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Jesse Jackson Cornered by Angry Ferguson Protesters: ‘When You Going to Stop Selling Us Out?’

As he attempts to leave a fast food restaurant near the scene of a Ferguson, Mo. police shooting that sparked riots and looting across the St. Louis area, Jesse Jackson was stopped by at least two protesters criticizing his ostensible leadership within the black community.

via WesternJournalism

  • Meathead

    They should have pulled his sorry butt out and lynched him for what he has done to the Black community in America. Absolutely no loss to society if they had!

    • Bob

      Take Sharpton as well. They like others are quick to judge first before getting any facts.

      • brucethompson22

        It’s Al Sharpton when dose he need facts. Even if and when he has them, if they don;t go with what he’s saying, he’s like a good director, he goes to his re wright man to get HIS take on the story.

        • PhylBoyse

          the creep’s name is “Al No-Sharpie and he is totally NOT sharp.

      • Henry L

        Don’t forget B O and E H.

        • KJ

          They’re “officially sanctioned” racists by the authority that they have vested in themselves.

          For anyone with an open mind and open eyes, as complete an examination of the ACTIONS (and not words) of Obama and Holder as possible reveals very ugly truths.

          But, on a cheerful note: we’re only stuck with them for two more years.

          • Patriot1

            Obama and Holder can completely destroy the U.S. in the remaining 2 years.

          • boone1

            Well it’s time we body bag both.

          • boone1

            That’s the problem lots of blacks don’t have open minds if they did they wouldn’t be voting democratic in the first place and they wouldn’t care about free stuff.

          • Henry L

            I am not so sure about that; don’t forget he has a phone and a pen. The Constitution does not seem to be valid any longer.

      • msmotown

        Yeah! Old Bobble Head seems to pop up every time there is a white on black violence. I understand that he has a social network that constantly scan the country for such events, and he and his cohorts are right on it.

      • Rick

        Hang em both with the same rope.

        • daves

          You people are ill.

    • boone1

      No they should have pull his black ASS out of the Van and put a bad ass kicken on old Jesse Jackson.

    • Bo_Kassa

      It’s about time that the press realize that they are the only folks in the USA who consider the “Rev” without a church as the spokes person and leader of the black community in America. JJ, the thief and immoral person he is has stole from not only the US citizens but totally from the entire black community for decades. JJ and Al are both do nothing, big time racist who have continually stiffled the blacks in assimulatng into the American dream.

  • fobama

    you dumb ass negroes put him where he is,,maybe know you know you’ve been dad,,,they should arrest Jackson for nor wearing a seat belt….PIG

    • derAlleswisser

      No, White Liberals did. Blacks are all Obama Voters, but they are but 13% of the population. Blame American Jews, blame women, especially single ones for Free Birth Control, blame Gays, and yes, blame blacks. But most of all White Liberals are the blame, those eunuch like guys of a leftist persuasion, and especially women, who like people to buy them things and are so easily swayed by pretty lies to make them feel good as they are just not into the truth. Women think emotionally rather than rationally at least on balance, and that makes them an easy mark for Democrat demagogues. 56% of women are Obama Voters and since women are about 50% of the population, that was fatal. Throw in the Indoctrinated Young and the others mentioned above, and this is one sorry useless declining American People.

      • Tony

        So true! Well-stated.

        • Steven Hills

          You’ve just replied to your own post lol. What the?

      • oldsalt

        Ouch, O’m not usually one to say the TRUTH HURTS. But, . . .ouch !

      • Amy S.

        He replied to himself in the third person.

  • Doc

    Could blacks possibly be waking up to the fact that they are being used to further the socialistic agenda of these marxist racist so called “community leaders”? We can only hope.

    • derAlleswisser


    • Tony

      Hell no. That means they would actually have to do critical thinking and use logic. Not in their genes or culture. Inner city blacks are the biggest fools in our society and are the most easily manipulated.

      • 1catfish

        That is why the muslims infiltrated their race.They considered the intelectually deficient.

    • Rick

      If they are Doc, it’s sure been a long sleep.

  • teedoffatobama

    it’s people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton that do far more harm to the blacks than good! Instigating trouble and creating friction between the races is what they feed on , not solving problems like why do most black men cheat on their spouses or girlfriends and why do most black men think that having a blonde white woman as your shackee is a trophy?? Why do most black men shirk their responsibility as being a father instead of doing like a breeding rabbit and having several females pregnant at the same time


      You forgot the son of Jesse Jackson the former Congressman who is now in Prison.

      • teedoffatobama

        UNDESIRABLES are easy to forget once you replace them with desirables that account for goodness!

    • bonniewheeler

      If Blackss were to stop hating Whites, Sharpton, Jackson would lose money – they ain’t gonna let that happen and some Blacks are just stupid enough to keep lining the pockets of these two

  • Kini

    To quote Khan Noonien Singh, “vengeance is a dish best served cold”, it is very cold in your heart Jackson.

  • Gidge713

    The Black Communities would be much better off without the likes of Jacksons, Sr.and Jr., Sharpton, Emanuel, Obama, Holder and many more to numerous to mention.

    • Rosech Levy

      The least we can say is that like to be used and abused by these black men who made themselves rich by doing nothing but talking for the blacks. Wake up, blacks, and to Allen West, Ben Carson and others that really do have your lives and futures in mind. Don’t call them Uncle Toms for wanting to get out of the ghettos and into a worthwhile life and lifestyle. Jealousy ain’t gonna cut it. Get it together, get educated, and move out the black neighborhood into a diverse neighborhood and learn to be a real and responsible American on your own and not on the dole. My family did it and so can you and yours if you really want to!

    • MichaelZZ




      Senator Obama, when he was running to represent the Democratic Party in its quest to win the 2008 Presidency, was very aggressive in his call for the elimination of the “so-called” Bush tax cuts for those with taxable incomes (T.I.’s) in excess of $250,000.

      Subsequent to becoming President, Mr. Obama said that he would let the “so-called” Bush tax cuts for those with T.I.’s in excess of $250,000 expire at the end of 2010, according to the “sunset” provisions. The “popular” rationale was that it might damage the fragile economy if that portion of the Bush tax cuts were eliminated.

      Prior to the 2010 national elections, Congress did not address the continuation of the “so-called” Bush tax cuts. It seems to me that it would have been great politics for the Democrats to pass an extension of the so-called Bush tax cuts for those with T.I.’s under $250,000 prior to the 2010 elections. That was not done. Why?

      What was the reason that this was not done, given that this was the stated desire of the Democrats and President Obama? It would have been the correct action to take and great politics preceding the 2010 elections.

      The most rational and logical answer is that there never was any intention to allow those “tax errors” to expire.

      Please note that I have re-characterized “so-called Bush tax cuts” as “tax errors”.

      Alan Greenspan, on January 25, 2001, testified before the Committee on the Budget, U.S. Senate, regarding the “outlook for the federal budget and implications for fiscal policy”.

      His testimony reflected that his biggest concern was the disposition of federal receipts once the national debt was paid off due to the “burgeoning federal surpluses”, which had been projected. His full testimony can be read @

      Thus, it appears that Mr. Greenspan lobbed a softball to Mr. Bush for the major tax “cut” of 2001. It was passed in an effort to mitigate the potential damages, as outlined by Mr. Greenspan, due to the projected “burgeoning federal surpluses”.

      How many of our Senators and Representatives suggested that much, if not most, of these “projected” excess collections could be used to fill the shortfalls in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid?

      Further, with some of those funds, we might have thought about repairing our bridges and roads, rather than to include such expenditures in a “stimulus” program.

      The Fourth Estate should be posing the question to all who voted for this legislation: “Had you known then what you know, now, would you have voted in favor of that legislation?”

      Thus, my conclusion that “tax cuts” be re-characterized as “tax errors”.


      Our Senators and Representatives have “constituents” and “clients”.

      Could it be that President Obama is a pawn?

      Could President Obama be an example of the Peter Principle?

      Is Nancy Pelosi’s protesting of the extension of the Bush tax “errors” a façade, since she did not bring this up for a vote, prior to the 2010 elections?

      There is, absolutely, no rationale for the Democrats not to take the appropriate action without any Republican votes.

      6. Errors, problems, pain, etc., are facts of life, but once these are recognized, efforts

      should be put forth to eliminate or mitigate.

      CONCLUSION: Anyone who votes to extend the Bush tax errors regarding T.I.’s in excess of $250,000, whether temporarily or permanently, should be Impeached and ousted.

      As always, comments will be appreciated.


      November 12, 2010

  • Donald York

    Well well well, they’re finally getting it.

    • Veteran1

      Two out of milions-I think not!

      • Donald York

        Yeah, most are catching on about the race baiters Jackson and Sharpton. Sharpton is a foot soldier to Obama and his regime. Jackson is just a shake down artist.

    • Anton B

      Most don’t have the intelligence to “get it”, Donald.
      A few – yes, but not most.

      • Donald York

        We disagree, let’s be friends and leave it at that?

  • tins6

    Jesse and Al need to be tarred and feathered and run out of town!

    • John OMalia

      If Al flapped his arms he’s skinny enough to fly with just a few feathers.

  • Bill Senior

    Jackson and Sharpton are the two BIGGEST” Racist in the World, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PIgs … sucking off the Dumb ‘N’s” money and whoever else they can Con!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • derAlleswisser

      The biggest racists in the world are actually White Liberals who just love all the phony Duke Lacrosse stories, the Trayvon Martin FairyTale, and most recently the Ferguson Fairy Tale. These Liberals just love to scream RACISM just for their Pious Preening, and give not a hoot that the supposed racism was just all made up, as it just about always is. You will see the Democrat Media Complex shout RACISM over and over for the consumption of these White Liberals along with stirring up blacks to do all the rioting and looting and murdering over nothing, and when it once again comes out that the supposed racism and injustice was just made up by the Liberals at CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN,… they simply drop the story and no one notices. They just wait to do the same thing the next time something happens between a black and a white, and it has worked wonders for them for decades. Read Ann Coulter’s book “Mugged” and she will walk you through all the Duke Lacrosses the Democrats have been doing for decades.

      • veretran1

        Liberalism is a mental disorder in which a person (liberal) either does not have the mental capacity or either refuses to recognize reality. Check them out and see if this isn’t true. They are hung up on intent vs results. Touchy, feely sort of mentality. I feel your pain, etc.

    • obozohater

      You forgot ovomit. He is indeed one of the filthiest muslim communists to ever be a racist pig. We need three trees for the likes of them.

    • squeak

      Haven’t you notice when a tragedy like this happens, out come Sharpton, Jackson…. could it be the family will get millions with law suits, they did the same thing with Trayvon, that is one of the reasons they are Johnie on the spot !

      • Mac Boy

        and i always thought the ACLU were the Ambulance chasers !!!


    Do I see a glimmer of light? The old saying that you cant fool all the people all of the time is coming true. Even the most dim of mind will see when they are being used. They see this man fly in for a media sound bite and fly out to a fundraiser. The fog of government dependency is starting to lift.

  • Mr Charlie Chan

    Jessie Brotha Jackazzson should keep his blacazz in Chicago whur hef blongs.

  • Max

    Jackson and Sharpon dont care about the blacks all they care about is Money and lime lite they love to see there selfs on tv and the big money they get from the poor blacks are the sickest thing they can do they both need to be run out of this country or hung the black people need to wake up and see what they are really about It is not to help you it is for them money and power they fit in good with Ovmit and Holder they love to see the blacks get killed and then try to say they are all for them .They make me sick

  • terrythecork

    He’ll stop when the Government and the Corporate Cowards stop paying him under the Table…

  • johnpd

    Jesse Jackson is no different than the looters. Neither care one bit about Brown. Both are ONLY concerned with how many freebies they can get.

  • John OMalia

    They couldn’t have been too angry, Jackson is still alive.

  • scott

    biggest race baiter and white hater going.along with oscumma,yackson and opa

  • scott

    how could i forget sharpon sorry

  • Don Sr.

    The old saying, One bad apple causes the entire bunch to rot is true. I know lots of good and honest black people who look to heaven for their help in life. They are not all bad. Then again I know lots of white people who are good folks also. But then you have the likes of michael moore [film maker] who needs to be sedated so as to shut his filthy mouth, and he is white. So jesse jackson, al sharpton, michael moore and all of their like minded people should be done just have been done to people in the past….shun them, don’t have conversations with their kind, don’t consider them at all and maybe out of feeling alone they’ll come around to the correct thinking. These people get wayyyy to much attention.

  • Sensible Dude

    Looks like ol’ Jesse might soon be needing some help from the local police down there. Now what is all this talk I hear bashing law enforcement lately?

  • Helen

    Good for them!!! He, Sharpton, Obama and Holder have been the most evil enemies of the Black people in all of the History of this Country. Continue to let them know they are not wanted or needed

  • David

    About time some blacks have smartened up and have started to question exactly whar Jackson is all about. he is a user,, and has used blacks to make himself into a millionaire. .Ranting about this and that, meanwhile living off the so called plight of the blacks. Jackson is a phony!

    • 1American1st

      A PHONY living the life of luxury, courtesy of poor, poor blacks.
      Rile em up & rake it in….

  • TAM44

    The only thing jessie Jackson wants form you blacks is your money to support his life lavish life style and pay support for his love children. Sad thing is you will still give to him and al Sharpton as they go off into the sunset with your cash.

  • donl

    Everyone is talking about Sharpless, Jackson, and the black panthers, but not a word about Van Jones. He was probably lurking in the shadows. He was more than likely the one who bought the outsiders in to town.

    • 1American1st

      You mean “Greeny Jones”? He’s gone all “Green”, dontcha know? Probably planning to cash in on the Dems’ “Green, Green Money Machine” since Obammy is planning to flush $Billions down the toilet again.

  • David Stovall

    Did you ever smell a vulture?

    • 1American1st

      I don’t want to get that close to Jesse.

  • whoisshe?

    Why don’t they get a hold of Sharpton, he is really dangerous.

  • Razstetter

    Reverand Jesse Jackson ! What a joke one of Satan’s right hand men and instagators along with Sharpton ! …..leading all of their followers down the highway to hell !

  • Whatzrname

    The media needs to quit giving attention to jackson and sharpton, world’s biggest race baiters.

  • 1American1st

    “at least two protesters criticizing his ostensible leadership within the black community”When was Jesse ever considered a leader by anyone except himself?
    Wonder which 5 Star hotel he’s staying at in St Louis?

  • laxmom1

    Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and their ilk make a living on keeping blacks down. They don’t want blacks to succeed otherwise they’d be out of a job.

  • Randolph Rivers

    Well it’s about time! However, don’t forget obama has sold everyone out. obama has done more damage to the middle class than any president in history. We real Americans need to stand up to the obamas and jesse jackson’s of the world.

  • holland180

    You cannot keep them happy. They get a feeble thought in their head and nothing short of complete agreement with their feeble thinking will satisfy them!. Not sticking up for Jackson just saying that they are never happy unless they are sitting on top of the mountain, nothing short of that will satisfy then!

  • Zavier Cugat

    It is about time. Good old Jesse was an FBI snitch, former mob collector, secret society thug and was the guy who betrayed MLK when he was murdered. Then the globalists sent him out there to be the next MLK, to lead the black community right into destruction, to do what these elitist creeps do best – profit from chaos Jesse helped to cause.

    • SickofPoliticks

      That’s Jesse Jr. that was an FBI snitch, along with Al Sharpton. Jesse Sr. justs support his love child via his Rainbow Coalition.

  • squeak

    Sharpton, Holder & Obama should be added to that list… they have Divided this Country, Black against White… we have a lot of mending to do AGAIN, this Administration has taken us back many years because of their racism !

  • funkeyooo

    You see that beer gut on ole Jessie? He be stuffin himself too much with the brothers $$

    • Mac Boy

      Melons & Grits …. and KFC ……. oh my!

  • SickofPoliticks

    When are they going to figure out that Sharpton isn’t any better and that Obama is much worse?

  • babsan

    Are the Black youth finally waking up to the charlatans?


    Their mistake was that they weren’t waving 100 dollar bills in front of him.

  • Val

    Jesse is a trouble maker…The Blacks better know this after ALL these years. He and Sharpton are shameful , they are there for the $$$$$$$$$$$..Wake up people.

  • Marj0120

    The worst of the worst would be a close contest between al sharpless and ole jj. Sharpless standing up and telling these folks that shop lifting is okay(?). Huh, isn’t he also a preacher in the church of “what’s happening now”? In my humble opinion his immflamatory speeches are inciting more riots than they calm. Of course riots would likely give him more “innocent” victims to preach about. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got the worthless Nobel Peace Prize. If I were a white, Asian or Hespanic peace officier in Ferguson, I’d take a leave of absence, how can you protect the people or keep the peace if you have to worry about being tried for murder if you kill a perp in self defense? The division these four, obam, holdumup, sharpless and jj the clown has set race relations back at least 60 years. Hope they are proud!

  • 1catfish

    AL and Jesse serve as bad examples and nothing else.Just look at the stupidity in the house and senate and see who voted for them.

  • mallen11

    The black community needs to know men like Al and Jessie have been their worst enemies and laughing all the way to the bank with their swindled money. The black community are the ones to teach this for it to be believed.

    • 1American1st

      The key words: “laughing all the way to the bank”

      I bet those 2 ride to 5 Star restaurants in their limos then sit around dining on lobster while laughing about how much money those “fools” give them & how those “fools” call them “Leaders”.

      Sounds like some of the “fools” aren’t being fooled anymore.

  • fbc28277

    That was funny. The look on Jesse’s face was priceless!

  • Maria castro

    It doesn’t matter, both Jackson and Sharpton will still make money from the imbeciles. They don’t understand, they don’t know any better.

  • Ovomit1

    …like the old song -“he stopped loving her today..they placed a wreath on his they’ll carry him away…he stopped loving her today- that is when the crook in a clerical collar stops selling you out..when they place a wreath on his door

  • bobbill

    Jakass Jesse & Shapton are nothing but race batters that is how they make a living .

  • KJ

    Two protesters in the black community realize that the likes of Sharpton, Farrakhan, and Jackson do nothing good for either the black community or racial harmony as a whole? Okay I guess. That’s newsworthy to the extent that it’s a start. Every addict hits rock bottom at some point and recognizes the demon within. Maybe the black community is beginning to wake up to the reality that they have been thoroughly USED by these racist hate mongers.

    The three aforementioned people are non violent black versions of KKK wizards and should be treated with disdain rather than admiration.

  • KurtofLA

    Looks like the smarter black people are seeing the light. Wonderful

  • Boiling

    Good old Jess let me have your money and shut up Jackson…

  • Chuck

    Jesse is just trying to make a buck extorting money from somebody, anybody.

  • 1American1st

    Jesse Louis Burns – aka – Jesse Jackson

    Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr. (born Jesse Louis Burns; October 8, 1941)

    Jackson was born in Greenville, South Carolina, to Helen Burns, a 16-year-old high school student, and her 33-year-old married neighbor, Noah Louis Robinson

  • toongail

    They are mad at him for not getting more blacks out of jail – I guess Obama released too many illegal Hispanic criminals instead?

  • Thomas Ross

    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are street corner hustling activists organization
    with loose lips.

  • GreatNana9MM

    Seeing Jesse Jackson in Ferguson is like watching the same re-run of Gilligan’s Island you watched when you were 10…..yawn…..and hit the off button…….He and Sharpton and all the other provocateurs need to just step back and stop stirring the pot. They do nothing to help!

  • picnicfun

    I don’t think he expected that. Not the usual fan club.

  • Combatvet52

    Jackson Sharpton and Obama are the biggest racists they want their people to be like puppets no advancement in life just let them all live on the DOLE and the 3 that i mentioned continue to get rich, this is the liberal socialist commie idiots destroying our country.

  • Brickshooter

    Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, Holder, the Black Panthers, the NAACP and the rest of them have done more in the last four years to set race relations back … Way back … Than anyone I have seen. The vast majority of is white folk could care less about a person’s skin color if they fit in with the rest of is … That is, be part of our civil society. None of us, including the honest hard working black folk have any time for gangsters, thugs, hoodies, and other parts of the useless cancer with dark skin pigmentation. Jackson is a race baiting entrepreneur that is all, he does not deserve to be called a reverend.

  • carolrhill814

    They have finally understand that these people couldn’t care less about brown people all they care about is themselves because if they cared they would go to Chicago and stop the violence.

  • Luciano Beltran

    Finally the black community sees that he is a fake. He does nothing for the black community. Absolutely nothing.

  • Lew

    JESSE JACKSON sold out to the money train in the late 70’s!
    Now he’s just a Race Baiter!

  • Rham

    Answer…never. This slob does not work, he lives off shake downs. Glad to see at least two blacks know this.

  • URKiddinMee

    The only real job the “rev’rind” ever had was as a short order cook where he bragged about the fact that he regularly spit on the hamburgers he prepared for “white folks.” That was the zenith of his “positive contributions” to society.

  • wargasm

    Good for them, it’s about time people realized Jackson and Sharpton and their ilk don’t care about the people. They are only out to further their own agenda.

  • stanbb

    Jacksons detractors sound as intellectually challenged as he is. “I’m an activist”? No, you’re a street thug. The reason you can go “march” and loot is because you don’t have a job. Jobs don’t come find you, you go to them, wherever they are.

  • LLinLa

    Here’s an intelligence test, Black America. Is the Tea Party funding your race hustler? Maybe it’s the Republicans, huh? No on both accounts. It’s Progressive and Far Left Democrats since President Johnson’s social ponzi scheme. You were bought and paid for since the ’60’s by the Democrat National Committee so you would vote for carrots on the end of a stick for your local, “compassionate” slave masters who care about you. Oh and say “buenos dias” to the new underclass imported by your “Black “-friendly DNC. You think you have “white” problems because we’re racist? Wait until “your” mulatto picks up his pen and phone in the near future. It’s to the back of the bus once again. So vote for the party WHO IS REALLY doing the least amount of damage to your communities like Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Oakland and other regions. Wise up after 50 some years of the Great Society and the self-aggrandizement of “your Black Leaders” like Barry, Jesse, Al and the rest. Or keep giving them money while you look out of the rear bus window . . . it’s really simple when YOU act responsibly . . .

  • No Name

    Activists are paracites. They have a self serving mentality which undermines the greater whole. Poor excuse for human beings. No concept of charity, no concept of healing, no concept of helping[unless they are getting seconds at the food court].

  • posercom

    Jesse Jackson once said that he wanted to cut off Obama’s nuts. Apparently Jackson believes that Obama has nuts.

  • Stanley

    The Blacks are sticking together and getting what they want! You white sissies are a bunch of lilly livered pansies with no backbone! The Blacks will make slaves out of you white jerks!

  • fort9erdon

    It is ABSOLUTELY amazing to me, that race baiters like Jesse “no church” Jackson, and Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharptongue. have not been shot down in the streets like the dirty dogs that they are. They are just as likely to be shot by blacks, as they are by whites. Personally, I wouldn’t care if either side shot them. Matter of fact, if it happened, I’d go to Disneyland!

  • mule man

    They are beginning to see the light,al is next .

  • sbfla

    Didn’t have much to say now did he? Bet he didn’t see that coming?

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