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‘I Want A Girl Like The Girls on Fox News’

A country-music singer and songwriter who has penned songs for the likes of Hank Williams Jr., Martina McBride, Dolly Parton and Wynonna Judd has now produced a brand-new song and video that’s going viral, immortalizing the legendary beauty of the women on Fox.

Titled “The Girls On Fox News,” the song starts off with a true-to-life description of what happened to its writer and performer, Austin Cunningham:

Well I used to be a Democrat, Liberal no doubt
I didn’t think Conservatives knew what life’s about
Then I started leaving the Fox News channel on.
If that’s the face of the right, I’ll tell the left so long.

via WND

  • johnbbbb

    Truer words were never spoken….Yee Haw!

    • Ralph Collier

      johnbbbb I ditto your comment……brains and beauty….no wonder the liberals are afraid…they’ve got Pelosi and Hillary on parade.

      • TheSunDidIt

        Maybe the democrats are trying to scare our enemies with gals like Hillary?

        • Melia Sese

          Or perhaps “Joy” Behar … haha!

          • guest

            or whoopi

        • Don Alan

          LMAO .. that’s It!! now we all know another part of their Plan !! and it starts with HORROR & FRIGHT!! and Please Let’s not forget JOY BEHAR…

          ( now guys , did I Spell that W word right ? …lol)

  • Pizzed Off

    Absolutely RIGHT on! Never seen a Democrat face yet that I wouldn’t cover with a paper bag.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Try plastic, but not clear.

      • guest

        Extra heavy duty at least 20mil thick

  • Tai Pan

    Couldn’t agree more…



  • NWBill

    They should rename Fox “Foxy” instead …. man, there are some beautiful women bringing the conservative message on that channel! Just “The Five,” and “Red Eye” alone are enough for stellar beauty from the Right!

  • TheSunDidIt

    I love this song. I think I may have to watch FOX more often. I avoid all media news but, this is downright funny and true.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Michelle Malkin; the best, smart, outspoken, full of conviction,( not like the present day RINO’s) and so darn (so I don’t get censored) pretty! I love to watch her demolish libs when they ATTEMPT to attack her. The View in mind. All of those liberal women on the view don’t have enough gun powder to blow their collective noses, than to try to refute Michelle Malkin! She slams them!!! OOOOOH -RAH Michelle!!!
    Great song. Why is it that conservative women are very easy on the eyes, and yet, the liberals have PELOSI!!! The “Witch of the West!!!! Just makes you think about what is more acceptable!

    • popps52

      ALL of the things that she says….ARE the facts. She doesn’t have to get paid to let it known.The DEMOS….are liars.senseless and out to destory America. The ONLY gullible here is …YOU.

    • alan g

      John, maybe you should check her facts. And try not using media matters, nbc, msnbc, cbs, abc. They are totally biased and do not report anything by checking there sources. I do.

    • rob

      Quite the useful idiot,ha John! Combat Veteran,give me a freaken brake!!

    • cyber_hackster

      If you think the content of Fox is “BS”, you are the_moron

    • budman

      Well, you would be the gullible one because “fact check” almost always screws it up or taints the issue. You might want to find out who backs “fact check” before you make such a statement about Michelle. She does snarl a lot through.

      I think this is about all the attractive women that deliver the commentary or the lawyers that are on Fox, especially Kelly who is a fox on Fox and super intelligent.

    • keepersleeper

      John: Sour Grapes! You’re either jealous, angry or both, with regard to Michelle Malkin. She lives and breathes her “A” game 24/7…something you probably WISH you could do!

  • Ozz

    But then, it could be argued that Democrat women are better looking. I mean, how often do you hear a guy say “Man, look at that fine piece of elephant!”?

    • captdot

      I get it…LOL!

    • squeak

      LOL… Clever joke, but funny !

    • Sunflower

      Men actually make comments like that quite frequently. Intelligent and beautiful women avoid those men.

    • budman

      But we could say the Democrat women’s face look like their logo’s rear end and they have plenty of them that would fall into this category.

  • marineh2ominer

    I have been avoiding ALL TV news shows , it looks like I may have to give FOX another chance . I left when Beck left .

  • Lou J Apa

    Very creative and TRUE…The Fox News outlet has the BRAINS and the LOOKS!….God Bless the Fox Network which tells it like it tis! Well done Mr. Austin Cunningham….lja/JMJ

  • voterid

    The gals at Fox are pretty, smart and Foxy…go girls!

  • John

    Without a doubt, the women on Fox News are by far the best looking over all other networks combined.

    • John

      The you’ve been suckered. So dumb.

      • budman

        Man, you don’t know when to quit do you?

  • Raymond Ostergren

    Boy you can say that again,I think I got one ! She watches soap Opera in the day time and Fox at night ! -NOBAMA 2013-

  • chclttrffls

    Kimberly Guilfoille……….DA BOMB!!!!

    • HCUA

      She is a secret liberal, formerly married to the mayor of San Fransicko. How could she suddenly be a conservative?

      • budman

        Fox has a number of Liberals on their shows and it is fairly easy to pick them out by their comments. The point is Fox just has an abundance of very attractive women on their programs. Their political affiliation is secondary but I think there certainly are more on Fox than any other outlet. If we get into other programs, like “The view”, it isn’t even close; one attractive lady and she is a Conservative.

  • John

    Why would you want somebody who has no ethics. Somebody who takes money from Ailes to spew whatever nonsense he tells them? I forgot – you are Republicans – only interested in money rather than facts, the economy, the environment or how it affects other people.

    Purely selfish.


      Yeah an D-mn proud to be a Republican instead of a Liberal tax vulture

    • VET

      Somebody forgot to take His meds.


    I love them all not a day goes by that i don’t watch them gorgeous and very smart.

  • Sunflower

    Yes, the women are beautiful (They are mature, and therefore by definition women, not “girls.”) But you insult all women with your remarks. It is their intelligence and message that is important, not their looks. If it is only their looks, why bother? Just read Playboy and be done with it. I get tired of seeing homely, older men put on as the “experts,” but apparently, Fox has no real female experts. Nearly all women brought on as “authorities” on any topic are first and foremost too young to be “expert” at much of anything, blond, buxom, showing cleavage. Are there no **real** female experts–old enough to have decades in their fields? Why must this “conservative” station be so sexist?


      I can only say that you must be JEALOUS

      • Sunflower

        Most of my friends are extremely attractive women. I have no problem with a woman being attractive. These women are there to report news, be “experts” in law, medicine, politics. Look at the men–older, decades of experience, and yes, not always very good looking. The men are there as true “experts.” Not so with the women. This means that women, regardless of experience or abilities, must first and foremost be beautiful–and that the women “experts” are really, not true experts, but just beautiful. If they are on Fox to render intelligent opinions or facts, who cares what they look like? Only people who consider women “eye candy” and nothing more.

        • Kandie

          The reason the women experts are younger than the men is because it takes women a lot less time to learn all there is to know about their area of expertise.

      • Debra JM Smith

        As a mother of two professional daughters (in science), who happen to also be very pretty, I would be very upset if some freak came along and wrote about sexy-hot conservative women in science and flashed their pictures. –But then again, my daughters know how to dress for business. They know the difference between business and party attire.

    • Debra JM Smith

      Well said!

  • Debra JM Smith

    Well, that was about as shallow as a man can get. –But then again most of the women on FOX news are dressing to get that exact reaction.

    I have often thought that the FOX news women (on a whole) are being exploited. They sit there with their legs so tightly crossed, fearing to move just a little in those short dresses, with the cameras looking right up them. It really is as shallow as the man who wrote that song.

    As for pretty women in the news, other news sources have some very pretty women, as well. But most of them do not dress for the news, like they are going to a cocktail party.

    FOX news is owned by a pervert, Murdoch, who owns porn stations too. Perhaps that has a little something to do with how he feels women should dress for the news.

    I’m for femininity. And cocktail dresses are great at parties. But there is such thing as a feminine business look. It takes class to pull it off. –It is a shame they don’t allow the FOX news women to give it a try.

    • Sunflower

      I totally agree! See my comments above. Not jealous. Just tired of seeing women judged on looks and looks only. Conservatives are missing the boat on this, and it’s costing the female vote. . .just look at the last 2 elections. Get a clue! Intelligent women are not “girls” or “babes,” any more than their male counterparts are buns or beefcakes. Interesting about the Fox/porn connection–I’d often thought they dressed more like strippers, but didn’t know about Murdochs other, um, assets.

      • Debra JM Smith

        Yes. You are right.

    • Sunflower

      I totally agree! See my comments above. Didn’t know about the Murdock/porn connection. . .sure shows! I’m just so tired of women being judged on looks and looks alone.

  • Melia Sese

    People used to ask Melia if Ms Malkin was her daughter … I always told them that though I am old enough for that to be true, I couldn’t take credit. … Let’s just say (as one Filipina to another) that I am still proud of her. Regarding the “who’s the foxiest babe” – I ran this by my younger son. He offered up Andrea Tantaros or Anna Kooiman (he says she comes on at 5am and that’s when he’s getting ready to go to work) and that little Latina from Miami is ok too (Maria Molina).

  • Take 2

    dat is why they are on FOX…silly gooses.

  • Tony

    Now that’s a song. Priceless

  • HCUA

    It sure a shell beats looking at Kookie Goldberg.

  • Al C

    If you dont mind over bleached fake blonds.

  • JOHN K

    Why watch ugly women on TV news, when you can watch Fox News Channel?

    • budman

      Exactly and one gets both sides on a issue, not just the Liberal side as on CNN, CSNBC, CBS, NBC and ABC. All of these outlets have been losing audience over the last few years and Fox is gaining more viewers. Is it the women or just that Fox is a balanced source where people can decide for themselves where they stand on an issue?

  • The Weary Conservative

    Loved the video, its funny and true. the Left has harridans like Pelosi and Hillary, and Racheal Maddcow to push their agenda, while Fox has a bevy of beautiful intelligent women. Kimberly Guilfoyle was a beauty pageant winner and a Victoria Secret model. Wow. Why do you think the Left wants to shut them down?

  • Jack

    I just wish the media when they put these women on that they don’t most of the time do it.Because of there smartness and education please!!.They know that the largest Tv audience that watches Tv are young males .So what those people do they stop changing the channels and look at the women.

  • Jefferson Dowda

    Silly Liberal’s, FOX has Hot Chicks.”””

  • Stevzanchlo Herbert

    Michelle Malkin is a very intelligent lady; along with Ann Coulter. Those two have more brains and common sense than the entire democrat party. Want women for President and vice president? Them two would make quite a pair

  • jack915

    Love it calendars next

  • Richard Gibbard

    Between Fox News and the Weather Channel, who needs porn?

  • jc

    sad to see Americans stuck in the left, right paradigm while the one globalist party destroys the entire country.
    Please wake up people.

  • forvarona1

    Melissa Francis and Laurie Rothman!

  • Sunshine Kid

    As Rodney Dangerfield once said, “I had sex with an ugly prostitute. We both wore bags over our heads.” To watch liberal news, you need a lot more than a bag over your head!

  • Carlos

    When is Fox going to put out a swimsuit calendar?… I want one1

  • chetohimler

    Wonderful, wonderful song. I hope they make it into somekind of commercial promoting Fox News.

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