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Is Obama Coming for Our Guns?

  • skipfoss

    We all need to buy up as much ammo and guns as soon as possible ,I have a few thousand round and a few good weapons and when the blue helmets come to get mine they will get some and there will be a pile of these bastards be fore they get their hands on mine


      i LIKE YOUR STYLE……..

    • Joe Zimmerman


    • Changa77

      What do you think our troops that he brings home are going to do. They well come home to no JOBS and no where to stay. What next???

      • panors77

        I have a spare room for one soldier.

      • omg

        Fire on American citizens? After obozo lost their ballots and didn’t want to let them vote. Do you really think they are loyal to this dictator wanna be? If they are, they have forgotten their responsibility. Enemies; foreign and DOMESTIC!

    • r

      I’m with you. My daughter took me to some fair and insisted that I shoot at some stand. All five hits in the target. All to the left, but considering that the gun is thrown into a pile; I consider the sites were off. Ex-duck hunter. I shoot at moving targets…

  • Patrick Henry

    Hillary is going to sell us all out at the UN by making a treaty for Americans to give up our guns. odummer wants OUR guns so he can create his own army and take over America. odummer wants to stay in power just like his friends, castro and chavez!!!!

    • Ted

      Can you imagine what he would do if we weren’t armed and his little “toy” army was?

    • kaeuqs

      He & Hillary have already started….wake up America, be prepared !

      • Granpa David

        The red states should be working right now on Tenth Amendment nullifications, and how to fight the federal reprisals.

    • Joe Zimmerman

      They will never get mine ,,,,,

    • The Constitution Lives

      It would be political suicide for Hitlery Clinton (or BO) to do this. She (they all) are well aware a UN Treaty unless ratified by 2/3 of both houses of congress is not US law and void of all powers. There would be very little to gain except to invite personal criticism and painful litigation. Marxists are much more clever than this – they know there are much “easier” ways to such ends & can be achieved through commerce for example.

      On another note I think the NRA should give an award to BO for being the number second amendment promoter and firearm sales of all time – LOL.

      • fort9erdon

        Sir, your answer only proves you have no idea how treaty ratification works in this country! Yes, it takes a 2/3 majority to ratify a treaty, BUT, (always a BUT) when the prez and Hillary signs the treatry, it goes into practice, with full force and effect, until it is ratified, or rejected by the Senate. So, here is what will happen. Obama and Hillary sign the treaty, which then goes into effect, AND it is sent to the Senate for ratification or rejection. Guess what happens next. Since the treaty is in effect while awaiting Senate ratification, Harry Reid simply refuses to allow it up for a vote, guaranteeing it is not rejected. Guess what, it’s the law for at least 2 years, while awaiting a new Senate that has republican control, to reject it. And this practice will continue, until all the guns have been confiscated.

        • U.S.Cavalry

          And the “CIVIL WAR” will begin with the first Americans murdered by the government while violating the “CONSTITUTION” for no treaty trumps the “CONSTITUTION”!

          • panors77

            Hazzah!! To ARMS!!

        • SallyE

          Maybe this is just what the American public needs to wake us up! We may have to hit bottom before we “get it”.

      • Garrey McVicker

        hillery isnt worryed about it. she has the hand out bunch to vote for her.people if, you alound them to take your guns we will be like third world countrys killed by the people the dumb a===ss put up there. it will be like aftrica, killing people for what they belive, the muslum brotherhood, stoning women.cutting peoples heads off. do, not give up, we must stick together. stop this befor it has a chance to get in.

    • Ronald Christopher

      If they can accomplish taking our guns they will give them to the Muslim Brotherhood.

      • Eddie M.

        They will have to kill me in my own house before I hand them my guns!

        • Ralph

          ….. and they’ll be more than happy to oblige you.

          Remember Waco ….. nearly 100 innocents dead ….. for what ….. nothing more than a $ 250 Class III Tax Stamp ?

        • Mike11C

          Well, if they start rounding up people and confiscating guns, I’m not going to wait for them to get to my house. I’m going to take the fight to them, guerrilla warfare style. There will be an insurgency right here in the USA and I’ll be right in the middle of it. I have fought against insurgents and I know how to fight like one. I spent 22 years sworn to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic” as a US Army Infantryman. Whoever tries to disarm law-abiding American citizens is an enemy and will be treated as such. Those folks up north on the east coast or out west in California might lay down and let it happen but that’s not going to happen down here in the south. “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ”

  • Bob Marshall

    An error occurred when i tried to watch this video. Look for a lot more of this to happen in the near future.

    • stonemike

      My son and I experienced the same rash of errors on Disqus on election day, if your not ready to fight , dont put your opposition on this media!

  • Piratesgold

    Coming after my weapons and ammo? Bring it on! Don’t think they are that stupid to make the attempt here in the South but if they do-believe me we are ALL ready here to take on the “blue helmets” or anyone else who thinks my 2nd Amendment rights are no longer valid or constitutional!

    • Noni77

      You need to think of a safe site other than your home, pay cash for (more) guns and ammo, and dutifully give the Nazi’s a couple lesser weapons while seeming to comply. A couple handwritten receipts for people who apparently gave you false names and bogus addresses for when thry swapped or paid cash for your best pieces, would be helpful. Or the name/address of your “best Liberal friend”…

    • Greg Bamert


    • Robert Myles

      Yes and it will be the Blue helmet army of the Un the petty pissants that run it will be drooling to get a chance to ‘invade’ America. A good aiming point with this bunch is about 2 inches below the helmet rim as they most likely will be wearing body armor made in the USA

  • caskinner

    Definitely going to be a fight… doubt.

  • stonemike

    I m not sure about our guns, but Im positive they’ll get all the bullets!


      buy now shoot later,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • stonemike

        We real Americans must get ready for the worst, obammi is capable of heinous crimes !

  • LonnaBertelli

    Yep! He will do it, by using the UN so that “his hands are clean”. Yeah, right. Those hands are diseased and destroy/kill everythig he touches.

    • Ted

      Nighty, night mr. ob…

    • Joe Zimmerman


    • panors77

      BO has blood on his hands far as I’m concerned starting with Bengazzi.

      • LonnaBertelli

        Actually, it started with “Fast & Furious” – he was responsible for the sale of guns to the drug cartel. Some of those guns were used to kill our people (Brian Terry) as well as Mexican citizens.

  • bradybunch

    The thing I think that the “pro gun-control” people don’t get is that most gun-control laws only affect the people who obey the laws anyway. These are not the people we have to worry about. We need to worry about the people who ignore the laws already in existence. Guns are not really a problem in the hands of law-abiding citizens. We need to figure out how to get the guns out of the hands of the criminals!


      THEY ARE LIBERALS ; they are too stupid to understand………

    • Noni77

      Gun confiscation always comes before government attacking its own people.

  • Phil185

    You’re right, he won’t go directly at the second amendment, he will go through the U.N Small Arms treaty, he already sent word he wants to re-open negotations, not even 24 hours after the election. And he’ll tell you, “it’s the right thing to do”. Just as when he supports and signs the Islamic anti-blasphamy laws coming soon also through the U.N. indirectly assaulting the first amendment.

  • dlzimbelman

    Obama will use the UN treaty to appear or show he didn’t do it directly. This will be the Trojan Horse he will use to get the guns out of our hands. This will cause him problems unless the Senate does not ratify the UN Treaty.

    • Patriot

      This guy apparently doesn’t do his homework does he?

  • Ruth

    Well, Get ready….The announcement is coming, I predict in the next 6 months…Obama will finally announce that he Is Muslim, declare himself the final President of the United States, by executive order,by desolving any mandatory term limits…Then finally put the flag of the UN or Kenya or the New World Order over the Whitehouse….Then all the stupid Liberals and Democrats that voted for him will see that they were deceived too…But it will be too late…But for those of us who know the Lord, Our redemption cometh ! But keep prayed up and in the word, and keep those guns close and ready to protect you and your loved ones, because hard times are coming !

    • pakalolo

      Sad,so sad, do you really believe this or are you just so full of hate and stupidity that you can write this shite

      • Ruth

        Obviously you,ve drank the Obama Koolaid….Do your research…Hillary was ask to step aside by the Bilderbergs so Obama would be their puppet….They are one of the 7 organizations that will issue in the New World Order….This plan has been in action, and has been announced by our own past Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, a higharchy of that org. Making that statement many,many times in multiple European, Asian and Middle Eastern media since Obama was elected in 2008….But our deceptive liberal media would NEVER tell us the truth of what is about to happen ! Romney even met with them in May of this year…But they again chose Obama….Even Jesse Ventura spoke of this on his show, “The Conspiracy Theory”, Why do you think that they took it off ? Also, Many ministers have spoke of this, Hall Lindsey and Jack Van Impe, who have BOTH backed it up with facts….Obama himself in BOTH his books and BEFORE the UN in speeches has openly said HE IS Muslim, but then when ask again….”I am grounded in Christian tradition”…What kind of answer is that ? His actions prove HE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN ! Do your research, You will be amazed ! I will tell you what my Christian Saint of a mother would tell her 7 children, and I have always lived my live by it…”Hate is a strong word, You don’t hate someone’s body, mind and soul, You just dislike their ways…Only Jesus Christ can change their hearts, Just pray for them” ! That is what I do…I pray for Obama and his liberal sinful ungodly administration everyday, that they will see the error of their wicked ways, before it is too late for this country…II Chronicles 7:14

        • Noni77

          I did see a video interview where Obama himself explicitly and clearly talked about “my Muslim faith”. Anyone who denies he is one is clearly delusional or a pathelogical liar.

        • Robert Myles

          I would prefer that they all burn in hell for eternity as their souls are blackened and hollow. they are the front runners of the army of Satan and Islam is the ideology of the Devil’s followers

      • Joe Zimmerman

        “F” yourself

      • Nelson Lentz

        pakalolo: So sad the you are either so stupid or in such a state of denial that you don’t see the truth in what Ruth wrote (except for the bit about God, redemption, praying, etc.)

    • Joe Zimmerman

      Lets hipe our military are Americans and on our side ,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Ronald Christopher

        I can speak for the 1st Cavalry Division. They will not attack Americans. Also, neither will either Airborne Division. The 1st and 3rd Divisions will not either. I do not know about the 10 Mountain Division. The 24th Infantry Division is questionable. I think it all comes down to the commanding general of whichever division. If he is an obama appointee, maybe, but I think there will be division in the ranks and they could turn on themselves before they turn on Americans.

        • Nelson Lentz

          I wouldn’t trust any general; absolute power corrupts absolutely. For example, Gen.Dempsey is an idiot.

      • Nelson Lentz

        That’s wishful thinking. Soldiers are trained to follow orders without thinking and never to question their commanders. That’s why our armed forces prefers only those between 18 and 27 serving in our military.

    • MyUSA

      “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” Adolph Hitler

      The communist rule is alive and ballooning in our government. Dems and Repubs both aspire to the commie ideology.

      • Nelson Lentz

        MyUSA: the quote you were reaching for was not authored by Adolf Hitler but by his Minister of Propaganda, Josepf Geobbels. And Goebbels’s infamous statement was, “If you repeat a lie long enough and loud enough, it will become truth in the minds of those who hear it” – which seems to be the official mantra of Obama and his liberal, progressive, socialist, Democrat, Muslim, co-conspirators.

      • Noni77

        Hitler also said it was his good fortune that the masses do not think.

    • Nelson Lentz

      Ruth: I agree with everything you wrote except the part that read, ” know the Lord, Our redemption cometh! But keep prayed up and in the word..”
      God is just a myth and no more real than Zeus, Santa Claus, or the Boogie Man; self delusion gets in the way of clear, productive thought.
      If we’re going to fight liberals, Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Muslim scum like Obama, etc. we need to have both feet firmly planted in reality – not one foot in reality and the other in Disneyland.

      • Noni77

        You apparently have not bothered to research the Bible, its origins, linguistic studies, historical studies, archeological findings, etc., etc., you also apparently stay ill-informed in regard to cutting edge science fields such as Cosmology, Microbiology, and Quantum Physics. How sad you take the side without evidence and credibility.

      • Jane18

        Call HIM anything you want Nelson, but, HE is real! I am going to pray for you, then it is all on you, to believe or not………………………………………..

    • Robert Myles

      Reid and Pelosi that would have been on any ‘vetting’ of our indonesian citizen born either in kenya or possibly in hawaii fathered by a kenyan british subject. so they knew he was not elegible to stat. They also kew his voting record in his home state and guite franly were more than happy to hav him as their first ‘black presidential candidate’, so many of the libterds knew what they were gettting in obama

  • doc

    obama and hillary need to go after the guns of the drug gangs — oh wait, they are giving them guns.

    • MyUSA

      He has been building his army of brown coats who are the drug gangs; he will bring in the blue coats of the UN to back them up!

      • skipfoss

        They will have to dodge just as many bullets as the blue boys and don’t think they are fast enough to dodge that many that fast

  • Sky Soldier – 11th AAD

    Recent additional news concerning “gun controls” being passed around also state that Obama “and” Hillary Clinton are collaborating with the U.N. to control all firearms…especially “Assault Weapons” and now includes all weapons with a “pistol grip”. I agree with the video message presenter in that whatever is done by this illegitimate President and Clinton will be done in a oververt and covert slick way to catch gun owners off guard. Will we need to bury our guns like we might have to do with our money?

  • Dale H Layton


    • Ronald Christopher

      Outta your cold dead hands isn’t very smart. Once dead you can do nothing else. So why not put them where they cannot be found and afterwards we shall unite and take the UN out and anybody else bold enough to try. Don’t forget, our army is much larger than theirs and all we have to do is unite.



  • johnhorse

    ANYONE that may try to remove my guns better be ready for anything that might happen because I AM READY FOR ANYTHING.

  • catnip24

    i decided not to invest in gold or silver. all of my investments are now in lead. LIVE FREE OR DIE FIGHTING!

    • Changa77

      I never invested in Gold or Silver. For just as fast as it went up it well go down and all of you well lose your money as it passes what you paid for it.

      • Noni77

        When a fiat currency fails, gold & silver soar. Much of the world’s fiat currencies are on the brink. You’ve made a fatal error. I hope you have a homestead where you can grow food.

    • Ronald Christopher

      On the bright side, the Lone Ranger used silver bullets. Need to laugh a little also.

  • Gene Leone

    The short answer: Yes. The united nations “small arms” treaty is going to be passed in the united nations (yes, I know it should be in “cap’s”). Both obama and clinton said they will sign the treaty. Now, according to the Constitution (Does that still matter anymore? Seriously?), when a treaty is signed the Senate must ratify it. Good news. HOWEVER (Remember unless you only have one foot there is usually a second shoe to fall), the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties which the US is apparently a signatory to, the UN will consider us bound to any treaty until it is either ratified or rejected by the Senate. Don’t take my word for it, look it up yourself. That is NOT good news. Besides, consider this: “Where Republicans refuse to cooperate on things that I know are good for the American people, I will continue to look for ways to do it administratively and work around Congress”. That is what the president says and frankly, we’ve already seen it God knows how many times through is liberal (sorry, bad pun) use of executive orders. So once again: YES.

    • Joe Zimmerman

      “F” them all

    • Ronald Christopher

      This was also tried under Clinton but it failed because the people convinced the Senate not to ratify it. Further, this has been tried at least once before under obama and it failed. However, I think they will keep trying.

  • Steve Hughes

    UN “legistaltion” – illegal by its OWN CHARTER, and absolutely illegal in America, according to our Constitution – WILL be the primary Trojan Horse. And the means will be varied. But watch closely for actions JUST LIKE those in New Orleans after Katrina. And those in Waco. And assaults on “individuals of interest” in the dead of night. Obama’s Enemies List is long…and growing… Just ask Valerie “there’s going to be Hell to pay” Jarrett.

  • cajanone1

    Is obamy coming for our guns. Hell no, it takes a man to do that and he isn’t qualified.

  • The Lone Ranger

    Coming for them and actually getting them are two diffferent situations for Bama

  • Tod

    Molon Labe you traitorous scumbag commies.

  • M. Andrews

    … but I just bet you voted for him, didn’t you?

  • DaveNTejas

    We are fools if we give them up, but hell the country re-elected him, so who knows.

  • TLady62

    Just like the unconstitutional and unaffordable Health Care Act, this too will be a Trojan Horse. Just wait until Pocahontas gets sworn into the Senate. She and the other Progressives will start the wheels turning for a Single Payer System.

  • Larry Cripe

    If they have a death wish, they will – this isn’t England or Australia where they just roll over – this will make the Civil War look like patta’ cake and you can bet that the military and the police will know better and opt to preserve the Constitution.

  • Mr Lucky

    He’s not only going to take your guns, he has taken your children, money and property! Now sleepy heads and care frees, go on back to sleep! You people are toooooo lazy and gutless to hold on to your country! Now the foreigners, and anything else that slithers across the border own it!!!!

    • skipfoss

      Get your head out of your ass there are enough people that still have the guts to stand up they have just been holding off until they have been pushed by Obama laws now is as far as we will be pushed

  • Ronald Christopher

    No, he isn’t because he does not have the balls. However, he will send his goons.

  • Richard – USMC

    I got news for Barack baby and ugly Hillary….they are not getting my guns. Not without a fight. I am a patriot and I believe TOTALLY in the Constitution and what it stands for.

  • ARMYOF69

    Ever heard of MAN TRAPS at homes? Set them up at window sills, and inside doorways.
    Bamboo traps work wonders, large six inch nails are great , IF SHARPENED . You want to hurt whoever busts in before you take them out. A bucket of flammable stuff above the entrance always is good too. Do you care if your house is on fire , after they have broken in and are about to kill you?

  • wtram46

    Let ’em come!! I will give them my guns willingly–one round at the time, in rapid succession!!!!

  • JeromefromLayton

    The UN accelerated their gun control vote yesterday. That means they know something. Also, while our Community Organizer may be clueless about implementing anything, his man in the DOJ, Eric Holder, was doing that kind of stuff for the Clintonistas day in and day out. Ask Elien Gonzales’ grandparents how that worked out. Anyone who has dealt with the BATFE or the IRS can attest that this kind of stuff is multi-administration and always ready to do the deed. All they need is a “green light” and an address.

  • $6863335

    Hell let’em come they will get lead and a body bag.

  • noelle2013
  • bpf0653

    Secession is starting two states for now but the wave will begin!! Obama stole this election he had 4 years to prepare all over the Nation. The Republic survival is now at hand wii it be done by impeachment or will another civil war be at hand?

    • skipfoss

      It has begun there as of today there are 16 states and growing , TN started last night and has over 3600 signitures go to White house .gov and go to petitions

  • Surf Waters

    Obama & The Little Girl. A little girl asked Obama about whales. Obama said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it is a very large mammal, its throat is very small. The little girl said, “But how can that be? Jonah was swallowed by a whale.”Irritated, Obama reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human. “It is physically impossible!” he said. Undaunted, the little girl said, “Well, when I get to heaven I will ask Jonah.” To this, Obama said, “What if Jonah went to hell?” The little girl replied, “Then you ask him!”


    Working people frequently ask retired people what they do to make their days interesting. Well, for example, the other day I went downtown and into a shop. I was only there for about 5 minutes, and when I came out, there was a cop writing out a parking ticket. I said to him, ‘Come on, man, how about giving a retired person a break’? He ignored me and continued writing the ticket. I called him a ‘Nazi.’ He glared at me and wrote another ticket for having worn tires. So I called him a ‘doughnut eating Gestapo.’ He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he wrote a third ticket. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more I abused him the more tickets he wrote. Personally, I didn’t care. I came downtown on the bus, and the car that he was putting the tickets on had a bumper sticker that said, ‘I ♥ Obama.’ I try to have a little fun each day now that I’m retired. It’s important to my health.

  • icemancold

    Of course Obama will come for our guns. Only he will use the Guise of a National Emergency and Foreign UN Troops to confiscate all private owned fire arms in the name of public safety. Then OBAMA WILL DECLARE THAT HE BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA IS SUPREME DICTATOR OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF OBAMA.

  • creteman

    they will take my guns from my cold dead hands

  • Robert Myles

    All you have to do is look at his voting record while a state senator in his home town of chicago iillionoi never can spell that state right lol. Yes he is RABID anti-gun and with the aid of the UN and the small arms trade treaty that hillary has signed and he will bypass congress as an ‘inconvenience’ will sign declaring executive priviledge, order whatever. the only thing he knows about the constitution is that he hates it and America as well as spelled out in his book Dreams from my Father. We had been warned and we ignored the warnings

  • Progressive Republican

    I’m sure he’ll be every bit as aggressive on the matter as he’s been for the last four years.

  • ImListening

    Yes, he’s going to do it in steps the way it sounds. First he wants to collect all of the semi-auto’s. You know the ones. Like what he was holding in 08′ when he was campaining and said he had gone hunting. Yet with a little investigating, he’s never had a hunting lic. Then he’ll want to collect all the hand guns, because they are the leading killers. And yes, Hillary’s UN Treaty to ban all firearms is still waiting the Senate ratification and will be quickly signed by o’Bammy.

    Impeachment would be too good for him as it would mean he’s a legit President. He should be tried as a fraud, a treasonable offense and dealt with appropriately. Everything he has ever touched should then be reverted back to it’s original state then.

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