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Illinois Rep. Explodes At Dems For Sneaking Amendment into Gun Bill: ‘Keep Playing Games!’

“Floor amendments should be some technical small change that we shouldn’t have to worry about like this. But yet you bring a whole bill that has questions whether it is even constitutional,” Bost said. “Folks, the process is really messed up. Quit! This is not the bill that everyone has debated…it is a ploy and once again your side of the aisle keeps trying to make ploys instead of dealing with the real issue. Keep playing games!” -Rep. Mike Bost

In the end, House members voted 76-31 against a proposal, pushed by Chicago-area Democrats, that would have allowed county sheriffs and other government officials to weigh in on whether a person should be allowed to have a concealed-carry permit. The “may issue” proposal, House Bill 831, was modeled after a highly restrictive New York gun law.

  • Razorgirl53

    Looks like the Brit’s House of Commons. Bring it!!!

  • rennyangel2

    Thank you, Congressman.
    Now, let’s stop the idjit “immig reform” bill in the Sen. Call the Sen. 202-224-3121 and join Numbers USA for free and send free faxes.
    This krap is another deal to rob the US tax payer, legalize 11 million illegals so they can be Dem. Party members, and open the borders to 10s of millions more. Bork’em and call early and often.

  • John Naylor

    You have really got to watch those slippery Dems, when it comes to eroding your freedoms in any bills and ammendment that comes up in the House or Senate.

  • jcgreen2

    Good for Rep Bost…! It’s about time American leaders start forcefully speaking out about the abuse of power being inflicted on us by the Satanic, Leftist, Progressive, Marxist Democrats. I applaud him and hope many more will follow his lead. In order to preserve our republic, we are going to have go to battle against evil… fighting against: infringement of our God-given right to be armed, against abortion on demand, against homosexual perversion, against amnesty for criminal invaders (aka illegal aliens), against socialized medical care, against women in combat, against class envy, and against just about everything Obama supports!

  • Dustin W. Taunton

    We need more reps with backbone like that!.

  • Bar0Ranch

    What we need to realize is that it is not Democrat vs Republican. It is The Government vs The People. Once one gets their arms around that simple concept, the dire state of our nation comes into focus.

    • patriot2

      that may be what it’s supposed to be like,if the democrats were not an epitome of big the case of America however the democrats & bad government are one & the same.

      • persuasive

        Both parties are sliding quickly down a path which leads us toward a totalitarian form of government. The one by removing guns, if that were possible. The other by removing a persons likelihood of earning a living wage whenever possible. for my book I’d Much Rather Laugh! How You Can Save America from Ridicule and Ruin. Also at B & N and Amazon.

  • Dawn

    Wow, that was intense… Good, but intense!

    • patriot2

      our comedy relief for the day.with the state of the nation being what it is we need all the humor we can get.

  • m dean

    hip hip hurrah!! this congressman is doing the job he is supposed to be doing that bunch ofcrackpots on the left should be thrown out of this cointry they hate they will not take my God-given right to own a gun away from me i leave them alone & my — they had better leave me alone

  • E Pluribus Unim

    Finally, someone with some balls in a legislative position. Shame South Carolina doesn’t really have someone like that, either in the State or on the Fed level. The government, both federal and state, have no business trying to legislate restrictions on our God-given rights, which have been recognized since the beginning of history and codified in the English common law. So, the Obaminator and all of his cronies need to stay away from our Constituition!

  • Fred

    This video is proof that the Democrats are the one who need to learn to be respectful, as well as learn morals and learn to read our founding documents!

    • patriot2

      it would also help if the democrats ever got out of the second grade.

    • panors77

      Obviously according to THAT dem ours is not to “understand” the constitution but ours is to obey THEM and if we have questions about constitutionality we let the supreme court and ONLY the supreme court decide……….PHEH!

  • The Reader

    This goes to show why we in Illinois have no conceal and carry. Our government is broken and guess where O’bama came from? that’s right Illinois.

    • panors77


  • Not_in_Denial

    There are times when ‘parliamentary procedure’ needs to be set aside. More patriots need to stand up and be heard. Bost did what should be done. I don’t live in Illinois thank God, but even my legislators are too milque toast to suit me. We may never get another chance to stop this tyranny and anti-Americanism!

  • PAWatcher

    The democrat rep. did exactly what is feared by US, he would deny a gun to the republican rep. because he DISAGREES with the gun grab.

  • Dave A

    Any congress person who submits legislation which is contrary to the US Costitution should be held accountable.
    Fined and reprimanded!
    The supporting state should issue an immediate recall.
    This would stop all of the foolish laws which are being written.

  • suz

    We have to realize the Democrats lie and cheat and they will do anything . Our constitution is nothing to them and they want it to go away.

  • skipgainer

    If we are going to depend on the supreme court as Constitutional scholars we are fracked. They have been bought and sold and owned right now by the democrats!

    • panors77

      Exactly!!! It’s like the church telling the layety to not read the Bible cuz only the higher ups really “understand it”.

  • Grethe D. Busalacchi

    Good for you. We need more people like you, Cruz, Lee, McClintock, Amash, Wilson r. Paul, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Allen West, and Jim DeMint. God Bless.

  • Rue

    Good old sneaky Obama… told you he was a son of a bi*ch!

  • Joanne Christie

    WE THE PEOPLE need to Stand Up & fight against this tyranny & vote in People that represent us. We The People are responsible for the end result of Our Vote.

    • Donald York

      Think T.E.A.. TOTALLY ENGAGED AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moberndorf

    Democrats are traitors and should be dealt with accordingly.

    • apfl

      we can start with tar and feathers!

  • LLinLa

    Yep, that’s what this country needs! Let’s just let our “rational” elected officials just keep sticking us where the sun won’t shine. I applaud the intensity of Rep. Bost!

  • The_American_Way

    Way to go Representative Mike Bost. Democrats are doing everything in their bag of tricks to circumvent the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. You can expect all kinds of chicanery from these weasels.

  • You Again?

    Drury,that democrat turd, needs to be jailed for crapping all over the Constitution. Traitors get the rope, like they deserve.

  • tarbella

    Its about time some people are standing up against evil. This is our country, our constitution and our right to be Americans. We have no interest in your socialist ways. We like our freedoms and plan on keeping them. if those that like the ideas of socilalism and communism, then go to a country that has it. We are not stopping you.

  • Sergeant Major U.S.M.C.

    dumb dems continue to try to slip things in to bills that have nothing to do with the bill. They (dems) slipped someone into the highest position in tghe U.S.

    • GoldenRudy

      The Dems are not “dumb”. The are “dangerous” to our way of life and a very serious threat to the Constitution. As a Party, the Democrats are no different than any fascist/communist party of the 20th century. But I do understand your feeling they are “dumb”. Some I believe are truly “dumb” and they just follow the Party line regardless.

  • don

    This should not have surprised anyone the Liberal Democrats that claim to be working for the people are the main reason for the vast Majority of the tax increases and all of the Loop Holes in all of the Bills and Laws they pass. The Liberal Democrats were the first to push for the last bill they passed on Insider Trading and they did cause it to fail passing to end there Insider Trading. Yes even Republicans did help to protect there Insider Trading to increase there wealth hand over fist full of money while the Middle Class and the Poor people do without much of what they need. But that does not matter to a Politician they are going to protect there illegally gotten money at any cost and at the cost to We the People no matter what party they are from. If only We the People would wake up and smell the Donkey Dung that Washington DC and the State Capitols spread daily they would start making better decisions when it comes election time. But it is easier jest to send the same old Guard criminals back to congress over and over. We the People don’t care if the same criminals are reelected We the People all have so much that we don’t care what the criminals we elect every election jest takes what they want and they Judge each other so that is why non of them ever go to prison for there actions. Thats is why congress always makes themselves exempt from every Bill and Law they pass.

  • Centurian2010

    Liberals are corrupt and rotten to the core. They could care less about the Constitution; they want to strip us of our freedoms period.

  • ves

    This lyiing backdoor dealing is how Legal US Citizens have been getting the shaft for DECADES!!
    It is Time We Put a STOP to it!!
    How dare anyone put Sanford on a ticket or even suggent this Amnesty Crap again!
    We do NOT need new laws We need ENFORCEMENT and Repeal of Present Laws!
    If the GOP and TeaParty Won’t do it We have to go Independent!!

  • Phillip Lake

    On a serious note: Where does that dumbass democrat suggest that our elected officials should talk about Constitutional Law if not in the House and Senate. I cannot believe that that idiot said to “ignore” the Constitution!

    • The Reader

      and yet…he was a district state attorney, makes one wonder how many people he put away against the rule of the land.

  • Chiron_Venizelos

    If I lived in Illinois, I would want to reside in Representative Bost’s district; out of all the Republicans in their State government, he was the only one with enough backbone to stand up to the anti-Americans across the aisle.
    That said, Rep. Bost made one grievous error–he failed to read “Il Principe,” specifically the part where one learns to “never hate your enemy; it clouds your judgement.”
    We must fight our enemies with all our might but we must make the battle on our terms.

  • md46atskittles15

    Way to go, this is a true man. thank you for speaking up. although I think the democrats were trying to make you go crazy more by the way they were repeating order, order,. It made me so mad when they said someone like you doesn’t need a gun. The sissy Dems don’t like guns because they are not man enough to know how to use one.

  • panors77

    Nonsense??? Sooooooo……….we’re all supposed to keep blinders on and just “trust” the dems and their unconstitutional bills because only the supreme court can understand the constitution?? Wow……… about nonsense………it’s overflowing from the dem side.

  • Montie Rumsower

    These Dems are using every dirty trick in the book, to strip everyone of our constitution rights.

  • Tom Mackrola

    it’s time the people of Illinois woke up. come on people look at the areas of the country that are in financial problems and gun problems. they are democratic strongholds. get rid of the career polictians

  • GoldenRudy

    Rep Bost: good show! Keep fighting. You and those in support of you are our last line of defense against the fascists.

  • Kris

    and this was in Illinois!! funny stuff- good for Bost!

  • bob novak

    No matter, this will not end well for Ill. citizens, thanks to Chicago and its propensity towards gang violence, and the fact that its illegal for most citizens to legally own or carry a weapon.

  • Robert H Goetz Sr

    Bravo Representative Bost! I happen to be a captive of Chicago’s insane Gun Laws where only Ploice, Aldermen, and the Politically Connected can carry a Firearm for personal protection.

  • red

    The modern Democratic party is a disgrace to this country.

  • artarlo1

    Oh Oh the the liberals and Obama will be mad at him

  • usluv

    He’s right and who can be respectful to someone who says that about ‘we don’t want someone like him to be carrying a gun””. What a dumbass remark . Whoever said it is a leftist pc bs weasel. It is still allowed …when being a human being…to lose your temper. You lefties and your pc are wimps and have no back bone.

  • Paul Brown

    “The house will be in order”, It hasn’t been in order since the demoncraps have taken over the country and is set out to destroy it.

  • Susan

    Respectful to the Marxists who are destroying our Constitution????–and Rule of Law????—-making Sodomy and Slavery “Rights” from God. These politicians are insane—or incredibly EVIL!!!!! At least one person understands how insidious the Leftist are!

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