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Why We Should NOT Impeach Obama…?

  • JeromefromLayton

    The main real reason is practicality. Find a way to replace 23 Democrats in the Senate and then maybe “Impeachment” can get serious. If not, look for other ways to deal with the situation on Pennsylvania Ave. First order of business is to shut off that “mother’s milk of politics”, Money! Six new Republican faces in the Senate coupled with a Republican majority in the House can get that done. OK, the POTUS vetoes a bill. Rewrite and resubmit it; repeat as often as needed. During the Clinton Administration, that’s what Newt did and it worked. At least it reduced the sinning.

    Google “tilting at windmills” to see how far we can get with Impeachment. Don and Pancho can tell you all about it.

    • guest

      I disagree. It would set a president for the history books that one branch of Congress tried to do the right thing according to the Constitution but was told to sit down by the Senate and DOJ!

    • TheTexasCooke

      You only need the house to shut-down the Executive Branch….ALL appropriations have to be started in the House. You know like when the Supreme Court ruled that Obama-Care is a tax….which was initiated in the Senate…which makes it invalid….oh wait….they ignored that, too….

      • JeromefromLayton

        That’s why I recalled the experience of the mid-nineties Congress. With both houses under the same management, a lot of effective control is possible. For example, unauthorized expenditures (called “Color of Money” on the inside) can get the perpetrator penalties from Congress. OB can veto all he wants, but if he never gets the spending authorization, he’s stuck with telling someone to commit a Federal crime that would not be prosecuted by AG Holder, but by Congress. Fasten your harness, it’s going to be a wild two year ride.

      • suzyshopper

        The only problem with that is, if there is a govt shutdown, the media will make sure, that the Republicans will be blamed for it, and u know how easy it is, too get the public,too think it’s the Repubs fault, if the welfare checks are late, or monies for the military, or govt employees or pensioners, SS benefits, any money a person receives from the govt,the media will report,that they will not be getting there monies , because the Repubs are throwing a temper tantrum, boo hooo because they hate this president!!

  • Tired of poison in Oval Office

    It would be better to prove he was ineligible to become president. Then every bill, every executive order, all appointments are null & void. There are a ton of lies and cover-ups protecting our Tyrant-In-Chief.

    • Rick

      The Supreme Court could appoint a committee with Roberts as chairman to investigate the legitimacy of Obama much like the one under Warren did to investigate the murder of JFK. Now whether they will or not is another matter. I believe that, correct me if I’m wrong, the Court could demand that Obama’s records be made available.

      • eganstew3

        Pastor Manning and Sheriff of Arizona have done that. lets stand behind them and make Congress do something.

      • Tired of poison in Oval Office

        Speaking of Obama’s records…where are his parent’s marriage license? Where are Obama’s adoption records? Where are his Indonesian elementary school records? Show us his Occidental College financial aid records! Where are his Columbia College records? Where are his Illinois State Bar Association records? Show us his Illinois Senate term records. Where are his medical records? Where are his passport records? How did young Barry under ANY name or CITIZENSHIP get to Indonesia to BE ADOPTED in the first place without a birth certificate on file or without inclusion on his mother’s passport? After Obama’s 1st stolen election, his immediate order of business was to seal every fact about his life.

        • Rick

          They are all very good questions my friend. That’s why we Americans need answers to all of them.

        • suzyshopper

          Try askng for an answer too your questions from any Libtard, what you’ll get is, did Mr. Bush or any other president have too answer questions about there backgrounds!!

  • Marine101

    I would comment but I am a Marine and thus have no rights.

  • paperpushermj

    The Best Reason Is There Is Not Enough Time.

  • Jeanie Rossi

    Why because he’s black? If, he was white he would of been impeached along time ago

    • phil62

      Hu rah!!! ‘nuf said.

  • Don

    Barrack Obama has got to be removed from Washington DC at any means possible because this SOB is destroying the United States as soon as he can. If people think that what is happening at the Southern Border is because of Human rights. Barrack Obama does not care about one of these children on the border in fact Barrack Obama was taught how to get involved in Child Pornography from his real father. In fact Barrack Obama’s mother did do pornography for Obama’s father Frank Marshal Davis and he also did Child Pornography. Frank Marshal Davis was a card carrying Communist he attended every communist party meeting in Hawaii He attended every party meeting when he lived in Chicago. This is what Barrack Obama has plans to use many of the children for but he could care less what happens to these children because they are jest fulfilling his dreams with George Soros and Eric Holder. Thos dreams of Barrack Obama is to destroy America and like the corporat raiders George Soros Barrack Obama Eric Holder and so many of the Democratic Millionaires will purchase the United States cheap and then break it up and make there fortunes by selling of America a piece at a time.. This does include Valery Jarrett the Iranian agent that is Obama right hand. Obama has bought and paid for the FBI and the CIA and I am sure that the NSA in in this fold themselves because they know who the operatives are but they will say they did not know. They will claim they do not know of any of these people acting against the United States. They only spy on the rest of America not George Soros or Eric Holder or even Barrack Obama.

    • suzyshopper

      Did u see some of the pics of these so called children, a lot of them look close too voting age, not only that us can bet your sweet life, if these children are allowed too stay, and given citizenship, how long will it be, before, they drag their parents , and relatives over here , too change the demographics of our country, and how many of these ppl will in turn allow their votes too be bought for the price of citizenship??? Hmmmm.

  • hausman69

    I think we might be way pass impeachment. I think it might be time to arrest the Marxist in the Whitehouse.

    • charles17121

      hausman69 Gee You Think ? It was way pass impeachment January 2009. You can not impeach some one who is illegally holding the office of US President . Impeachment of the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama would actually legalize his right to hold office . Impeachment is for a legal sitting US President and the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama is not a legal sitting US President

    • centermass1

      Arrest, quickly try and publicly executed. Pay- Per-View it and all proceeds go to our wounded warriors.

  • charles17121

    To all those asking for impeachment of this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama , he can not be impeached because he is not a legal sitting US President and the US Congress know he can’t be impeached . The removal of this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama must come under US Constitutional law Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution . The problem now is the US Congress is caught between a rock and a hard place when it come to removing this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office . Everyone in the US Congress can be charged with treason for not enforcing US Constitutional law in 2008 . And there in lys the rock and hard place for if they move to act on their oath to the US Constitution now they can be charge with treason for not acting on it in 2008 .

  • Edward Ebersole

    I have to agree with this guy here to a degree. He is making a good point and of course he does quite often.

  • suzy2

    impeach the bunch of them and vote a temporary president like Romney. Indict them all for Treason.

  • jdbixii

    The reason the majority of minorities is winning is because, even though they all have their “pet” issues as special interests, together they champion the idea of “freedom.” The truth is that they stand for very little that is really worth fighting for since most of it is based in human mistakes and error and the desire to be accepted on that basis. They are responsible for the moral and ethical breakdown in society and have captured government.

  • wizard

    This is a weird video and unsound reasoning. It is correct there are others in government that are a problem and many Americans along with fraud got BO/BS elected. But that is no excuse or reason against impeachment. The President has violated the Constitution and his oath of office. He has committed acts that can be reasonably defined as treason. Andrew Johnson was impeached (not convicted) of far less. The AG should also be impeached. The President has no power or authority to grant a pardon in cases of impeachment and conviction.

  • anitactrammell

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  • suzyshopper

    I think impeachment should wait till after the Nov elections , if we control the House and retake the Senate, repubs will be in a better position, too do something, because if we can’t stop obamas agenda, we are in dire serious trouble.U wonder how much more danger can the current occupant in the WH, put this country in????

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