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Jesse Jackson Compares Hugo Chavez to Founding Fathers

Wolf Blitzer: “What do you say to the Venezuelans, not only in the opposition but those who have fled the country, who considered Hugo Chavez a vile dictator?”

Jesse Jackson: “Well, you know, democracies mature, Our first 15 presidents owned people. They owned slaves. Democracies mature.”

  • confedvet78

    Lots of bluster signifying nothing. Jackson even looks hateful and as usual doesn’t really make any sense. Why does he and Sharpton preach hate and discontent? Were these two slaves? Why does the black race keep voting for lib/dems when it was a Republican who freed them? And the wealthy white dems, the real plantation owners, kept the slave trade going with the help of the hierarchy in Africa?
    Jackson and Sharpton, and others, should go to Africa and complain…now!!!!

    • dave

      Jackson and sharpton are not Reverends. They spew hate, not the Word of God. They should if they have them, turn in their credentials as ministers of the word of God.

      • Dr. Evil

        Just like mullahs.

      • Nellie CA

        Same category as Obama’s pastor Wright. Hate for America and American Citizens.

      • crustyone

        That title was assumed for income tax purposes.

      • WABOBS

        They just need the title for the tax status. I wish someone would sew their mouths shut!

    • popham

      Like Obama, Jackson prefers to blame America for everything racist, when in actuality,
      he is the biggest racist of them all. Jackson and Sharpton won’t live forever, so one day
      we might have some peace.

      • Rulken Russell

        Trouble with that is, there will always be another ass-wipe to take their place!

  • tryingtomakeit

    He never answered the question. He is sooooo IGNORANT!

  • Hawwison

    Maybe Mr. Never-Had-A-Real-Job shoulda spent more time teachin’ his family how to make an HONEST living? Instead, his son’s goin’ to jail for trying to emulate this phony!

  • KingofThings

    What a clownfart.

  • Mort Leith

    Jessie Jackson has SPERM on the brain,,,

    and has ANYONE ever found the Church he’s the Reverend of ? ? ?

  • Eric

    Adams didn’t “own people”

  • drmdellis

    Acts 20:29 “For I know this, that after my departure – savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock.
    Matthew 7:15 ” Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.
    That may be simple minded to some of you but here are men claiming to be messengers from God, ordained proclaimers of truth and protecting shepherds of the sheep but they throw in with the most anti-god, anti-integrity, anti-human, anti-thestic principled men around the world. It causes me to question them.

    • Ed Mallory

      It’s not simple minded, it is God’s word. They are always and forever righteous.

      • 1Davenportguy

        Ed how long you been drinking the kool-aid ?

  • Jared Myers

    First off, our 2nd President (John Adams) never owned a slave in his life, and I don’t believe John Quincy Adams (our 6th President) did either.

    • Ron Wieder

      C’mon ! What do you expect from racists ? Certainly not the Truth !

  • Lorna Doone

    In no way whatsoever does a leftist dictator compare with the founding fathers who stood for ‘FREEDOM!’

    • Ed Mallory

      That is the mindset of the lost left

      • Marv

        STOP SENDING Notifications on all subjects!!!~!!!!

  • Frank J. Austin

    Is it just me, or does jackson look like a decendant of a spider monkey

    • Dr. Evil

      Don’t insult the spider monkeys.

  • Allamerican

    Why is it that people like Jackson complain about the USA and compare Chavez to our founding fathers, which is assinine. Jackson can always pack his bag and move to those oppressive countries, the door is open. Really he couldnt make a living there preaching hate.

    • Nellie CA

      Look at who was at Chavez funeral! All dictators! Obama should have been there! His type of people. Obama’s comrade died.

  • Take 2

    Ya I have a free Rev. license too! You can call me Rev. Take 2.

    • crustyone

      Does one still get ta breaks with them?

      • Take 2

        Nah its still free wheeling or maybe 7 bucks on-line to get dat Rev Lic.

  • Dr. Evil

    Jesse, you may as well just keep your mouth shut and let people just think you might be an idiot rather than opening it and removing all doubt.

  • captdot

    “Owned slaves for 246 years and called it Democracy” What?! Is he saying this country was founded in 1620? He says America is a democracy? No, Rev, it is a Representative Republic. He even lies about the first Presidents. Yes, there were Presidents who owned slaves: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. That’s 3 Presidents! He needs to look at history, not through the eyes of color, but the facts and honestly relate them. “Open, free elections” in Venezuela – he really believes that? He is deluded. He also is slurring, why is that? Think about it!

  • James Crawford

    “We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior.”
    I don’t think so.

  • depotdiner

    Jackson is now and always has been a disgrace.

  • Junk Bin

    justquit running anything he says

  • Nellie CA

    Jessie should move to Venezuela and live under their laws. He is a joke to the American people and dishonors the black community. He makes the black community look bad.

    • Deepizzaguy

      He would not last one day there. Venezuela is one bad place to call home.

  • NAmericanBlueJacket

    WHY would anyone ask the JUSTICE BROTHER, SHAKE-DOWN ARTIST about anything? This criminal should have been locked up years ago! Besides being a CON-ARTIST, he’s a TOTAL IDIOT!
    He should be locked up with his THIEF SON AND DAUGHTER-IN-LAW! They all should be doing HARD TIME!

  • Robert E Harris

    Jesse jackson, somebody plug that blow hole of his

  • An American

    Another dummy who opens his mouth and convinces us that he really plays the idiot part well.

  • liliq

    Jesse Jackson Compares Hugo Chavez to His Own Fathers

  • Deepizzaguy

    Jesse must be living in Fantasy Island to compare Chavez to our Founding Fathers. .

  • crustyone

    Jerkson hasn’t a clue.

  • crustyone

    He’ll continue whining even to his grave.

  • ccnova67

    Sadly he should probably be in the cell beside his son! Chavez took an oil rich country and turned into a Hell for 99.9% of the people.

  • QuisPercusit

    Wolf Blitzer is stupid for asking Jerkoff jackson a question in the first place Any one with an IQ above room temperature knows Jackson is totally insane. Looks like Blitzer is tilting that way also

  • Paul Brown

    Spit it out Jackson, you are another embarrassment to this country and even many of your people. You have disgraced your name and you show how out of toch you really are. You want to support someone then do it with someone who is worth it. Chavez was a mental pigmy Hyped up on his own power, he thought he could take down the world with his jerk buddy, “Dinnerjacket” in Iran, who is another jerk moron who once told Dinnerjacket, ” The Nation with all the money is going to fall soon” and we can take it over. Do we take that, that he wanted peace with us or they were planning a take over and from the inside with this islamic pig we have now.

  • JE

    Jackson the moron. Chavez was a communist as is Jackson and all his buddies. They hate America. Anyone who would compare Chavez to the FOUNDING FATHERS is crazy…… needs a padded cell !

  • Kartua

    What’s wrong with you idiot?

  • Sandy Jones

    Jesse Jackson is ignorant of American history, it was Anthony Johnson who is considered the father of American slavery; one of the first 20 indentured servants who came to Virginia and later became a slave owner himself sued John Castor, also an indentured servant, in 1654 the court ruled that indentured servants were slaves for life. Over 3000 blacks owned over 20,000 slaves themselves, some were white slaves. Slavery wasn’t legal until Anthony Johnson (black) sued John Castor another black for a lifetime of slavery….

  • LLinLa

    Why don’t you raise your own children (legitimate and not!) right so they can stay out of jail instead of preaching lies and distortions like you know what’s good for the world? A dictator dies and you have the gall to compare Chavez to our Forefathers? MLK would be ashamed of the idiocy carried on in his legacy.

    • Marv

      send no more replys

  • Richard Holmes

    jessy jackasson spews more hate racist speach. That is his trade mark. He stirs up the uninformed ignorant blacks and then gets them to give him money so he can fight for their cause. He then sticks the money in his pocket and whistles as he walks to the to big to fail bank and deposits it in his account.

  • Larry Sweeney

    Jackson loves hearing himself talk, not hearing the total crap he saying.

  • George Wentzel

    Fellatio would have to be completely impossible in the presence of JJ. As hard as he sucks, nothing else for quite a large distance could compete. And his integrity, well, it’s noticeably vacuous as well.. The one thing that seems to thrive around him is horrendous scandal. A cheap carney barker with the latest in snake oil would appear as a saint compared to JJ.

  • Richnjsouth

    why is this race baiter involved with any input on the good riddance of Chavez, a marxist dictator who destroyed the rights of Venezuelans? To honor a tyrant for suppressing and abusing a nation is despicable, embarassing and hateful. Notice how pukes like Jackson, Penn, Glover, Asner who love these fascists………never move to those places……… prove their love for it………….all frauds.

  • r

    Not only is Jesse out of touch, he is just a racial bigot. For Jesse’s information, the First and largest slave holder in Virginia was a black man by the name of Anthony Johnson. Most people could not afford the price of passage, so they were made indentured servants to pay for their passage. after they served their time, they were given about 60 acres of land. Johnson was an indentured servant and given his freedom along with about 60 acres of land. He found out he could indenture his sons and get more land. In later years, indentured servants were stripped of the land they were given and instead the land was given to the person in control of their passage to the new country. Many people would not serve their time as servants and run away to different townships to find a better life. One of his servants either thought he had spent enough time or didn’t like the treatment he got and left Johnson’s plantation. The servant was found and the man that had him in his employment was taken to court by Johnson. Johnson won the case because he said the man was his property and to release him was his prerogative. From that point on, Johnson later became the largest slaveholder in the state. This came from an article written by Ben Kinslow, a black man with CBN broadcasting and Heritage University in the Chesapeake area.

  • Gunslingersrv

    This is exactly what the race whores of the Democrat party are good for. The same goes for obama, too. Whatever is against the American people and American society, these idiots are for it. Chavez has hated America for many years, so the Democrats love him! obama, Jackson, nor Sharpton have ever had to work for their paychecks, so they spew hatred day in and day out. Send their asses to Venezuela! Let them live there, if they love dictators that much.

  • axmickl

    Our Father who sleeps in Mount Vernon, hallowed be thy name. Your children are sick and are being deceived by an anti-christ of the worst kind. All the suffering and pain you and your army went through to secure our piece and safety is fading away and being disrespected by those chosen to follow in your tracks. We, your loyal children and followers need your help now. We don’t want to stain the soil of this great country with the blood of more patriots. We just want to go back to living in a well managed free country where the parasites can’t drain us and try to tie our hands by removing our weapons. Please sir, give us a sign, step up and help before it is too late.
    The children of your dreams

  • Charlene Grinder

    This sub-human is a communist. He never talks about how he stole money from the elderly.

  • beaglesmom

    If its so great why doesn’t he move over there?

  • WhiteFalcon

    Hugo’s only similarity to our founding fathers is that he is now dead. To bad Jessie isn’t in the same state.

  • GoldenRudy

    Jessie could not carry on a coherent conversation with any of the Founding Fathers. Maybe with Wolf Blitzer, but not the Founding Fathers. And the slaves the Founding Fathers may have “owned” were better treated than the majority of blacks are treated by the Democrat Party of the “Revs” Jessie and Al.

  • Brenda

    Jackson need to learn that we are not a democracy. We have a representative form of government. As for our forefathers being slave owners, he needs to recall that there were black slave owners as well. Democracies do not evolve for the better, the instead lead to anarcy. Chavez was no shinning star, he was a despot who having attained the Presidency overthrew the Constitution and declared himself president for life..

  • DarthVader

    Reverend of what church Jesse Jackson?They locked up your son,should have put you in there with him.You and Sharpton are really a pair to draw to.Nobody cares what you have to say and people are tired of hearing all this “slave” talk.Get a life and move to Venezuela if you like it so much.

  • mud rat

    Jesse needs to renounce his US citizenship and try living in one of these so called democracies he praises.

  • e.fudd

    you just can’t fix stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Earl Hudgins

    Does anyone REALLY care what Jackson has to say about anything?

  • Dale

    Jesse Jackson is a racist and an idiot. Don’t believe me, look at the kids he raised.

  • Dale

    Chavev is a founding father of something all right. I just can’t repeat it here. If Jackson endorsed him that should be enough for anyone with half a brain.

  • Dale

    Just take a look at Jackson’s face. Don’t you recognize a wash up alcoholic and dope head when you see them. He’s a destroyer and he’s finally about got himself destroyed too. Reverend my butt.

  • 1catfish

    Thank GOD this idiot did not become president, we would have this current crap starting many years earlier. The spin writers for the demoroid party appeal to the non intellect voters.

  • seaofteamerican

    A sign of the times of the Jesse Jackson era. Boy! Is he showing he hasn’t got a clue?

  • SammysDad

    The man knows one way to answer any question: turn the race card.

  • Floyd

    If it is such a land of opportunity I wish he would just move there …. although I don’t think he would last too long there as they would kick him out (probably wouldn’t let him in the door).

  • Junk Bin

    de rev jesse is best compared with a pile of feces

  • Arnie

    The father of the Felon speaks.

  • Traci

    What an a**hole this Jackson is.. tell you what Jesse.. you go live down there with the Chavez people.. get the hell out of America. you are such a communist!!


    Jessie and Al are nor real Reverends. They only use that title when it will get them more publicity, and tax free money. Al should be in jail for inciting a riot (when ?), some years back, when a store was set ablaze, by his followers, and people burned to death inside. I got your Reverend Right Here, Al and Jessie!!

  • Ron Wieder

    How Amazing ! The Spewers of Hate Triad Wright + Jackson + Sharpton !

  • John Beam

    Jesse Jackson has the political understanding of an amoeba. He just forms words that sound like something he heard someone else say, he repeats those words over and over, and poor Wolf must treat his gibberish like it’s something intelligent. If someone was there who could actually challenge Jackson’s spewing, it would have gone a little like this:

    “But Rev., our founding fathers promoted and enacted a government founded on the rule of law, not the dictates of a ruler or the mob. Hugo Chavez’s government was and will be a government of the rule of the whims of men, and they will continue to trample over the freedom and liberties of the Venezuelan people. Hugo Chavez comes closer to Stalin and Hitler than Washington or Jefferson.”

    Something like that would have left the poor “Rev.” stammering and sounding more idiotic than he usually does, because I doubt if “Well, you know, democracies mature, Our first 15 presidents owned people. They owned slaves. Democracies mature” would have cut it in any way, shape, or form.

  • TexRancher

    It takes a raist poverty pimp to come to this conclusion.If this country is so bad, why is he still here? Surely he has the means to relocate to any third world cesspool of his choice!
    BTW, what church does this phoney preach at?

  • usluv

    This is one sick old dude.

  • Ed Mallory

    Jesse J is a total moron in every conceivable respect. He seems to get stupider by the minute.

  • Ed Mallory

    Stupid is as Stupid does.

  • Lraul Fontanez

    When he is talking about the founding fathers, is he talking about the founding fathers of the mafia?…Chavez was thug……Yep, mafia it is….

  • budman

    Jackson and Sharpton are always promoting and profiting with the rhetoric of the Blacks being held down because this is how they keep them in the Democrat lie about who actually wishes to help them.

    It would seem the Blacks would see this with history as proof and some have broke with this ideology.
    How he could compare Chavez and his zeal for Socialism is understandable because if you look at the President, the Black Caucus and many others presently in Congress and including Jackson and Sharpton, I believe you will find they are Socialist Democrats. Obviously, none of them have bothered with studying the history of the United States but would rather put their own interpretation of it or Socialism which to my knowledge has never lasted in any country, eventually failing when the government cannot support the system. Whether you choose to believe it or not, several things presently being done by our government are Socialist in nature and precisely why, especially with this administration, we are drowning in debt. We have become a nation that is unwilling to fight against this and let the Democrats win reelection through fraud. To them, it is always the Republicans messing up the system but sooner or later, the truth will prevail and they will be taking a fall when the economy crashes and that may not be too far into the future.

  • HerrCapitanFick

    This is what you people wanted and laid down for! Now go sit down and be quiet!



  • HerrCapitanFick

    All the Blacks hate you white people the trouble is, you’re tooooo stupid to know it! They would like to enslave you, and going to!

  • mrsuggs

    This is the ultimate looser of a man. No morals,serial liar,shake down artist,racist,bigot and last of all, a sell out to the Country he sadly lives in…

  • Pat Pettie

    From what we can see that’s why Jesse Jackson Jr. is now in jail for 5 years. Like father like son, the acorn did not fall far from the tree. He still has the nerve to show up and the medias did not put on his son sentence on the news, his son’s wife also charged with the same stealing money from the campaign using to buy fancy Rolex and etc. I bet he learned from his father, only the father did not get caught yet.

  • David Peacock

    does anyone understand what the ni666gers are doing to this great NATION????

  • Audieleon Green

    After reading comments,believe Americans finally realizing who the real RACIST ARE!!!!!

  • Carol

    Is he out of his mind he should go to prison for what he is saying nothing more nothing less and that is a fact.

  • gypsy314

    This negro had done a fine job on his off spring of crooks

  • zrevtom

    if I remember correctly both Jackson and Sharpton have Honorary degrees and have not put in the years for Seminary training like TRUE MINISTERS, both practice racism, corruption, extortion, and pitting people against each other. there is no harmony only harm and they will never embrace TRUTH and FACTS because that doesnt work for their purpose, only ignorance and lies and the total backing of a corrupt media who supports sensationalism to sell newspapers. Remember their creed, when truth tops fiction print the fiction. Hugo Chavez was cancer for the people of Venezuela, how does one compare Chavez to our founding fathers, well if you know nothing of our founding fathers or don’t care to learn and you applaud ignorance, fear, corruption, moral and physical decay of a country then you like Jackson can make that comparison about Chavez, Jackson go back to your ignominious life and let everything you and Chavez believe in die with his memory and Truth live.

    (part of Jackson’s bia)
    While King, at first, was enamored
    with the brashness of the young leader, not everyone in the
    organization felt the same way. Many felt that Jackson acted too
    independently, and eventually King came to tire of him as well. Just
    five days before his assassination, King stormed out of a meeting after
    Jackson had repeatedly interrupted him.

    Still, Jackson traveled with King to Memphis, where King was
    assassinated on April 4, 1968, while standing on the balcony of his
    hotel room. Jackson,
    who was in a room one floor below King’s, later told
    reporters he was the last to talk to Dr. King, who passed away, he
    claimed, in his arms. The events, as Jackson described them, immediately
    set off a wave of anger among others who were at the scene and claimed
    Jackson had overstated his presence at King’s shooting for his own gain.

    Jackson was eventually suspended by the SCLC. He formally resigned from the organization in 1971.

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