“If Cosby Supported #BlackLivesMatter, Would People Have Reacted the Same Way?”

During a segment on Bill Cosby finally being charged with sexual assault, an MSNBC guest tonight posed the question of whether people would have had the same reactions to Cosby if he hadn’t been a big promoter of “respectability politics.” Melissa Harris-Perry, filling in for Rachel Maddow, talked to Ebony Magazine senior editor Jamilah Lemieux about Cosby’s infamous moralizing and how people were more interested in protecting an “imagined notion” of Cosby than actually looking into the allegations against him. Lemieux imagined what would have happened if Cosby didn’t have that respectability politics and if he “was a supporter of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.” “Say that he was a leftist,” Lemieux said. “Say that he was really on our side, quote unquote, politically. Would we be having this conversation?”

via Mediaite

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