Impassioned Woman Rips Into John McCain on Syria at Town Hall Meeting

Sen. John McCain, whose endorsement of President Barack Obama’s plan to launch military strikes against Syria provided the president a key Republican backer, faced vocal opponents of military action during a town hall in Arizona Thursday. One woman at McCain’s town hall Thursday, who said she had an eighteen-year-old cousin in Syria, said America hadn’t yet exhausted its diplomatic routes for bringing a resolution to the war. “For me, to listen to you say there is no good option in Syria – I refuse to believe that,” she said. “The good option right now is to take Saudi Arabia and Iran and force them to stop supporting the two sides in Syria. And you could do it. You can do it by diplomacy, not bombs, Sen. McCain. We cannot afford to shed more Syrian blood.”

McCain Was heckled further by the crowd at this same meeting:

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