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Is “Illegal” The New “N” Word?

  • HappyG

    Here’s a thought, how about showing some ‘compassion’ to the applicant’s for immigration that have actually respected our nation enough to follow her legal pathway to entry…The pro-illegal types like to call us haters for demanding our laws be enforced…yet seem to have no qualms disenfranchising those who have followed our laws and respected our country…Let’s be honest, this administration has no use for people who respect the United States of America…if he did, he would cleanse us of these invaders and process those who have shown us proper respect…That’s one thing he does have the power to do…but I won’t hold my breath.

    • me

      its called “ethnic replacement”. off to the fema camps with the middle and lower class white and black people.

      • Sandy/CA

        If we’re even going to be that lucky. ObamaCare rationing may be the means of extinction here.

      • Tom K.

        @ me: Obama’s ” Biological Warfare Children ” are being spread all over America as are the violent MS-13 killers, for maximum – deadly effect. Every contagious disease known will be waiting in YOUR CHILD’S School THIS FALL. The infected will be shipped off to the F.E.M.A. camps to receive Obama Care and die. Once 180 to 200 MILLION middle class are KILLED, the Dem-Lib-Prog-Soc-Comms will have the voting block they need to stay in power for 100 years in the New Third World Amerika – – and THEN we will be ” fundamentally changed “. Thanks Obama voters.

    • srmopiper

      I am a naturalized American and proud of it, I came here the legal way… had to prove that I had a job to come to, had to go through a security check, had to have a complete physical before they would allow me to come in as a “Resident Alien”. If I left the country I had to prove that I had paid ALL taxes due to date, was not allowed to vote and before I co apply for Citizenship, I had to prove that I could speak English, that I knew the first 4 amendments to the Constitution and that I could recite the Pledge of Allegiance. At the “Swearing In” I swore to renounce my mother country and abide by the laws of the USA. Why the hell are these ILLEGALS being allowed into my country?

      • Vicki E

        Welcome! Pleasure to have you here!
        God bless you and your family.

      • DustyFae

        You are a Blessing…
        Good for you, you are America in my eyes…

      • bobwhite1935

        I was born here but my Grandparents came here legally on both my mother & father families & I was proud of my country until now that barack hussein obama an illegal alien lied his way into the US presidency with the help of the power hungry democrat party.crooks.

      • HappyG

        Thank you for respecting our nation…and welcome aboard. Clearly the United States needed the skill set you had and deemed you as a quality individual. You sir/ma’am are the epitome of the immigrants who made this country great. Thank you for your contribution…and may God bless you and yours.

      • Edward Ebersole

        Thank you for all your hard work and hanging in there when the going got tough.

      • Combatvet52

        Bless you, my mother and father did the same thing many years ago and became very proud American citizens my Dad went to school almost right off the boat to learn the english language and taught my Mom as well did very well for himself and his family.

  • me

    here in los angeles we call them > illegal alieins , wetbacks , and invaders. calling them “invaders” has really taken off here in los angeles but wetbacks is still the most used word to descibe people here “illegally”. dont insult black people by calling these names to discribe LAWBREAKERS the new N word because it is NOT !

  • monacall


    • wolfman4u

      ALIENS, ALIENS, ALIENS, are the law breakers

  • cajanone1

    The real term for the ILLEGAL ALIENS is CRIMINAL ALIENS! The second they crossed the border they became criminal for the crossing without proper documentation.

    • wolfman4u

      YES, YES, YES they are all Criminal Illegal Aliens

    • above god

      No way! Obama will no longer call the invaders illegal aliens. Obama will call them what they are & will become, “unregistered Democrats “.

  • jenersea

    Illegal criminals every where in the world except in the minds of the traitors of the obozo regime who encouraged this great swarm of illegals to come across the border to play on the sympathies of the American people because some of them are kids, so that he can push his great illegal invasion amnesty program. Anyone agreeing to giving one red cent to fund this criminal activity is a traitor to the US and should be thrown out of office. Open tent cities on the white house lawn and bring trucks in to initiate Operation Wet Back and get them back across the border. Then send the National Guard backed up by federal troops to secure the border.

    • Sandy/CA

      jenersea, they want the young kids so that they can easily indoctrinate them into whatever form of government we’re changing to, be it Marxist, Facist , Socialist, etc. These uneducated kids will be like sponges to the educational teaching they will be receiving. They are being mentally controlled by our government so that they will be easy to take control of under the coming new form of dictatorship we’re headed for.

    • Rick

      The Southwestern governors should each send their National Guard to the border.obozo will do nothing just like he already does.

    • wolfman4u

      Obozo and his cronies intentionally caused all this to happen by not enforcing current immigration laws

  • pysco

    I don’t even think, there should be hub-bub about the “N” word, to me it has nothing to with the color of a mans skin, but more about his moral character, there are plenty of white, brown, and yellow “N”‘s around too. Whereas “Illegal” aliens is nothing more than a comment about his status… To me a more discripitive term would be Illegal, criminal, aliens.

    • RangerRick

      “”Wetbacks”” is Really insulting to them …. also – buy some mexi flags on toothpicks at 99¢ or $1 store, then drop them in urinals at fast food places, so they will pee on their own flag!

  • Sandy/CA

    They don’t want us using the word Illegal because, in reality, they are Invited Guests of our government. If they are guilty of being here illegally, then so is our government guilty for Inviting them to come here without the proper documentation.. GW Bush is guilty of this as well. He invited the Central American people to come here when he was in office, so Both Parties are illegally welcoming aliens into our country. Along with that, our Constitution is Toast or soon will be. We’re going to a One World Government with it’s own Constitution for ruling the entire world. If we are not in favor of this, not that anyone asked the rightful owners of this country if they were, then we Must defy this procedure Now! The illegals know more about the plan for the world’s future than we do. We’re being kept in the dark on purpose!

    • wolfman4u

      Corrupt third world countries are beyond fixing

      • RangerRick

        – – – Just Nuke ’em !!!!

        • Wolfman

          Ranger Rick,,As soon as the Muslim Terrorists get nuclear weapons it is all over for all of us as they will Nuke us first while Obozo is playing golf or on vacation as he is out to lunch

  • GoldenRudy

    My Lord, we are finished. What would these jerks called Germans that may have just landed on Long Island in 1943?

    • Antogeny

      Freedom fighters, opportunity seekers, survivalists!!!! They have been brainwashed by the DumBOcrats!

      • GoldenRudy

        And the government school system that does not teach factual American history. The products of the indoctrination school system, union run, today think little of America and the American culture.

        • Antogeny

          I have been saying since the 70’s that our education system is failing us – and it’s gotten much, much worse since then!!! But for my patriotic father, I’d have come out of our school system a flaming Libtard, too!!! Parents CAN make a big difference.

    • wolfman4u

      as soon as the Muslim Terrorists get nuclear weapons it is all over for all of us

    • Rick

      They did in 1942 on Long Island and just south of Jacksonville.

      • GoldenRudy

        Yes, a simple handful did, not 100,000 thousand plus. And those handful were either quickly executed or incarcerated for being enemies of America, weren’t they. BIG difference.

        • Rick

          You are right my friend. Six died in DC’s electric chair and two life.

  • Val

    CRIMINALS= People who break the LAWS of the land.

    • Antogeny

      WOW! That would apply to the majority of this administration!

      • wolfman4u

        including the Feds not enforcing Americas immigration laws

  • Antogeny

    Freedom fighter, survivalist, someone looking for opportunity????? Why can’t they do all of that in THEIR OWN country?????? Their own country doesn’t want them, can’t take care of them, can’t provide education, medical care, food, homes, for them, so they think they can dump them on the US and we will do what they cannot do????? There may have been a day when we could have taken care of the world, but with so many people under- or unemployed, medical expenses, food, taxes, and energy going up, we can’t even take care of citizens!!! I am not a racist; I sympathize with those people. However, why should THEY get preferential treatment over people in similar circumstances in the REST of the world who want to come here to survive or seek opportunity or fight for freedom? Is the PC answer that people in Asia, Europe, Africa, aren’t entitled to be considered for immigration because they simply can’t sneak across border or swim the river??? Does anyone care about all the children who DIE to come here – thinking our streets are paved with gold??? Last time I looked, we couldn’t even fix all the potholes in our streets! The Libtards who won’t answer or who pretend that they are on the side of the ILLEGALS should take some into their own homes and provide for them! Have those idiots even considered that the people they “sort of support” or are “afraid to criticize” could take their jobs, give them a contagious disease, or cause their taxes to be raised even more???? They have been brainwashed into thinking that we OWE the world!!!! For what???? The USA has made mistakes, but, IMHO, fewer than most other countries have made. We reubilt the countries we bombed in WWI and many are doing better than they were before the war. We outlawed slavery – but there is an element in this country that wants the illegals to BE the new slaves. Cheap labor! It’s another way to violate human rights! We can no longer AFFORD, thanks to the DumBOcrats, to support the WORLD. We are rapidly reaching a condition where it will be every man for himself in this country – a frightening and sad state of affairs.

    • wolfman4u

      as soon as the Mussie Terrorists get nuclear weapons it is all over for all of us

  • gregorie

    i prefer wetback myself…but since so many of these are coming across the desert vs. the Rio Grand….are they dry backs?

    I don’t care what these criminals might want to be called, they’re criminals and leeches on this country.

  • Down to Earth Thinking

    It has been ever since the PRAVDA/MSM maniacs coined the phrase undocumented worker to replace the phrase illegal alien. that is how they do it , pretty simple Hey ? Just make it up and the sheep eat it up !

    How many people questioned that new phrase or even considered it ? I did years ago . They simply make it all up as they go along and all is explained in great detail at my site for all to see for free ! My name

  • wolfman4u

    illegal aliens not undocument workers are the norm

    • Pat Alexander

      Criminal would be correct!

  • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

    Gee, When I worked on the Southern Border, we called them “TONKS” because that is what it sounded like when you smacked their heads with a 4D Maglite…

  • Pat Alexander

    This should make any American angry and sick of this corrupt establishment!

  • paulrph1


  • bayman61

    Illegal, illegal, illegal, illegal. Also criminal, criminal, criminal. How’s that?

  • bayman61

    Say all you want, we will not stop calling them that. And no, it is not the new N word.

  • CTConservatives47

    These are criminal illegals aliens. They have no business here. They are lawbreakers and need to be immediately deported. And, while they’re at it, ship Obama where they came from.

  • Casey Dial

    King Obama is the problem. He refuses to enforce any law he disagrees with. America use to be a country run by the rule of law. The law was applied equally to every American citizen. If a person was here in this country illegally, they were deported. No more. Obama picks and chooses what laws he has Eric Holder enforcing and what laws he wants him to ignore. And if that is not bad enough, Obama unilaterally changes laws i.e. the Affordable Care Act, with ZERO input from Congress. Obama is the one who should be criminally charged. It’s either than or officially make him the King because he is certainly acting like one.

  • ch1ckster

    I’m all for calling them legals as soon as they get that way.

  • Kathy

    I haven’t heard one lawmaker SAY one word about sending a delegation down to Mexico to have a little talk with El Presidente and ask him if he has ever heard of the crippling sanctions that we have put on countries such as Iran or North Korea. Then tell him in no uncertain terms that we are ready to put crippling Economic Sanctions on Mexico and see how fast that the last train boxcar rooftops are gong to be their last. Also their border patrol agents will work in tandem with ours to make sure no undesirables(citizens of Mexico who have either spent time in jail or have committed heinous crimes on innocent Mexican citizenry. Also, for all the Democrats who have been screaming for amnesty, will have a chance to welcome their undesirables that will in the very soon future will be in the same classroom as their own childen, some of who are in Gang 13 and are familiar in the ways in whchi to induct other your young children into this infamous gang. Others still have never been immunized and a carrying tuberculosis, lice, lime desease and the dreaded meningigtis bacteria, of course there is no way of knowing. They should bus these kids down to very liberal pro-amnesty cities like Beverly Hills, Hollywood, The Hamtons, and lets not forget San Franciso and Washington DC and all of the states that have voted for amnesty. This will sure change their minds and quickly will they begn the write bills, if they haven’t already, with names such as “Not in My State.!” Oh so it OK for Republican states like TX. We OWNED THOSE BORDERS before one week before when Obama again went down and had his little Pow Wow with El Presidente, and then the surge What he cannot get from Congress, he will do on his own. And he did just that. The UN wants from us, in order to give Obama his crown he wants so desperately to let the UN decide what our Constituion means and how much power our leaders have and have not,,,a cold day in hell when an international court or a German judge can interpret what our own Constitution means. In Justice Robert’s own words,”If a German just has to interpret out Constitution, no president accountable to the people ever elceted that judge.” The one of the many things the UN is demanding from us for a crown for Obama is for have open and free borders-done.We have to fight this UN Takeover of the United States by Barack Obama and if he stays in 2 more years, I can just imagine what more indignities he will bring down upon our headsl Already we are disrespected and not to be trusted to help when they are in distress. We ignored, along with the UN, the Treaty of Budapest . Respectfully, P, Kathy Kleiman, Editor/Writer/Researcher/Owner The Editng Chair: An Established Reseach Company San Antonio, TX 78259 (210)214-1208

  • hagar2935


    i will keep saying it over and over and over, and if it offends these criminals and Liberals …. TOO BAD!!!!

    GO BACK TO THE COUNTRY YOU CAME FROM! You are NOT wanted here!

    LEGAL immigrants are always welcome, however!

  • Jimbob

    I prefer the term, “wetback,” myself.

  • Kay

    It is a descriptive adjective, properly describing those who have broken Federal and local laws by coming here without permission or invitation. It is illegal entry. I am sick of changing my vocabulary for bleeding heart, ignorant liberals.

  • shannon853

    no, the new word is invaders! more are here then the invasion forces of d-day!

  • Just_me_and_God

    So…. Illegal is now illegal?

  • Shadowwolf78

    No, because you can say or type or show Illegal without a real issue. However you cannot do the same with the N word. Just the fact that we say or show N word without actually spelling or saying it out shows this without question.

  • Stanley

    It’s that way if you pin heads let the government convince you it is! Most of your mentalities they will!

  • DustyFae

    They look too darn well fed and dressed to be refugees and escaping from a war .. if they are looking for jobs, they are lying, they know America has no jobs here, they want freebies, and most likely Central America cleaning out their Jails of trouble makers.. They look fatter then some of the needy and Vets and Seniors and Kids then the people here.. They are criminals.. Illegal is breaking the law, alien means not of this country… so they are illegal aliens.. and no one , not even Obama is going to change words to suit his own illegal alien actions… Obama whole family in USA are illegal aliens…At least the three that l know were as illegal as the gang members crossing the border…

  • cae973

    They are illegal aliens!!!!

  • Wayne

    Obama, his cabinet and the Democrats have selective understanding! They display this on a daily basis.
    We must defy and defeat them!
    They commit treasonous acts as defined by United States law and should be tried for such!
    Our government has violated us!

  • Ted Crawford

    It seems to me, this is analogous to a similar situation that occurred during the Administration, of our last Foreign Policy Genius, Carter, (the real Father of this “Arab Spring, for his incompetent response to the Embassy take over, in 1979) in 1980! In that case Fidel and Raul Castro dumped over 100,000 unwanted Cubans, at least 25% of which were hard-core Criminals, on our shores in rapid waves!
    EGRO: It’s a proven method of invading America, whenever we elect incompetent people to Leadership positions!

  • WhiteFalcon

    I don’t always use the term “illegal” in refrence to illegals, a lot of the time I just call them criminal aliens, because that is what they are. Those that block enforcing theimmigration laws are just as much criminals as the criminals.

  • wizard

    The current mess on our boarder does NOT demonstrate a need for immigration reform (a change to existing law). It DOES demonstrate the need to enforce existing law. It does not matter if they are called illegal aliens, foreign nationals, or illegal immigrants. They are here illegally and breaking the law. Mexico has no qualms about enforcing it’s boarder laws. If in doubt, just ask the family of the US Marine that they have in jail. Perhaps we could swap about a thousand foreign nationals for our one Marine. The President took an oath to defend the Constitution. The Constitution states “he shall faithfully execute the law”. He has not done so!

  • Diane

    Cloward and Piven Strategy in action, folks. Shame on us for not recognizing it, or worse, not even knowing what it is. If you are here illegally you are a CRIMINAL. Period, end of statement. This is the end of America. Please watch this informative video, share and get politically active to stop the hemorraging. Let’s help OUR citizens first.

  • Tom K.

    There is a huge movement among the Dem-Lib-Prog-Soc-Comms to control the words / language in order to control the ” debate “. I refuse to be Politically Correct and thus CONTROLLED. I fought for your free speech and mine and will do so again. We have thieves, murderers, carriers of deadly diseases – breaking into our Home ( America ) which is an illegal act, SO they are indeed Illegal Aliens. If your news outlet OR your Congressional Employee uses any term other than ILLEGAL ALIEN, be sure to FIRE THEM !

  • Rham

    Take a look a this:

    New York City’s mayor has paid a call on Pope Francis’ top aide to discuss migration issues.

    During his holiday in Rome, Mayor Bill de Blasio met Monday with Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican secretary of state.

    Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi said the two explored approaches to migration.

    Parolin recently returned from a meeting in Mexico dedicated to migration issues and human rights.

    Pope Francis has called for “urgent intervention” to protect migrant minors crossing into the United States on their own. Earlier this month, De Blasio signed a measure offering ID cards to city residents regardless of immigration status.

    Lombardi said the chat also provided an “obvious” opportunity for the mayor to offer a welcome mat, should Francis visit the United States next year as many expect.


  • James Maxwell

    I don’t like the work Illegal either, call them what they are Criminal Illegal Invaders, they are not
    immigrants. Immigrants come thru the front door and do it in a lawful and legal manner.

  • janmaus

    Gosh–I thought that the word illegal as an adjective was the polite way to refer to a criminal!

  • moedom

    What would I call them? Voters for Democrats…………………….

  • pateboo

    If it was up to ME, I’d call them dead meat.

  • msueh

    ILLEGAL, ILLEGAL, ILLEGAL, ILLEGAL, ILLEGAL, ILLEGAL. There. Wash my mouth out with soap.

  • Stan Parrish

    That one guy said the word illegal was disrespectful. Are we supposed to respect illegal actions? Are we supposed to respect people whose very first action in our country is to break the law? Do we really want to encourage millions of uninvited and unknown invaders with unknown intent to sneak into our country?

  • Cosmic Mastermind

    No, but perhaps it should be. It’s a word used much too often in the media (and lets be honest, the RIGHT wing media) to dehumanize “the other”. The term “illegal immigrant” I think is reasonable, but the abbreviation “illegals” grates on my nerves..

    Illegal.. it reminds me of the movie Gattaca where people who are not born through genetic selection are known kindly as “faith births” but to most are called in-valids, and those who borrow the identities of “valids” are condemned as “de-gene-erates”.

    Illegals.. sometimes the way they say it it’s like what they really mean is “nigg**grants”. You might be surprised that I actually have a bit of a beef against Mexico because I think they HAD their Country and they screwed it up and so I’m like “well, you’ve got your own Country, now go fix it”. But you can’t put the blame on individuals or families. My objection holds true when I’m talking about Mexico as a Country and a State, but it’s wrong to demonize people.

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