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Legal Immigrant’s Must-See Testimony Against Gun Control

  • OneAndOnlyZel

    No. See here:

  • Fred Palombi

    Excellent speech and from a legal immigrant!

  • har82

    Man, I bet they didn’t like – him – or ,, his testimony lol. But he was also – dead on the mark – too.

  • jbp

    What a patriot! God bless him, and we are fortunate to have immigrants like him.

  • ARMYOF69

    Well said friend. We need more real Americans like this gentleman.

  • Ort

    Henson Ong for Governor!! Way to go, Henson!! You blew the liberal pukes out of the water. : )

    • Bobwojo48

      Hell, President. We can Photoshop a birth certificate for him better than the one that they faked for obama…..

  • Fredom1st

    I too am a legal immigrant and Mr Ong you are a great patriot!

    • Donald York

      I’m proud to call people like Mr. Ong an American. I only wish there were more natural born Americans like him. Mr. Ong is a fine example of what a true American should be.

  • blinddemocrat

    What liberals(progressives/communists/socialists/facists/ungodly) in “office” really want is sexual immorality, slaves and worshipers, Can’t have these without complete control.

  • Dr Dave

    I had no problem understanding him! Compare and contrast that with the illegals whom refuse to assimilate!

  • James Wilson

    Outstanding is all I can say. He had his facts together and came across clear and concise.

  • Lauralee Hensley

    Do you think they really listened like we did, or were they just hoping he’d wrap it up before he might turn one light on in a blank mind somewhere? He is right and well informed.

  • Lauralee Hensley

    Also meant to type, he looks like he’s not one who immigrated simply to get a free ride out of the government either. I bet he’s employeed and a hard worker.

  • Wolf-Talker1

    God Bless a real American!

  • Bud Tuggly

    Bravo to this gentleman! A true American and a true Patriot!
    Wouldn’t it be great if..for every one of these “Americans by Choice” patriotic citizens that come here…we could ship a liberal/progressive back to that person’s country of origin…to see how the rest of the world lives?……Just the thought makes me feel all warm and fuzzy….Send more! Send more!….lol

  • Bobwojo48

    His English may not be perfect but his logic sure is!

    • panors77

      His english sounded fine to me. I now have a sudden urge for chinese food and to shake the restaraunt owners hand.

  • freedomringsforall


    Thank you

    May God continue to bless you.

    What a glorious and yet sad day when it takes an immigrant to school our commie, socialist, dictatorial, left-wing legislators as to the truth of the 2nd amendment.

    Praise God for letting the truth be heard!!!

  • freedomringsforall

    If the crap hit the fan you wouldn’t catch me in a foxhole with any of the mambe pambe commie, socialist, dictatorial jerks even though they think they are great and hot stuff, but i sure wouldn’t be bothered a bit to catch Ong’s 6.

    Fight on patriots!

    Wrestle our rights and freedoms back into our future for our children and grandchildren!

  • Lana Wong

    I, too am a legal immigrant. Thank you so much Mr. Ong.

  • jon

    Stand up America, the communist obama is trying to shove shariah law [the law of slavers and terrorist] on us, ARM UP NOW OR FOREVER GIVE UP FREEDOM!

  • sticky keys

    Wake-up America we are next. At this present time our government/illuminati is ridding the world of freedom of monetary policy. Egypt brotherhood take over, Libya was threatening the IMF to go on gold
    standard. Now Syria they have no monetary debt to the IMF…..

  • Magnum

    It’s been my experience that the legal immigrants that I’ve known during my 70-plus years, have in general, been a hell of a lot more patriotic in their devotion to this Nation than a great number of our native born….and that seems to be even more the case in recent times. Mr. Ong is a gift to the U.S.A. from his native country. If there are more like him there, bring ’em on!

  • Cas Michel Gerarrd

    I am Emigrated from French Canada.

    I Genetically LOATHE L’Anglaise but I respectfully learned it PLUS I still make sure I use proper grammar, punctuation & sentence structure….unlike a lot of other indigenous American commentators in these forums.

    Whilst I did not marry an American, I married another LEGAL Emigrant (From Taiwan).

    We paid our OWN way in Triple the cost of University Tuition (No Gov’t Loans for us) Plus we paid our own way in the legalisation process of our status.

    About the only thing “Illegal” both of us did while here was work for under-the-table wages…which we spent to support ourselves rather than “Send Back Home” as illegals often-times do.

    We both vote productively in each & every election: Local & National. We are engaged in this society & not the least bit niggardly towards what duties & responsibilities it encompasses.

    It indeed ASTONISHES Me that Indigenous Americans cannot see nor even understand their OWN Founding of their Country nor the founding Documents correctly!!

    As one of the finest Presidents your Country ever had stated oh so eloquently:

    “..And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought
    are still at issue around the globe—the belief that the rights of man
    come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God.”

    “Our Rights” are not some how oddly secured by the Paper of a Constitution…When in fact the Constitution merely enumerated SOME of the UN-A-Lien-Able G*D Given & Granted Rights, Liberties & noble pursuits that GOV’T was not to impede or trample upon.

    (Please research what a “Lien” is & then start using the Word Properly & correctly: Clue It’s NOT “Un-Alien-able”).

    The Constitution was instituted as a STOP or a clearly keenly outlined document specifically limiting the powers that the Gov’t could wield or assume.

    “We the people” Breathed into the creation of Gov’t & imbued it with certain rights & powers that “We the People” still yet retain!!

    No Rights are derived from a Document….it is abject ignorance & imbecility that would regards this matter as such.

    Example: If I have a progeny, a creation of my wife & I’s: A Son or a Daughter.

    And I “Give” them the right to “Drive” My Vehicle. They can Drive it however they can never claim to hold Title or a LIEN on it as an “Owner”. I retain that right to drive it AND I still OWN the vehicle. It is only despotic satanic hubris that wold cause my creation-progeny to usurp my authority and lay CLAIM to the ownership of my Vehicle and the right I conferred to them to Drive it. It would also be a thimblerig for them to some-how defraud me of my right, the title of ownership to my vehicle & then turn-around & subjugate ME to their control, whims, dictates, & desires.

    THIS very thing is what the American “Public” has not only allowed & NOT vigorously fought against (They fear SLAPPING their Children even in Public!!) but also they have, with abject insanity, co-dependently fostered & encouraged upon themselves!!

    The Constitution does NOT “Guarantee” We the People anything. It is a Document that sets limits on a Collective group of people that would set about to rule…& since Power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely, it was inherently designed to limit the tendency for despotism….not grant or guarantee or give any single person “rights”.

    Americans KEEP Playing this “Game” with their own founding documents & lack the holy perspective to stem the tide of tyranny because of it.

    Americans are haughty & froward without any humility but plenty of hubris.

    But then again??…It was American Churchianity-inanity that has sought to destroy the Law of G*D as not being relevant nor staid nor to be ever properly inculcated, venerated, & esteemed.

    Well, there you have it America!! You’ve denied & trampled upon the ever-lasting Holy Law of G*D (The Creation in tyrannical rebellion against their Creator) and now you are being trampled in like fashion by YOUR “creation”: Gov’t.

    The Little head of the Fed (Much like on any un-ennobled crass-pursuing man) is clearly ruling over & causing madness to replace logical, noble thought and perspective.

    Your “Appetite” for the profane has merely fattened you for the slaughter.

  • Benjamin S. Hall

    Henson Ong made a reference to China’s Tienanmen Square – you think HE knows Tyranny?

    I was getting annoyed at the jerks ringing the bell on him because his testimony is probably the ONLY testimony based on experience in a country where you have no rights!

  • Molon Labe Sailor

    I’m aghast that Henson Ong claims his English isn’t very good. He blew me away! He’s more articulate than the vast majority of anti-gun RINOs and Commie-libs, aka, Democrat morons on Capitol Hill and activist judges at the various national circuit courts. I wonder if Mike Gloom-and-Doomberg even watch REAL Americans like Henson give factual testimonies. He and his ilk hate guns so much, that they’re deaf and blind to the undeniable facts regarding self-defense and the Second Amendment. I hope the Henson Ongs of America continue to show blithering idiot politicians what it means to embrace America and the values that make it great!

  • Marvin Soechting

    This is my kind if immigrant !

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Someone originally from another country can see what is happening here. Americans, dumbed down by years of left-wing “Liberal” brainwashing, can’t see the forest for the trees. How pathetic.

  • Persuasive

    Sometimes we need to hear this from another vantage point. Great job. How You Can Save America from Ridicule and Ruin, is the subtitle of a book I’d Much Rather Laugh! Preferesco Ridere! which also gives another vantage point on the decay we see and what to do about it.

  • SmithWinston6478

    Members of the panel probably missed the sarcasm of Mr. Ang’s sophisticated humor with regard to English not being his first language. He speaks with eloquence and keen wisdom that seems beyond their ability to perceive. Only someone who comes here with his experience can see folly as well as he does. Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes, age comes alone.

    “The more extensive a man’s knowledge of what has been done, the greater will be his power of knowing what to do.” – Benjamin Disraeli
    “When fools and folly rule the world, the end of man may come as a rude shock, but it
    can hardly come as a surprise.” – Afghan poet Abdul Rahman Pazhwak

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