The ‘Incredible’ Thing a Boy Did for a Soldier Will Be Remembered For ‘A Lifetime’

At the Ohio Air National Guard base near Toledo, Lt. Col. Frank Dailey still can’t believe the honor recently bestowed upon him. “It’s incredible being recognized in such a manner,” he says. It happened at a Cracker Barrel, of all places. As the security camera shows, Dailey entered the restaurant on Feb. 7 for an early lunch. At about the same time, 8-year-old Myles Eckert came in with his family. Myles was very excited. He’d just found a $20 bill in the parking lot. He’d started thinking of what he could spend it on. “I kind of wanted to get a video game, but then I decided not to,” Myles says. He changed his mind when he saw the guy in uniform. “Because he was a soldier, and soldiers remind me of my dad,” Myles explains.

via CBS


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