It Is Important! Does This Sound Like a Healthy Person to You? [Video]

Fox News Correspondent Todd Starnes asks the question “Does this sound like a healthy person to you?”

Hillary Clinton is overcome by yet another violent coughing spell during a gaggle with reporters. I really do hope she is getting sound medical advice and treatment.

There are many of Hillary’s supporters that will argue “you would get a dry throat cough after talking all day too, find something else to nitpick about” but do these people understand that her health is the issue here? No one is looking for nitpicking information regarding a cough. Most people are looking to understand why we have no medical records on the democrat candidate for the highest office in the land. If we are going to get right down to it then let’s pull out all the stops. Hillary has to rest and take time off. She doesn’t allow reporters to fly with her until Labor Day. Then there is the campaign rallies, they are few and far between. Hillary goes to the rich and famous to schmooze and then she goes back home to rest.

Then there is Donald Trump. Like a man who’s blood must be full of Red Bull, he is non-stop all the time. He is in everything and on every news station, radio station, speaking events, town halls, rallies, fundraisers and a million other things.

When you are seeking to have the highest office in the United States of America, We the People are not asking or nitpicking too much when we want to see a clean bill of health from her physicians. Every other candidate has been put through the ringer for their health records and complied. Why is Hillary not doing so? Better yet, WHY DON’T HER SUPPORTERS CARE?


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