voter fraud, it has been proven many times over (open your eyes and pull your head out of MSNBC), it just the criminal co-conspirator Eric Holder refuses to prosecute any of the cases put before him. He even dropped the New Black Panther voter intimidation case..because they are “his people”. You voted for Obama because you bough his crap about hope and change with no real plan, even after 4 years of his lies and empty promises you still couldn’t see the truth. And as for winning by “a wide margin”, you clearly are not a math genius either. He won with less than a 2% margin of the “People’s vote”. When you have 115% voter turnout, voting 100% in his favor (Statistically impossible) in key electorate states, of course he won. Pleae stay home next time because it’s people like you ruining our country.

    • Jan Dinkins

      No he did not win by a large margin….49%to 51% is NOT a wide margin. In fact, he did not legally win. The 49% pay most of his salary.

    • luci

      obama did not win by a large margin… and what about the woman in ohio that admitted on t.v. she voted serveral times for obama. you dont think that is voter fraud???? and it was idiots that voted for this phony jerk.

    • RacerJim

      Obama’s vision for America has always been to fundamentally transform it from a Capitalist Christian Republic into a Marxist Muslim Dictatorship. That you voted for that relegates you to an America hater just like Barack and Michelle. Voter fraud in several States has been proven by documentation and video recording, including video recordings of an Democratic election official admitting she not only voted more than once but also voted for a couple members of her family and a Democratic candiate for the House of Representatives admitting she voted in two States the last three presidential elections. You’re a typical Democrat — when you can’t refute the truth you attack the charactor of the messenger(s) of truth. So, you’re an old white lady? Well then, according to your Messiah, you are “a typical white person” (a racist).

  • John

    That’s still way better than voting for Romney because you HATE blacks.

    • Jim Angielczyk

      You’re going to have one hell of a headache when that koolaid wears off.

    • Jan Dinkins

      How about voting for Romney because he’s not learning disabled.


    Isnt it shameful. We have turned into a nation of idiots to be exploited by BO and exploit he will…

  • Gary

    Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant. A final comment as we plunge into the abyss of failed civilizations. The barbarians overwhelmed us and in trying to use the dole to control them, we met our demise.



    • areunuts?

      He isn”t Black he is bi-racial, and trying to tear the country apart because he is.

      • rosech

        Actually, he is tri-racial: Majority white, a large part Arab, and miniscule part black. So they really vote for a white man. Imagine that! Dumber than dirt voting for color. Let’s have candidates paint themselves purple and see what happens.

    • Ron533

      I agree with you 100% but I have posted this link at 4 places, and emailed to all I know.
      And it only has just a little over 45 thousand that have signed, and its the only way I know to get him Impeached. If we don’t get him out of there soon, we will have that young Hitler there forever. If you really want him Impeached help me spread this around, more people need to know about it. The only thing he does well is lie, I won’t say he good at it, but sure is the Champ at doing it. Gas will soon be 10 bucks a gallon, already $4.87 here. God Bless us all.

      • Johnnygard

        Does anyone actually think that Harry Reid would allow his democrats in the Senate convict Obummer in an impeachment trial? Get real! The press would go wild with the charges of racisim and the sympathy would guarantee that the libs take back the House in the 2014 mid-term elections. Look up the results of and after the Clinton impeachment. Impeachment would be just what the libs want.

        • RacerJim


        • WATCHMAN

          If the people of Nevada and those who would like to call his office and pressure their senators he will have to buckel!


      oblamo is half black his mother was white commie believer just as his grandparents followed marxist beliefs!

  • George Wentzel

    The streets are full of idiots like this. Thank the Dem’s for the dumbing down of the US population. Their plan is working. I have to give it to them their plan and patience in incrementally developing a stupid and teat dependent electorate has worked.

    • TheSunDidIt

      I would bet money that you could get almost ALL of these people to jump out of a plane with a parachute packed by someone else. Except, in their cases, we’ll just pack the chute bag with dirty laundry. Ought to be quite interesting when they pull the cord and their month old dirty skivvies fly by their heads. We’ll call it “splat art” and film it from the air. Sort of a Picasso thing. You know, a picture from splashes of color.

      • George Wentzel

        F’n lemmings


      Lets thank the conservatives and Christians for remaining silent or not full-filling their duty not being aware of what demonrats have been doing incrementally!

      • George Wentzel

        Maddens my beyond description

  • TheSunDidIt

    What’s “very scary” is that these people are THAT STUPID!! I knew the left-leaning LEFT-COAST was stupid and should not be allowed outside of kindergarten but, this is just SAD. Explains some of those Marines I served with. Their brains were fried from the drugs.

    • RacerJim

      The reason these people are THAT STUPID is because far left RIGHT-COAST elitists control our education system and mainstream-media.

  • dandeman

    What? So if the white dude said, I did not vote for him because he black????? Hmmmmmmmm.. looking at the real double standard here.. Or maybe.. I did not vote for him because he’s only half white….

    So dumb… But really, I did not vote for him because of the gray matter between his ears.. Waaaay too exstream for me..

    • ginger

      Idiot…that was not the question…some folks just have a hard time sticking to the subject…they just want to spew what they think is fact or relevant.

  • fedup


  • williaml

    I expect have of the votes obama got was for that reason.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    We’re doomed. Those humans were some very dim bulbs.

    Had someone tried to interview me on the street with nonsensical questions like that, I would’ve walked away being quite disgusted.

    • ginger

      I would have called them out on it. Would have asked them to give me Their definition of what they were asking….good grief!!!!

  • areunuts?

    Not only did some vote only because of his color they voted more than once, Most of his followers are young and should I say uninformed about everything but Pot, gay marriage, and partying with the Pres. What has happend to the love of our country and the love our fellow man. I do not understand how a color can be a reason to protect our country and our citizens. How many of us bi-racial citizens that are white, black, yellow, red, brown, gray or whatever color. Our land is great for that very reason. We should love and respect our fellow Americans, our Warriors, who have fought and died for us. Pull out your history books, read the constitution, the bill of rights and most of all the Bible and remember the sacrafices that were made to mke this country a place to live, grow and prosper. Let us respect those rights, work for what we get, help our fellow man, and love our neighbors and get on your knees and thank God that you are here rather than over there…. GOD BLESS AMERICA, THE CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS….

    • 1_Eddie_1

      Yes, and one documented case of a woman voting 5 times, however, she may have voted 8 times. How many more people like that are out there voting multiple times? Multiply that by thousands, and you just can steal an election.
      I concur with you that education is the key. Our youth are grossly uneducated about America and our history. They are taught a skewed version of history that was written by leftist’s. What made our nation great is that we were founded under God. Without morals and God, our Constitution would not work. We are self governing, or at least we are supposed to be. The government keeps taking our right to self govern away by writing more and more laws. You can’t govern morality, you must possess it. God bless the Republic!

  • Chuck Fowler

    Some people should obviously have to take a civics and current events test before being allowed to vote.

  • ginger

    Kimmel has no idea of what the actual “sequester” is about himself. It is not cuts…it is about not using the EXTRA they would have spent…no cuts involved…just another obama lie.

  • itsfun

    How can anyone live in this country and have no idea what the hel_ is going on. Do these people ever read a newspaper, watch the news, or just talk with someone with a smidgeon of common sense? How can these people walk and talk at the same time?

    • clayusmcret

      The folks shown are the product of Main…..Stream…..News. Tell them nothing – teach them nothing – they’ll know nothing.

  • inky

    Call me after the coming civil has been fought.

  • Frank Marks

    voter fraud

  • Old Smokey

    I guess that’s easier than saying, “I just voted for Obama because he is half Irish, one-fourth Arab, and one-fourth Kenyan.” If you are going to vote for somebody based upon nothing more than his race, you are an idiot anyhow!

  • don

    The Total Ignorance of the Liberals and the Black people and they prove more daily that the only reason they voted for Obama was because he is Black. The Problem is he is half white the same color that so many Black people hate but each and every day they show there total ignorance and it is becoming overwhelming the number of Idiots we have hear in the United States. Most Black people should be offended by the remarks that these Black people come up with and that they are mostly cartoon watchers that voted for Obama and they make even the smart Black people look stupid.

  • rmwayne

    I live in Louisiana….a state with a lot of blacks and nearly all of them voted for Obama because he’s black. When are whites gonna start realizing that until we stick together the way blacks do, they’re going to keep winning the race war by getting communist scum like Obama elected to office. Whites are making the same mistake the Indians made when the Europeans started coming to the New World. The Indian tribes were so busy fighting each other that they were unable to defeat the Europeans who were slowly taking over. Now the same thing is going on with the blacks. They stick together and vote in a bloc while way too many whites have become turncoat traitors to both their race and their country.

  • sunnyblues

    Oh my! Our country is in worse shape than I thought. That was not even funny. Tragic. But not funny.

  • Allen

    We need to go back to the old voting rules. You have to be a land owner to be able to vote. At least you will have a vested interest in your vote. How soon will California fall into the sea? Soon I hope.

  • warrenpeace

    My God- That’s scary- these people are so uninformed about what’s going on in this country. Like I have been saying- all you need to do is have a short quiz prior to voting at a poll and you can weed these people out based on stupidity and ignorance. No pass- no vote. That also takes care of the need for photo id’s at the poll. If you can’t get a photo id needed for almost everything except voting- you would also be too stupid to cast a ballot. Obama please resign in shame and leave us alone.

    • luci

      i agree there should be a shortt quiz before you can vote… i sit in wonder at how stupid these people are, and they dont even seem to know they are stupid. how can one exist from day to day being that dense?????

  • govtrumbul

    This just proves that you don’t have to be of any one race to be ignorant, all one has to do is simply not pay attention to what is happening inside this Administration and in Congress. The politicians; especially liberals and progressives; can do whatever they want and the larger percentage of voters have no idea what is happening to our nation. If you asked them about Hugo Chavez dying and their feelings about Obama losing his Vice-President to cancer, you would most likely get a similar response to the question. It is annoying that people like these have a vote that is equal to those who are informed about the issues.

  • CheeseNrice

    Kimmel is a comerian? I have never seen him, much less care who he is. Voters need to be qualified prior to voting, like they need to prove they are above animal level.

  • davienne

    OH GOOD GRIEF… LORD HELP US… and our future is in the hands of these idiots…

  • Southern & Proud

    At least one of them was honest

  • jollygreen

    It is amazing what people comment yet we have a person who does not care about the country, just his image and these idiots are there to bow at his decisions. My student know more than these with and ID 10T

  • Starry-Eyed Surprise

    God, people are hella dumb…you can’t send a sequester anywhere! Just ask them this question…why’d you vote for him?

  • budman

    Well, this was in a Liberal State so what could we have expected? If this question was asked in any Liberal State, the answers would likely have been the same because economics is not their interest, just do good, feel good issues and to hell with what it costs. I will not call them ignorant, just uninformed.

    What do you think would happen in this country if there were only two representatives from each State in the House and Senate? I think that would easy to answer since the majority of states are conservative and the largest states Liberal. Congress would be a lot better off if this were the case and we might get around to actually passing a budget and establish a little common sense in government.

  • Whisper Atnight

    This is the result of generations of DUMBING DOWN in our schools. The Public Education Administration ought to be dismantled for doing such a POOR JOB. And, the next time teachers and administrators ask for a RAISE we ought to give them a PAY CUT ACROSS THE BOARD. After seeing this video ( which I heard folks LAUGHING AT) Why would anyone continue to send their children to public school?

  • Wolf-Talker1

    We the People so well informed, bless their little hearts!

  • vinagaroon

    Stupid muthrfkrs that think they’re smart muthrfkrs. In other words, liberals.

  • rosech

    It is plainly obvious now that we have a truly dumbed down and uneducated populace in America. Good grief, get off your cell phones, stop watching stupid TV, and get informed because, if not, you will soon be slaves to that “black” who is not really a black prez’s taking us into communism. Stupid is s stupid does and thinks. Why couldn’t they at least look up the word “sequester” to have some understanding of what is happening to them and their country. I am so afraid and Singapore is looking better and better!

  • CalifTaxPayer

    This is the reason there should be an IQ test for someone to vote. To many brainless fools have gotten us where we are now………With another Brainless Fool-America Hater in the White House

    • Jake

      I think they should have to show a birth certificate and a form showing they payed taxes and are not on government assistance. I know people with a low IQ that can still tell right from wrong and plenty of high IQ people who can’t. The problem is giving the government the ability to bribe us with our own money.

  • Kelly Kafir

    first of all – it is only 44 billion. This is Obutthole’s mess!

    • RacerJim

      It is indeed Obutthole’s mess but according to most major polls more people are blaming Congressional Republicans rather than Obutthole. That, even though Obutthole and Congressional Democrats control 2/3rds of the process which gave us this mess.

  • Kelly Kafir

    I wonder if she would vote for a piece of licorice because it’s black. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason we are in the mess we are in. LOW/NO information electorate!!! ” I don’t care about all that, I just voted for him cuz he black… now, where my EBT card?”

  • Toni

    VERY VERY VERY SAD! Low Information Voters = MORONS. This is NOT funny at all. Proves that we as a nation are in very SERIOUS TROUBLE.

  • joepotato

    You should never ever argue with people at this intelligence level. In other words, never try to match wits with the “village idiot.” I think we have more “village idiots” than we have villages.

  • luci

    oh my, dense, dense, and these people vote. this country is in bad shape. but i ask, how can they be so stupid.

  • Jill

    I wonder how obummer’s huge ego feels when he sees the brainlessness of the people who voted for him? I know he counts on stupidity but it has to be embarassing too. I think this is the end times.

  • brabbie2002

    And all these idiots not only vote, but breed as well…Now THAT is scary!!!

  • Wilber

    Yep, LA is filled with ignorant, low information people who are only interested in their own little world. What shoes to buy, what party cruise to go on, what actress wore the dress best, what the latest style is etc. But in their defense, they are just like the rest of the country, ignorant to reality!

    • drattastic

      I’m afraid these mouth breathers are everywhere just different shallow priorities.

  • Art Taft

    I wish Jimmy had defined the Sequestor better in his intro .. it was the negotiated agreement with Congress several years ago as part of the compromise to raise the debt ceiling. It is a good example of the legal system continuing to kick the spending problem down the road. Rather than make cuts then, the scheduled cuts in the future … this idea that Obama introduced it as a way to make “Copngress” work together overlooks that fact the the Chief Executive is clearly a big part of overall process

  • Frank629


  • Abu Al Salam

    This is a perfect example of low information voters totally clueless about important issues that affect us all. Hopefully the will get a clue, and be better informed to help America return to greatness.

    • drattastic

      It’ll never happen we as a whole are getting dumber . You ever see a movie called ”

      Idiocracy” that’s us if we make it that far.

  • Archie Bunker

    This guy hits home

  • drattastic

    Maybe we deserve the dustbin of history. Ponderously stupid people ,this is what happens when natural selection was defeated by modern civilization . I mean these were the strong swimmers in some males sack.

  • Helen Tritt

    These liberal democrats have to be the Stupidest People on the Planet!


    This is a direct reflection of the incompetence, and the waste of money our educational system is in America. Our children reach adulthood, and VOTE, based purely on the color of peoples’ skin, NOT on the content of their character. None of these children know that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was a REPUBLICAN! God forgive this RACIST country!

  • Talking Magpie

    The last woman was the best because she was at least honest!

  • Mike11C

    My GOD, people are stupid!

  • TUTU

    Very sad. That is how he got elected in the first place and again a second time. Is it any wonder that our country is in such bad shape? It will be a long time before we recover, if ever.

  • alexandron

    The liberals have succeeded in giving the masses “educational lobotomies” through government schooling.

  • CaptTurbo

    Stupid is as stupid does and “stupid” infests our White House.

  • Guest

    The other day a Li’l-Chrysteun chided me for quoting the Old Testament—
    Isaiah 3;
    And I will give children to be their princes, and the effeminate shall rule over them.
    And the people shall rush one upon another, and every man against his neighbour: the child shall make it tumult against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.
    And instead of a sweet smell there shall be stench, and instead of a girdle, a cord, and instead of curled hair, baldness, and instead of a stomacher, haircloth.
    Thy fairest men also shall fall by the sword, and thy valiant ones in battle.
    And her gates shall lament and mourn, and she shall sit desolate on the ground.


  • Marcus Antonius

    The tragedy is: That Obama is not black. That is a Genetic Impossibility.

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Finally…Black Racist Honesty. “I just voted for him because he is Black”. Note…nothing is said about Obama’s qualifications or ability…voted for him only because he is Black. People voted for and support Obama for 5 reasons: White Guilt, Black Racism, Doper, Libtard Moron and Marxist Enemy of America (think America Hater). Glad Jimmy Kimmel called this out. Go Kimmel. 😀

  • keepersleeper

    I hope the country continues to suffer under Obama’s policies…maybe eventually there will be an awakening to the reality of MISERY he’s perpetrated on us all!

  • Wanna know

    How many voters like Melowese Richardson cast multiple votes?


    Are oblamo voters that stupid?

  • Sue

    These idiots are out there and they reproduce. They vote. They are scarey.

  • captainohwow

    Lemmings…they are all lemmings!

  • Lance Speroni

    Kimmel doen’t even understand the Sequester.

  • Michael Bender

    Those people saw the camera behind the lady with the microphone, at
    least you would think so, so they should have known they were being
    video recorded. Man, I bet they will be PO’d when people start razzing

    I have seen this before, guys I knew would bring up some horse hockey nonsense and ask people about it. The other people would talk as if they knew what it was so as not to seem uninformed.

    prefer to adhere to the old saying, “It is better to remain silent and appear foolish then to open mouth and remove all doubt.”

    The lady who said, “I voted for him because he’s black”, was at least honest. I can understand that mentality. If I was black, I would have voted for him just because it would feel soooo good to think that
    someone of my race that had been downtrodden for several hundred years could rise to the honorable position of US president. It would be a sort of vindication.

  • Gene Leone

    I’m glad he and his audience can laugh at this. Personally I find it frightening and telling. And what it tells me is the Republic is indeed doomed.

  • Allison Larson

    I understand the message they’re trying to send about ignorant people and voting, but so many people in these comments are so quick to call all black people names because ONE woman in this particular segment said “I voted for him because he’s black”. The “posting policy” is up, but not being enforced. I guess it’s safe to say this website has an agenda. Sad.

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