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If Obama Sends Police to Come for Your Guns, Civil War?

This video is a message to all American including those of you who are serving in the military and law enforcement. America is losing all of the freedoms that define it as America. The American dream will come to an end unless we draw the line.

Everyone of you is going to have to make a decision. Obama is moving to become a dictator. In order to do that, Americans must be disarmed. Our government is preparing legislation to have firm arms confiscated beginning with semi-automatic rifles and military grade hand guns. I’m asking you to become public and vocal. I’m asking you to publicly state with me that IF anyone in any level of government uses physical force to remove our firearms, that you execute them as terrorists who are trying to overthrow our form of government and turn America into a police state modeled after Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. In this video I’m going to lay out the historical facts that show where are county is headed. Specifically, I’m going to compare the United States to the rise and fall of Nazi Germany so you can the undeniable comparisons.



  • gypsy314

    I agree with the cop lets get it on. Lets take the fight to them not wait for them to come to us.

    • Tewana Secumbah


    • Beedogs

      Calling for rebellion? Good luck with that. I am an oath keeper — the time is not here. Not even close. Good luck when homeland security comes a knockin son. You have loose lips, and I bet little back bone when (if) it truly hits the fan.

      • gypsy314

        When is the time right after they are at your door son. Back bone uh any time you want son. You maybe right about talking about it but someone must speak up sooner or later maybe your back bone is missing to lead?

    • grumpy3625

      Yep. May I suggest that we organize a million man march on Washington D.C. Don’t forget to pack your essentials.

      • catnip24

        don’t take any guns or magazines unless you’re a liberal left wing television commentator who can actually get by with possessing and showing a magazine on the air in washington d.c.

      • gypsy314

        Good ideal lets do it

  • waterman

    I am a former police officer and I would not have gone and confiscated people’s guns.

    I can tell you now that I will not just hand over my guns. The only way that they will get my guns, is after I gave them my ammo first one bullet at a time.

    If an officer puts himself in the position of trying to take my guns for confiscation by government to disarm the law abiding citizens, then he will also put himself in my crosshairs and I will pull the trigger if forced to do so. It is a crying shame that we even have to contemplate such a senario, but with all the calls for gun bans and confiscation, then we have to awaken and say to ourselves what if.

    Can I do…… what I am telling all of you I will do, I truly believe I can and I will.

    I am an American in every way that I was raised to be. I will defend the American way to the death. I will not let some idiot from Brittain or any other country come to my home land and try to instigate a rogue government such as we have now to take my freedoms from me and my fellow Americans. I hope that there are many more like me that would stand for what is right and stand against tyranny and have the balls to go and take back that which was given to us by God Almighty.

    I hope that I am not alone. Can someone reassure me.

    • pointdan

      Amen Brother.
      Invest in precious metals: Buy Lead.
      Happy New Year !

    • Patriot

      First rule: Never hand your id or badge to anyone.
      Second Rule: Never hand your loaded weapon to anyone.
      3rd: Always stay in control of a situation.
      Don’t pull your gun from your holster unless you are going to shoot.
      If you shoot, always go for the body shot!
      Never follow an illegal or immoral order.
      You are not alone!

      • Beedogs

        Do NOT (almost NEVER) go for the body shot—for the thug/criminal may wear body armor. Learn head and pelvic cradle shots. Watch the backdrop – where will the round go if you miss the criminal killer. The recent mass killers all wore body armor. Take out the locomotion and limit thier movements, or the head and end them – IF they are killing innocents.
        Otherwise hold your firepower – do not engage unless in LEGAL self defense of yourself or innocent sheeples. Do NOT become a predator like the opposition – no matter the provocation. LEGAL and ETHICAL self defense of innocent victims ONLY!!!!!!!
        If not confident of your sight picture buy a laser for your firearm – and ensure it is correctly aimed. NEVER fire unless you know you are legal and are positive your round will impact the criminal. We do NOT want well meaning citizens in prison.

        • LLinLa

          Patriot & Beedogs: both relevant and excellent advice!

        • bobalo59

          Soon, the term legal and ethcal will not apply to the average citizen. It’ll be defend yourself and your family and neighbors against a tyranical government.

      • Davethebrave

        If you shoot go for the head as most have armored vest on and will only knock them down.

    • Tewana Secumbah

      Not alone brother. Same here. I feel exactly as you do. I will not surrender. However, I strongly feel that preemption is necessary.

      • Hammer

        Been saying what he’s saying for years also been lock and loaded for years and intend to stay that way….bring it on bummer…nothing like a good fight but be forwarned you are out numbered 3000 to one and fighting for a cause…..

    • WhatConstitution

      I agree waterman! I’ll be all out of ammo before they’ll be able to get through my door. Molon Labe

      • Johnnygard

        You don’t have enough ammo. Your guns should melt before you run out.

        • Spatial Awareness

          How much should one have/is enough? Would like to be thoroughly prepared.

          • Johnnygard

            If you know how many guns you have, you don’t have enough (My feeling). Some people say you should have at least 1,000 rounds of every caliber that you have, but they admit, if the worst happens, you won’t live long enough to shoot 1,000.

          • Spatial Awareness

            Thanks! Appreciate the input.

        • WhatConstitution

          Ah yes, well, one mustent give away how much ammo one might have whether it is in cans, boxes or those nasty evil extended capacity magazines, should I. :0)

    • Beedogs

      True peace officers, military, and civil servants will never come for our guns because they respect our Bill of Rights. Any who come for our guns or free speech are domestic enemies of the USA, our constitution and our Bill Of Rights. Oath keepers keep the oath. Those who swore the oath but lied or are cowards are enemies that our founders foresaw.
      I took a oath and I shall keep it. ALL enemies – foreign AND domestic. The Secret Service and military took the same oath as I – at least 50% will comply with thier oaths.
      Homeland Security and NSA are reading this – do not doubt that for one seond. Either humans, or software scanning is reading this thread and key words. 1984 is late – but here now. Doubt, say the wrong thing – and either roll over or back your words – ***IF** that time comes. Do not post lightly if you are not a patriot in the manner of our forefathers and founders.
      NOTE: I shall not revolt – UNLESS Obama goes for a third/permanent term of office. His current malfeasance is not a bridge far enough (for me). I work hard within legal bounds – donations of cash and time to elect conservatives and constitutional authority – as in compliance with my oaths of enlistment.

      However, do not violate my Bill of Rights as a free man and citizen of the USA.

    • mskyler

      Waterman I can assure you brother that I have taken an oath to defend this country against all enemies forgein and domestic, and when it comes to the disarmerment of us citizens I would like to think that ALL military and police would stand on the side of the people but Im sure there are plenty of liberal thinking that would not and I can assure you one thing examples will be made of those that attempt to disarm me, my wife and I both agree we will NOT live under any kind of communist rule, these bastards have taken advantage of the American people for to long and think they can treat us like children and tell us what we can and can not do to many men and women have given there lives to assure our way of life and our freedom lives on for our children and grand children, the political correctness has gotten way outta hand, some wars have been for nothing more than political gain democrate or republican they are both guilty of TREASON and TYRANNY they have slowly played We The People and now we are at the crossroads between freedom and communisum, and I will let you know now I will fight with every breath to protect and defend my family and neighbors from these communist bastards from enslaving us, I have the balls and will fight to the end to defend our liberties and freedom. NO NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bull57

    Talking about killing and people in the crosshairs is easy. I would find it very difficult to pull the trigger, but not impossible. I hope the day does not come where we have to make that choice!

    • Beedogs

      Amen brother. Never take a life or pull a trigger unless 100 percent in the right morally.

  • TJC62

    I hope they go all in on gun control and try some sort of forced buyback or confiscation. The 2nd American Revolution is long overdue


      The Revolution Second One that is, is closer than any of them think and they are outgunned and outmaned !

  • covert1968

    Head shot from 1000 feet and then Claymore and ied fun at 100 yds. talk about mad and rejecting TYRANNY !

    • Beedogs

      Talk about loose and unjustified talk. You have never served in any capacity – proven by your loose tongue and immoral post. Grow up son. May I suggest several tours of duty in the armed services to learn a few things.

  • ATLDave

    Takng Americans gun’s would be a major phenominally stupid mistake. We are destined to repeat history if we ignore it. Doesn’t anybody remember Ruby Ridge. If you do then multiply that by a thousand.only this time they will see the government coming and there will be much more than a couple of dead “preppers”. This time there will be IEDs, sniping and booby traps directed at our own government in the US. There are 200 million privately owned guns in the US, all documents reside in the gun shops and not in the government. Does anybody really belive that these docements won’t just “disappear”. Do we really think that a government that can’t control 2,000 guns going into Mexico is going to be able to control and consfiscate all the wepons in the US. Only the idiots in our government would actually think they could pull this off. Madness!!

    • Tewana Secumbah

      It’s been done before. That’s the problem. But, only because people obeyed!

      • Beedogs

        LAST RESORT: Metal bathed in oil,wrapped in cloth, covered in layers of plastic bags, then buried. Still in great shape decades from now.
        Work to keep our nation free by ALL LEGAL means. Mid term elections of 2016 are CRITICAL. Donate cash and volunteer time – elect as many conservatives as possible at all levels of governance. We still have time to save our country at the ballot box IF people get off their dead butts and DO something instead of only posting and flapping thier jaws.

  • Leslie Haveman Rish

    I will not hand over my gun, It is my right to have it. Obama needs to be tried for treason as is all calling for the end of the second ammedment. I can only hope that no police officer will enforce any gun confiscation. As I’m a public Safety Officer I will not enforce any violation of the Constitution.

  • camdenme2

    Oh ya baby!! There would be a few dead people before they got my guns !!!!

    • Beedogs

      Loose lips sink ships. IP addresses are a daily collection of the NSA. My IP has been collected many times. I have been in government (military), still in good standing, until retirement held VERY high level security clearances, been polygraphed, STILL in good standing, yet I am still in Homeland Security/NSA database of IP addresses for my posts of free speech.

      I am a oath keeper – I am known to my government on many levels. I am NOT a threat to my nation at this point in time – until my government crosses a red line that my nations founders warned us of. We are NOT there yet. I pray to God that we are NEVER there. I pray for my granddaughters nation after I am dust – that it is STILL a free nation.

      If you cannot polygraph as to your fealty to our constitution then do not post idle Bull Crap. The day may come when you are subject to interrogation – I can pass that polygraph as a oath keeper to my nation, my constitution, and our Bill of Rights – can you?

  • Camille Chandler

    Sadly, this is another example of how the government has brainwashed us in school by the teachings of history teachers. How many times have I heard the War Between the North and South called “The Civil War”? By definition, a civil war is a war between people of the same country. Go back and read your American history. “The Civil War” was, in actuality a war between the Confederate States of America and the Northern States of America. The North invaded the INDEPENDENT country of the Confederate States of America. Already in place by secession, the election of a President and the establishment of a Capital of the Confederate States of America. And, the discussion of Sandy Hook Shooting, needs to bring the tragedy in Colorado at the opening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in to play, also. He left out a lot of information.

  • swed

    Just think of all the free government supplied bullets in the hands of Patriots. 9mm. Government is corrupt, broken and failing rapidly.

  • Jefferson Dowda

    Your County Sheriff is your first line of defence, get to know your Sheriff. In truth, the County Sheriff, in his County, is the most powerfull individual in America. He is elected by the people of that county, he is sworn to uphold the US Constitution, the State and local laws, but above all, it is his job, to protect the citizens of his county, even against the Federal government, if that government is violating the US Constitution, especially the Bill Of Rights. This dosen’t make him or her a ruller or supreme commander, he is an employee of the county residents, and is by law, required to do all in his ability to protect them. This could, and probably would require that he deputise residents, to assist him in that protection, and the citizens are actually required by the US Constitution, to reject a tyranical government, thus indicated in the 2nd amendment. One of the best things you can do to prepare for the posibility of tyrany and an unconstitutional Fed. is to seek community mettings, request your Sheriff to attend, and ask the important questions. What are your opinions on gun control and the 2nd amendment? How would you react to any confiscation order from the Fed? How would you react if Federal forces or UN Forces came into our county for that purpose. Do you have any contingency plans for such actions? Will you stand by your oath to defend the Constitution, Bill Of Rights, and the Citizens who elected you? If you can’t get him or her to attend such a meeting, flood his office with emails, letters and phone calls, you will get a responce. Do not depend on local or national news channels as most if not all are already corrupted and biased towards the new Progressive, ( Communist ), agenda, anyone with eyes and ears can see this daily. Even Fox News cannot be trusted to be accurate in reporting, they are becomming more and more center, to center left leaning.

  • Bucko27

    If Obama or this Congress pass gun control there will be a Revolution!! I would die before I would live under a dictator!! Let there be no doubt about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Beedogs

      Words. Words are so easy.

      • mskyler

        I wont say a word BEEDOGs, I will let the powder do the talking,you never under estimate a man with a gun, when I go Im taking a BUNCH of them with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marineh2ominer

    I am a PROUD TEA PARTY supporter , I feel they need to start NOW in taking the 2016 elections , including the President , House and Senate . this will ALL be necessary if we are to re-establish the constitutional republic of the United States of America , but a great beginning would be to start preparing Mr. David L Vanderbeek as a VERY good presidential nominee . Never expect ANY meaningful help from the national republican party , as a lifelong republican , I am here to tell you they are ANTI-CONSERVATIVE , and only conservatism will save us .

    • Beedogs

      THANK YOU!!!!!! 2016 – donate $$ – volunteer time!!!! Elect conservatives – save our nation.
      Enough talk – time to DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I never heard of your candidate, but I will research, and if he is a sane conservative non wacko I shall join you in your support. From city council to animal control to sheriff to governor to senator to representative (state and federal) – work your butts off to elect conservatives!! Talk is CHEAP! Walk the walk sheeples! That applies to me too!

  • Guest

    Peace officers, military, and civil servants will never come for our guns because they respect our Bill of Rights. Any Nazi Brown Shirts who come for our guns are domestic enemies of the USA, our constitution and our Bill Of Rights. They shall be given our ammuntion — one round at a time. Oath keepers keep the oath. Those who swore the oath but lied or are cowards are enemies that our founders foresaw.

  • JayelK
    • Beedogs

      Who in thier right minds clicks on links without the person posting explaining what is at that link?

  • grumpy3625

    Please wake up everyone! When or if our government confiscates our guns we will have a government like Germany did in the time of the Nazis and Russia in the time of Stalin. We will be defenseless against them and they will have plans for us that you could not even imagine, just like in Germany and Russia. Moreover, it will be game over because there will be no one coming to our aid and defense like we did for Europe in WWII–there will be no country left with guns and no military who will put down our oppressors. France would not and could not; Britain would not and could not; Germany would not and could not. The jackals will descend upon us while the world bankers will laugh at the whole thing from their protected positions. Buy a gun now and don’t let the government know that you have one. You will need it.

  • catnip24

    there’s appears to be one wrong assumption people seem to be making. obama’s not going to use regular police or military to confiscate our weapons. if obama tried to do this there would be a coup. i believe obama’s preparing his own strategy to develop and legalize an entirely separate “police state” using black panthers, loyal communists and left wing radicals in an attempt to disarm americans. read some hitler history about how he organized his own sa to enforce his dictatorship. obama and hitler parallel each other so much it’s truly frightening.

    obama already said he could do more but the constitution keeps getting in his way. obama has no use for the constitution, let alone the second amendment. why has the government been purchasing thousands of rounds of ammunition? there’s a master plan somewhere and it’s not going to be good for law abiding gun owners.

    i will not give up my guns either. i guess the only thing to believe is live free or die. the answer for 2013 may be 1776. let’s hope that’s not the case.

  • Bob Marshall

    Our founders put in the second amendment to protect the citizens from a tyrannical government. Just what we are seeing today.

  • Winghunter

    If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no recourse left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government.” – Alexander Hamilton

    “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people
    preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.” – Thomas Jefferson

    Founders quotes on 2nd:

  • hausman69

    What needs to happen is for the House of Representatives to start impeachment proceedings against Marxist Obama. It use to be that sexual misconduct or breaking and entering were impeachable offenses. The bar has been risen so high that the murder of four Americans does not reach the bar. Marxist Obama is making Congress irrelevant through Executive Orders which violate the United States Constitution. Impeachment needs to be started even though guilt will not be brought forward by the Senate that is controlled by that empty suit Harry Reid. Senator Reid should be recalled by the citizens of Nevada.

    • har82

      Recalled in a – permanent – way no less. And I live here . :)

  • har82

    Anybody else watch this whole video ??. I have seen some of the videos he references to on here and they are disgusting at how the police , as well as political leaders are behaving. Step 10 ,,, is not far away and it’s down the rabbit hole we go after that.
    I only see 49 comments on this here , shame, figured a lot more people would look in on this. :(

  • sbr823

    Standup for the 2nd Amendment!

  • BarleyWheets

    Why is it that NOBODY including the media .. is not pushing the SanAntonia theatre/resturant happened 2 days after the the Sandy Hook incident. Only a couple of people was killed due to the effect and quick action of an off duty cop… was loaded and shot the man down. How about the recent incident in the Clackmus Mall in Oregon.. again..the shooter was stopped by an armed concealed weapons carrier. yet the meda isn’t stressing those situation.. WHY? The ONLY good guys with guns can stop bad guys with guns. Period. Never give up your weapons! This government will soon call every America that will not give up their weapons ..a terriost and/or felon. IF you register your guns.. then the government knows who has guns which makes it much easier for them to take them away from you.The less the government knows about what you own.. the safer you are!

  • Dr Bob

    As a former police officer and instructor, I totally stand by the Oathkeepers pledge!

  • NYPD Blue

    waterman…I am retired NYPD and agree with your assessment. I have decided on the same course of action should that become necessary. The line has been drawn and we must hold the line, our children, grandchildren and country are depending on us. Molon Labe
    Keep your gun hand free.

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