The Inspiring Thing This Woman Did With a Dying Man After Witnessing a Horrific Car Crash

Two cars sat smashed and mangled in the middle of the road Thursday night, a reminder of how quickly life can change. A Houston man is charged in a drunk driving accident that killed one man late Thursday night. But a woman who came to his side wants his family to take comfort in knowing he was not alone. Mandy McCracken snapped her fingers to show how quickly it happened and said, “A white truck is now in front of me and is just accelerating faster and faster.” Seconds after McCracken saw that white pick-up zip past her, she drove up to see it smashed into a black SUV. The impact flipped the SUV onto its roof and the driver trapped inside it would later die at the hospital. Pieces of car still litter the accident scene at W 43 and Rosslyn, just a half mile away from the victim’s house. Family gathered there Friday, and McCracken wants them to know one thing: “Someone was with him. That he was not alone.” Getting there even before police, McCracken rushed to the driver of the SUV and started talking. “A man hit you going 80 miles an hour,” she said. “You are not responsible for this.” McCracken says the victim was unconscious, but seemed to respond just once, when she told him, “‘I don’t know if you’re a Christian,’ and his arm twitched, in recognition that he heard me, and I said, ‘I’m going to pray with you.'” She stayed with him until police and firefighters arrived and used the Jaws of Life to extricate him. But it was too late to save him.

via KHOU

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